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  1. Under 21’s

    Thought they played well, just unlucky not to score at least 2 or 3 Morgan looks a real talent but would be good to see him up against a higher class of defender. I think McBurnie could end up a useful player too, looks very tidy on the ball and is clearly a good finisher even if he didn't score last night. He should win more arial duels for his height though...let's hope he can improve this aspect of his game. This is clearly a good crop of under 21's...not sure why above posters are doubting everyone apart from Morgan. I'd suggest McCrorie, Souttar, McKenna, Morgan, Cadden, McBurnie and probably a couple more will all win caps. And we already have two potentially brilliant 20 year olds in Tierney and Burke.
  2. Scott McTominay

    Surprised he didn't get called up to England's under 21 squad too. Surely they know of Scotland's interest in him...you'd expect him to be called up to stave us away. Looking at England's senior team, it seems that centre midfield is their weaker area. Harry Winks, Loftus Cheek etc and Ox-Chamberlain previously. Maybe he thinks he's actually got a chance to get to the Euro's with England!
  3. Malky's Squad

    I don't understand how anyone can be happy with this squad. It's all over the place. He HAD to pick Tom Cairney. He's regarded by many as the best player in the Championship, I don't how you could miss him out and pick the likes of McLean (and i'm an Aberdeen fan) and Jack. They're miles apart in terms of class. I genuinely feel he could be our star man that qualifies us for the Euros's. Fair enough we might need a player like Jack if Brown and Fletcher both retire...but he's picked both here?! Doesn't make sense. And if we're looking at defensive midfielders there's a good cause to be made for Bridcutt or McDonald. I'd like to see Coutts perform at this higher level for longer...same with Fleck. Liam Lindsay also needed to be picked. He was great last season and won a move down to the championship. Barnsley fans are already impressed and he's only just turned 22. Why pick a 27...nearly 28 year old Hanlon over him. I think Cummings is very lucky to be picked. He hasn't done too much since his arrival at Forest but I can slightly understand given we're struggling for strikers. I also don't see why he's dropped Ritchie (been v impressive in the Prem) and Snodgrass but kept Phillips whose found it hard to get minutes this season. Happy for Christie and Shinnie - both deserve to be in the squad.
  4. Scott McTominay

    Agree, thought McTominay did well. He looked a bit shy to ask for the ball and play any penetrating passes in his previous appearances but did more of that tonight. Had a few driving runs too...one poor attempt on goal though. I don't think he'll be a 'final third' player which would suit as fine as we're losing Brown and Fletcher soon. I guess Man U see him as a back up to Matic and a replacement for Carrick. Anyway could be irrelevant if he doesn't chose us! Thought McBurnie looked OK too, hard to judge in this kind of game though. Had a few decent touches and held the ball up well. Hopefully he gets a few more chances in the first team and gets a loan in January.
  5. Scott McTominay

    McTominay starts for Man U tonight...up against Swansea...who start McBurnie. Could be worth a watch.
  6. Squad for Netherlands game

    I think it's likely Brown will re-retire and we might see Fletcher go too. I don't see too much point in playing either in this game anyway. Hoping the new manager realises we would benefit from playing a 352 type formation - seems to be ideal for Robertson and Tierney who both need be in the team to be at our strongest. My squad for the Netherlands and beyond would be... Gordon 34, McGregor 35, Archer 23 Paterson 23, Anya 29, Berra 32, Mulgrew 31, Lindsay 22, Cooper 26, Tierney 20, Robertson 23 Shinnie 26, McArthur 30, Cairney 26, Armstrong 25, McGregor 24, McGinn 22, Forrest 26, Fraser 23, Phillips 26, Snodgrass 30, Ritchie 28 Griffiths 27, Martin 28, Fletcher 30, Cummings 22 I've left out the probable retirees Brown and D Fletcher plus Whittaker, Hanley, Morrison, Bannan. Callum Paterson was an obvious one to come in and i'd like to see him start over Tierney at right back (or hopefully RWB!). I've brought in Shinnie to play a defensive midfielder role, he'll probably have to play more restrictively than he does for Aberdeen but I feel he's disciplined enough to take on that responsibility. I think our best three attacking midfielders are Cairney, Armstrong and McGregor so don't have room for Bannan. I think he's been poor for Scotland recently and offers little to no goal threat unlike the three mentioned. I think the under 21's like John Souttar, Lewis Morgan and Oli Burke should be included in the future but they've made a good start to their group so i'd like them to concentrate on qualifying. And hopefully Stevie May, Jamie Walker and Barry McKay continue to impress so we can drop the likes of S Fletcher, Snodgrass and Ritchie. My team would be: GK Archer (would be good to integrate a younger keeper in) RWB Paterson, CB Lindsay, CB Berra, CB Tierney, LWB Robertson CM McGinn, CM Shinnie CAM Cairney CAM Armstrong ST Griffiths ,
  7. Play off table

    we've got an 85% chance of making the playoffs if we finish 2nd according to these guys...they also give us a 25% chance of getting to the World Cup!
  8. Scotland Under 21's

    Burke didn't look arsed before he was hooked at half time. Might have been carrying an injury but still...
  9. Jack Harper moves to Malaga

    Watched two of Malaga B's play off games, and tried to watch their main season highlights when I could (incredibly sad...I know). He does seem very impressive technically, his touch and vision look like his best assests. I'm not sure if he'll end up being an out and out goal scorer, he tends to play behind the striker/wider. Does have a good shot on him though. It's hard to tell what level he was playing at...all the Malaga B players were comfortable on the ball, played good football though. And there were one or two players that actually looked better than Harper. Hopefully this step up to the first team goes well. Would be exciting to see a Scottish player in la liga. Let's wait and see though...
  10. Toulon Tournament

    https://www.facebook.com/uniladfootball/videos/1623742560971918/?video_source=pages_finch_thumbnail_video replay of the game here. Seems unilad are streaming all the games live too.
  11. Toulon Tournament

    Really? I thought he looked poor. Gave the ball away more than anyone else. And two of his mistakes led to Brazil opportunities. Sammut looked the much tidier player. Burke was head and shoulders above the rest. Sammut and Taylor behind him. The two centre backs did well after two early mistakes. Hopefully they go through so we see more of them all.
  12. Toulon Tournament

    According to flashscores it's on Bet365. Should just need a funded account.
  13. Women's UEFA finals, Netherlands

    Kim Little out with a ACL injury. Genuine world class player, probably more important to the women's team than Bale is to Wales. Reckon they'll really struggle now unfortunately.
  14. Gauld leaving Sporting

    Bit of a strange one this. Played 38 times for the B team last season as a 19-20 year old...had good reports etc. Looked like he would start this season in the first team but he was farmed out to a mid table team in the top league. Started getting impressive reports from Setubal around December time. Managed to watch the cup game against Sporting...he was by far Setubal's best player, seemed to be playing as a centre midfielder rather than an attacking one. Sporting then had a falling out with Setubal (apparently because Setubal played Sporting loan players against them in a cup tie) and took Gauld back in January. Gauld was then in limbo for a month, Sporting wanted to loan him to Chaves (another mid table top league club) but the Portuguese league ruled against it. He was then linked with Young Boys in Switzerland but media reports indicated that Gauld didn't want to go and instead wanted to stay at Sporting to force his way into the first team. Since then he's been in the first team bench once (?) and didn't come on. Their manager clearly doesn't fancy him. Instead he's played a handful of games for the B team since March time. I haven't read of any reports of him impressing and watched a game where he was anonymous. I think there's a bit of both involved here. Gauld hasn't impressed the Sporting staff enough and I'm sure Gauld isn't happy after being mucked around. Wouldn't surprise me if he leaves and does well at another decent level club and get multiple Scotland caps, he's definitely got something. But you get the feeling he'll never turn into the player we wanted him to when he was at Dundee United.
  15. Where are they now?

    Interesting contrast between the developments of John Fleck and the guy he plays centre mid with at Sheffield United. John Coutts released by Aberdeen at 16, played for Cove Rangers until he was 20 before getting his 'big' move down to England. To be fair to Fleck it looks like he's going to get player of the year at his club. Apparently he's had 18 assists this season. Scored this goal last night too. Can't be ahead of the likes of Shinnie and McLean for getting in the squad though.