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  1. New jerseys?

    That is a tremendous kit. Our best since Mexico 86. Now If they make the away kit a red top, navy shorts and white socks in a similar style it would top it off perfectly.
  2. Via Paris

    Me and the wife are flying out Saturday from Edinburgh on the 8.40am flight to Paris with Air France. Then Paris to Ljubiana on the Air France at 12.45.
  3. Looking for tickets

    May as well add my name to the list. Two tickets required if possible for me and my mate. Both two pointers. Cheers.
  4. Home end tickets

    Exactly. There is nothing to worry about!
  5. Home end tickets

    The Slovenian FA are just going down the same route as others in the past. I would imagine it will be a risk worth taking though. The Wales match in Cardiff was similar, as was Ireland in Dublin, along with many others since. I would Imagine there were a fair few TA in the Lithuanian end on Friday. If I can't get an away end ticket with my two points, I will apply for the home end and go along, albeit not dressed in colours. For the Wales match I got in the home end and was doing my best to converse with the steward doing the search inside the gate (in a put on Welsh accent) to try and avoid suspicion. While at the same time two blokes in kilts and Scotland tops walked past not giving a jot! If I get refused at the gate so be it. I will head back to town and watch it in a bar.