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  1. Perseid

    I just checked a star chart to see what was happening & the Moon had just passed below of the pair, so at the time I looked, it was just below the horizon. It's a shame that, as I'd have loved to see the three together & would have done about 10 minutes later.
  2. Perseid

    No - I think the Moon was following (although my memory ain't what it was) so I just got the pair of them sat nicely together in the dawn light.
  3. Perseid

    Donkey's years ago, I used to do meteor watches up at Huddersfield observatory to send the data to some organisation or other that used to collect it (magnitude, direction, angular distance, that sort of stuff). I was always so taken by the beauty of the things that I generally forgot to write down what I'd seen. I used to think to myself that after billions of years roaming around the solar system, it just so happened that I was there to watch its final moments. That's probably why I was never going to end up a scientist, but to this day I'm always made up when I see one. On a slightly separate matter, did anyone see the conjunction of Jupiter & Venus the other morning? It looked spectacular hanging over the Pennine horizon around 6.45am.
  4. You really need to start worrying when you don't get up in the middle of the night for a pee.
  5. I was only 14 myself at the time, but my recollection is it was a fairly lively afternoon - we were utter garbage around that time (we ended up next to bottom of the 4th division at one point during that season) but we had a fair number of headcases in what was left of our support. The Killie lads that turned up weren't exactly wallflowers either, & so a typically 1970s discussion on the relative merits of English & Scottish football ensued. I have a printed teamsheet somewhere, but probably buried under the subsequent 40 years-worth of programmes in my cupboard - if I find it, I'll scan it & post it.
  6. Yes, you're right - Stuart is the guy I see around. Not sure who the other bloke is. I should probably put this on 'you know you're old', but I watched Town v. Killie pre-season back in 1978...1-0 to you with around 500 or so away fans there.
  7. Or really old when you just scroll straight to the bottom & start working upwards.
  8. I know the lad - in fact I sat behind him for a few years; always wears his Killie scarf to Town matches. I aren't worried so much for myself as I'm in a high priority group (& will be at Anfield ), but I know loads of folk that can't get tickets for these games, even though in Spurs' case, there will be a fair few thousand empty seats. It never happened at Dagenham.
  9. And they still only give 3000 away tickets
  10. If those package tours give you what they suggest, then I'd say for the bigger clubs that's probably a fairly solid way of doing it (assuming the tickets are legitimate resells; I know that Huddersfield, for example, are cancelling tickets that have been resold at more than face value, or without going through the club's own reseller system). I can't locate it at the minute, but I know there's a site somewhere that shows you a percentage of how sold out each EPL stadium was the previous Saturday, which gives you an indicator of whether or not you'd have a chance of getting tickets via the club at normal face value. Are you looking to visit a "big 6" game or just any EPL fixture you can get to?
  11. Jordan Rhodes. Someone posted a link to here to a discussion about him on the Huddersfield Town forum when he was both Huddersfield & Scotland's next great hope. Rhodes didn't last, but my attachment to the TAMB did. I'll miss this place - genuinely the only football message board I know where the proportion of total imbeciles isn't sitting at around 80%+. In fact, even the complete head-the-ball posts on here have something about them. I'll miss this place. As an aside, I also discovered the Ballad of Mad Dog Mcleod on here - still the best football book I ever read.
  12. Can't agree Dave - no-one on the TAMB has ever really had a bad word to say about Huddersfield Town
  13. My GP is a Muslim woman so that's me in the crap.
  14. We stopped at Kilchoman for tea & a cake when we were there & met the iconic American tourist. He wanted shortbread & they'd just run out, so he stood like a character in a Cleese spoof shouting at the girl along the lines of how the hell had they managed to run out of goddamn shortbread before storming out with a "what the hell kinda place is this".
  15. Monkey problem

    I got bitten by a barbary ape (or maybe a Burberry ape the little chav git) in Gibraltar. I still have the scar & tell everyone I was bitten by a monkey. It sounds better.