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  1. SSC Renewals

    Good to see the useless bastards have already got in £100k from mug punters in the space of a day.
  2. Watched a couple of docs on Netflix this week. One about Lance Armstrong and then 'Icarus' which was pretty interesting. Don't think they add anything in particular that hasn't already been said or highlighted on here but found some of it fascinating.
  3. European Nations League

    Home games are a shocker Good luck pricing those SFA. May as well play them at Firhill or Fir Park.
  4. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Hungarian FA have seemingly confirmed it on twitter
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Some finish from Douglas last night on his right foot. Worth a punt at RB
  6. Motherwell are in big trouble the now Don't think I've ever looked forward to a winter break just to have a break from losing. Some come down from a cup final against Celtic a month ago. Mind you don't see the point in the break when we have six games in 18 days when we get back.
  7. Is that Ryan Jack sliding in with his foot raised?
  8. Interesting about the 29%. was listening to the BBC podcast earlier and you'd think it wouldn't have any benefits at all the way they spoke about it. Curious to see how they'll replicate a stage two and a half weeks into a tour to try and prove the results due to dehydration etc.
  9. Companies letting people go in November / December. Nae class.
  10. Exactly. Its no different to an attacker throwing his leg out at an opponent when going past to instigate the fabled 'contact'
  11. I'm sure Brendan will have a video of it distributed so that Celtic get two penalties next time if required. Not seen it so can't comment.
  12. Presume Saturday's game will start with a penalty for Celtic instead of a kick off just to get it out the way.
  13. Lost for words https://twitter.com/goalforceltic/status/935985360282312706
  14. Better have been a stonewaller 😭
  15. Dived in with anger. Much like Dembele.