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  1. That’s the one. So good he was farmed out to us and Scottish football.
  2. That “wonder kid” that some on here wanked themselves into a quick over appears to be finished at Celtic.
  3. macy37


    He’s spent about £115m in about 18 months. In anyone’s books that’s a lot of money and his purchases have hardly set the Heather alight. The myth that he’s loved on Tyneside is huge. Fans are as well as doing their usual blaming of Fat Mike also starting to question Rafa. I go to a fair few games there.
  4. macy37


    Is that an achievement? Have you seen some of the teams in there? A side built by him....horrendous indeed.
  5. macy37


    Parkie’s epl Manager of the year showed what he’s about this evening. Absolute dinasour of a Manager.
  6. macy37

    Summer holiday's.

    Week in Bavaria for us. Fly into Nuremberg and out of Munich. Bit of sightseeing and travel by train and not sure of itinerary yet but certainly Nuremberg for couple of days and last night in Erding to avoid the ridiculous Munich Hotel prices. Fancy Augsburg in between as it looks lovely. Other than that I’ve a beer trip with lads late July to Forchheim for 3 nights.
  7. Gaffer of the year is Lennon.
  8. I do. Bad heart obviously.
  9. macy37


    Where did I say those wins were lucky? Stop trying to make up things to back your argument.
  10. macy37


    Rafa is anything but. His football is torture to watch and he’s got extremely fortunate this year.
  11. macy37


    A dinasour who has not evolved. Along with that cunt at Man Utd. Good at the time but is run of the mill now. Put the Spanish Geordie waiter in that bracket too.
  12. The Sinclair incident missing from your memory clearly....
  13. Vanguardbears. I mean what kind of a name is that anyway? Great statement though. Very amusing.
  14. And you can pipe doon with your “the banter years” chat. 😂