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  1. I'm trying to remember if I ever saw an episode of it even though I remember the programme - like you I had it marked down as the sort of boring crap my dad would watch. In those days multiroom meant being sent upstairs to do your homework while they watched Crossroads. Anyway, apparently, it rebranded as Pebble Mill when it was resurrected in the early 90s: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0260644/
  2. Best Club Side

    I had Duncan Shearer on my shortlist - he's a legend in these parts as well & was voted in our all-time top 100 players during our centenary year.
  3. Best Club Side

    Fair enough, that's a reasonable excuse I saw him play a good few times & he's one of those players that stick in your mind (no doubt in part thanks to his name). He always seemed to have absolute nightmare games at our place in the early 80s (4-1, 6-1, & 3-1 in consecutive seasons). He's credited with a bizarre own goal in the 4-1 (I think) right in front of our supporters...a cross came in with the sun behind it. He seemed to forget he needed 2 hands to catch it & used one hand to shield the sun whilst palming the ball into the back of the net with the other. There's a superb photo of it somewhere but I can't find an online version (you might be pleased to hear!) (I just looked him up btw on Wikipedia - he died very young from cancer poor bloke).
  4. Best Club Side

    I'm surprised you passed on the opportunity to put Death in goals :-)
  5. Best Club Side

    Given that the last time I saw Huddersfield as a top-flight team was in 1972, you'd have to say objectively the current first XI is the best, so I've gone for players that were massive for us in the team they were in: GK: Nico Vaesen CB: Peter Clarke & Christopher Schindler RB: Malcolm Brown LB: Tom Cowan Midfield: Aaron Mooy, Mick Kennedy, Dean Gorre & Chris Marsden F: Frank Worthington & Steve Kindon Subs: Andy Rankin (GK), Frank Sinclair & Efe Sodje (D), Ben Thornley, Dave Cowling (M) Jordan Rhodes & Marcus Stewart(F)
  6. My local generally shuts when folk get bored of drinking. There's no TV & a general population of Broad Yorkshire speaking losers, so my night is sorted.
  7. Wanky Phrases

    It might have been covered before, but "Why is that even a thing?" does my head in. I saw a link to a FB post the other day, along the lines of "kids getting shot for just going to school - why is that even a thing?" I was torn between trying to decide if she had posed one of the great philosophical questions of our age, or was simply a brain-dead like-chasing prat.
  8. Twitter

    Getting into Twitter's top 100 cleverest is probably on a par with a top 6 finish in the Barnsley & District 'Full Set of Teeth' tournament.
  9. Best car for snow

    I had a couple of Suzuki GVs - where I live is very hilly & prone to heavy snow now & again. The first one, a diesel estate with manual 4wd was nigh on invincible. I got it over all sorts of snowed up roads & never had trouble getting off my frequently blocked street (a cul-de-sac on a steep gradient & dog-leg bend halfway up). The second was petrol with electronic 4wd; it wasn't bad & generally dealt with snow OK but nothing like the first one. I preferred being able to choose when to put it into 4wd rather than waiting until my wheels were spinning & getting a load of flashing lights.
  10. Twitter

  11. Twitter

    I see Twitter as very Orwellian. He wrote (in 1984, but also in various essays & such like) that people would be prevented from thinking by reducing the language available to them, whilst at the same time flooding them with false information that they would not then be effectively able to rationalise. I only ever used it once; to get a message to Argos to say where the f--k is the washing machine you're supposed to be delivering. I never got a reply (or the washing machine) but get about a dozen e-mails a day from them asking if I want to comment on Kim Kardashian's backside or (yesterday) asking me if I want to wish Justin Bieber happy birthday. And nobody has followed me asking me if I want sex either.
  12. Celtic vs Zenit...

    You mean wearing a Pringle jumper with my flat cap - by th'eck, ah wor reet avant-gard me.
  13. Celtic vs Zenit...

    I think it boils down to what you want to do with your accent. I had an uncle moved to Canada in his 30s & probably ended up mixed - he sounded Canadian to me but reckoned everyone over there thought he was British. Meanwhile, my father-in-law spent maybe 12 or 13 of his 85 years in Ireland & I still can never tell a word the old bugger says. Oddly - when I lived in London (mid-80s), I was always getting asked if I was Scottish.
  14. Belfast

    I've been a few times & always found friendly enough people either side of the 'wall'. My wife's family are all Irish & so we (she in particular) probably feel more naturally at ease in Republican areas, but me & her & our kids all have Yorkshire accents which have never been an issue for us. My experience has more been about funny comments rather than dangerous ones - I went to the Irish Republicanism museum at Conway Mill (well worth a visit) & the lady on the desk, hearing our accents, said something along the lines of "ah you're very welcome here - we were at war with the British state, not the British people, so just have a good look around". Me & my lad did get a "you're not from around here boys are you?" from someone in a bar when I was at Casement Park for a GAA game - turns out they just wanted to tell me where I could find all you can drink vodka for £2 a shot down the road. There are some nice walks around Strangford Lough - Newtownards is nice but there are loads of little villages up & down with quiet spots to stroll around. In the interests of political balance, there's the Somme Heritage Centre near there as well.
  15. Space X Launch

    I watched as well & was thinking of Scotty. Not so much from a point of proving him wrong, as I'm sure Hollywood could have knocked that together if they'd wished, but rather that someone with so much belief wouldn't see the hand of God in something so beautiful as that footage of the Earth.