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  1. jailender

    Rangers Fans In Rugby Jerseys?

    Four guys from Edinburgh and S Queensferry to appear in court over this. Hope they get heavy fines.
  2. So does that mean that a proportion of our Commonwealth Games team should not have been selected because they have also represented GB at the Olympics?
  3. Apparently Celtic's fixtures are :- Hibs away 20th Rangers home 29th Hearts away 4th May Aberdeen home 8th Killie home 13th
  4. jailender

    russia poisioning

    No. Ms S improving. He is still critical
  5. jailender

    Home end tickets

    You've still to get into the ground though!!
  6. jailender


    What is it with all these twats that walk about producing more vapour than a jet at 30000 feet?
  7. jailender

    russia poisioning

    Read an article this morning on Yahoo from some news agency about the poisoning. It had an interview with a scientist who was involved in developing the nerve agent allegedly used. He said that there is no antidote, and the father and daughter are "technically" alive, as they are on life support, but as soon as it is swirched off, they will die - no possibilty of recovery.
  8. jailender

    McTominay starting again.

    FFS! he's not much more than a bairn, and hardly likely to be the complete player. Give him time to develop.
  9. jailender

    Cricket World Cup qualifiers

    Rain stops play, and we are behind on scoring rate, so not looking good.
  10. jailender

    russia poisioning

    Well, going by their joint ataement, it appears that the French are condemning Russia now also.
  11. jailender

    russia poisioning

    Depends how permanent the damage is to the victims. Killing them not have been the entire aim.
  12. All tonight's Premiership games off !!
  13. jailender

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Just reading on the BBC website about how the team believed the hype and thought all they had to do was turn up to beat Wales. Not encouraging, if professional players can be swayed by that sort of stuff. I have a slight dread about this weekend's game.
  14. jailender

    Machu Picchu And Kilts

    I was there a few years ago agree that altitude sickness is no fun. Any exertion becomes hard, even with some coca leaves!