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  1. Songs you hate.

    GSTQ unless its the Sex Pistols version.
  2. Portugal

    It will all fit round what time is convenient for Ronaldo's half hour appearance.
  3. I used to have a book of prints of David Roberts work. I'll have to have a look for it.
  4. Portugal

    KO still to be confirmed.
  5. One more friendly for 2018?

    Would there be a chance of an evening ko on a Sunday ?
  6. One more friendly for 2018?

    Any idea of likely ko?
  7. At the other end of the scale I've always loved the artwork on this....very William Blake style.
  8. Birthday Milestones

    If you are lucky to wake up in the morning you are 1 day older than the day before. Birthday's are irrelevant.
  9. SSC Membership Cards

    31st March.