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  1. Well this discussion went downhill fast! Thanks for the tips though guys, will definitely check out the river tours as well.
  2. If I had properly thought it through before booking my Chicago flights I could have booked a return flight departing on Monday morning rather than evening. Probably for the best though, my legs are going to be absolutely wrecked after the marathon on the Sunday!
  3. Even though I listen to Kanye West? I arrive back at Heathrow on the morning of the Slovakia match, looked at every possible option to get across for that but nothing gets me to Trnava in time for kick-off so I had to drop that idea.
  4. Perfect, thanks for that! Fair enough!
  5. Anyone got any other general tips/suggestions for Chicago? I'm heading through to run the marathon. I arrive on a Thursday afternoon and depart on the Monday evening, the marathon is on the Sunday morning so the rest of that day will be a write-off for doing anything afterwards. Is the bus tour any good for $35/$40 for a day pass? Thinking I might not be too keen on doing much walking around on the Monday. I'm thinking of picking up a CityPass which seems to be reasonable value for the main attractions (e.g Willis Tower, Field Museum, etc) and includes fast-track access to avoid some queuing. I've got a ticket for Kanye West on the Friday and I'm also looking to snag a Chicago Bulls ticket for a pre-season game on the Saturday evening.
  6. Perfect, thanks for the replies!
  7. Thanks, I saw that but it looks like it's from December 2014 so wasn't sure if it was still accurate for Chicago. I have sent a few of those places an email to see if they'll be showing the match but no response yet.
  8. Does anyone know any decent places in Chicago to watch Scotland matches? I'll be heading over there in a few weeks and need somewhere to catch the Lithuania match. I'm also open to any sight-seeing advice, I've got about 4 days. Thanks in advance for any tips!