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  1. That was hellish. Should have hammered them. If it had been 6-0 they couldn’t have complained.
  2. What’s wrong? Only thing I see wrong is the Huns didn’t get him sadly for me. Good period of Salary saving for the Huns though so the fans should see this as a positive however I find it incredible that they’ve still to appoint anyone after all this time. Surely Murty has to get the gig now?
  3. Milking them of their talent? They were looking at McIness. Talent? They’ve dodged a bullet if he is indeed staying put. To become a legend surely you need to do something that is legendary?
  4. We managed a point more than another team that managed through to the EL. That team who got the two points are substantially stronger than us. Not sure what point I’m trying to make however?!!😂
  5. Come on then...who? Now that He’s gone who will come in and strengthen the sheep?
  6. Nobody comes out of this looking good. In an order of cuntness I’d say it’s McIness then Aberdeen then the Huns at the bottom. Aberdeens handling of this affair is horrendous. McInness has been an utter cunt in this and should have done many things hugely differently and the Huns have played a blinder by firing up their “contacts” to work for them for their greater good.....
  7. Parkie’s awfy quiet. Should I be looking at a candlelit vigil?
  8. In 2001 - Celtic got 9 points in their first ever Champions League group stage, and were dumped from Europe. Now, they lose five from six games, win 3 points, and have a -18 goal diff & it’s being termed as a great success and progression.
  9. Even if we hold out for 3rd spot it has been an awful campaign, truly awful. We haven’t improved since the summer.
  10. I’ve no idea. I just presumed I’d missed the news that there actually has been contact as you stated that they’d spoken before the two games. I take it there’s no actual proof and you are surmising?
  11. Have they actually spoken to him? It did get investigated a while back and it cost us £100k....I’m sure the same will happen this time too....🤔
  12. No dive from Sinclair-Media outcry. No dive from McGregor-Media outcry. Player stands on ball, gets penalty-Media silent. 2 players offside at a goal-Media silent. Blatant dive by Windass-Media silent. Assault on May-Media blame May.
  13. McIness has appealed it apparently.
  14. May? Was he not signing of the season according to many? Been on fire right enough eh?