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  1. Allocation

    Seasoned Campaigners?? We will see by the gaps in the Scotland end how many seasoned campaigners have been going on the campaign and not telling fibs if this is policed the way as Hungary do. Hope they properly punish them that dont turn up.
  2. Allocation

    Tried to get VIP ticket, changed my Nationality to 'Other' then when trying to get to payment page it keeps on going to an error message as something wrong with the buying process. Anybody know how to get as as the payment page ??
  3. Allocation

    Same here, thought I was in until it said the line about being Hungarian just before paying. Keep us posted if you find a way round it please
  4. Allocation

    Anybody booked a VIP Gold ticket yet? seriously consdiering it now no away ticket
  5. Allocation

    hopefully the SFA try to get more tickets
  6. Allocation

    Cheers mate, hope theres still some come Monday
  7. Allocation

    I take it they are just selling to 7-12 pointers today rather than to the 5 pointers like the original schedule before website crashed on Thursday ? Cant see anything on "Away Tickets" on my account??
  8. Long shot Anybody Slovakia game in Taipei, Taiwan??

    Noctonjock you are a star.Message back already from brass monkeys. Taipei Tartan Army :-)
  9. Be in Taipei for slovakia game, does anybody know anywhere possibly showing match??Know longshot
  10. Team for Slovenia

    Exactly this. He could of gave them both a half each at RB against Canada
  11. Is this the same Uefa who sanctioned a minutes silence for Nelson Mandela?Or is it only some politics that count??
  12. Dubrovnik / Montenegro

    Sure the beer price was about £1.50 in restraunts etc(More expensive than rest of Montenegro). That was maybe 4-5 years ago though so be above that now. Lots of bars were cheaper too though
  13. Dubrovnik / Montenegro

    Spent 3/4 days in Budva in Montenegro. Cracking beach with some quality beach bars, a lot of Russians right enough but the perving was sensational. Magic few days.Love to go back
  14. Favourite away stadium as a Scotland fan?

    Dortmund for atmosphere, noise just seemed to boom round it. Warsaw best actual stadium