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  1. Future stars

    Definitely not too early for McCrorie (Ross). We need to get away from this attitude that players need to play 250 games and be 26 years old before we cap them. Hes one of a number of young defenders who should be in the squad going to South America in the summer alongside Souttar, Lindsay, McKenna, Bates & Hendry
  2. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    Yep! Wales or Ireland (teams better than us) would pick boys this age rather than deadwood. I can’t foresee us ever picking a player younger than about 19 and “get the kids in” usually refers to picking an uncapped 26 year old.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Why would you you keep playing Mulgrew when there’s about 6 centre backs in the SPL/Championship playing regularly at a higher level who are all about 10 years younger!?
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Agree about Smith and McLeish. just appoint a younger manager. To be honest the least annoying appointment for me would be Gemmill.
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Yeah Scottish clubs reach European finals all the time don’t they...
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Accommodating Paterson right mid is a terrible shout when we have Ryan Fraser available
  7. Regan Gone

    Hahahahahaha!! Aye Strachan in Regans job & McGhee in Strachans job would be ideal! John Carver in McGhees old job & Barry Bennell in Malky Mackays and it’s a dream team.
  8. Scottish Player Transfers

    I knew this was going to become about Kilmarnock 😂😂
  9. Scottish Player Transfers

    Great signing for Rangers and good move for the player too
  10. Scottish Player Transfers

    Haha yes he is. Started 12 games in a row before his move!
  11. Scottish Player Transfers

    Didn’t see the two wins v Aberdeen and the old firm game then obviously.
  12. Scottish Player Transfers

    He’s been outstanding for Rangers this year so you obviously haven’t been watching Scottish football much.
  13. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Didn’t watch the Norwich FA cup game on TV last week then.
  14. Scott Brown Getting His Excuses In Early

    Agree. These are always friendly dates, we often don’t use them - Wishart and Rodgers should remember the fact we play less friendly games than most teams in the world when considering player tiredness and ‘health and safety’ 😂
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Agree about Smith and McLeish. Lennon is an embarrassment also so all 3 very unsuitable. Gemmill would be a better option than any of them.