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  1. Hungary

    The naked dashing young full back! Lol
  2. Hungary

    2 of us booked Sunday - Wednesday from Edinburgh via Frankfurt staying in Promenade Hotel.👍
  3. Hungary

    2 of us booked Sunday - Wednesday from Edinburgh via Frankfurt staying in Promenade Hotel.👍
  4. Party in Trieste

    We organised a mini bus for the number of club members we had on that trip but from what I remember, we were a hour and a half to ljubliana the day before the friendly ( to visit friends and collect home end tickets). That game was played in Kopper which was just over the border. No hassle at all though.
  5. Where are you staying (Ljubjana)

    3 of us in the ABC apartments.
  6. Party in Trieste

    Stayed in 'The Hotel Post'Trieste for the last friendly. We never found any proper bars as such however made our way around many Bistros and was made feel very welcome.
  7. hi.hamiltonnil.do you mind posting your ticket to me at callum marshall,139 southwick road,dalbeattie,dg54hs  i was in the home end and only had a print at home copy.don,t collect them myself its for my brother.many thanks callum

    1. Hamiltonnil


      Consider it done Callum. Just let me know you got it. Garry.

    2. Hamiltonnil


      Ticket posted this afternoon Callum. Garry.

    3. braveheart


      many thanks garry.

  8. Hi mate do you still have the programme,if so I'd like to buy it from you if you could let me know ,cheers Stuart .

    1. Hamiltonnil


      Sorry Stuart, it's the ticket I had which I was willing to post to the original guy who posted. He's the one who had a programme. Garry.

  9. Buses To Malta Stadium

    2 of us from Sliema booked into the Preluna Hotel. (Maybe 4 if the wives want to watch the game)..
  10. Malta

    The wife and I (yes, the wife) booked Air malta flights from Glasgow - 30th August to 6th September staying at the Preluna hotel & spa b&b in Sliema £470 each. Thomas Cook site.
  11. Roscoe Fae Methil

    Tomorrow will be a sad day for all of us in attendance at Rosscoe's funeral as he sees out his final whistle. Sadly I have only known the man for 5 years but I have spent lots of time with him during these years and am proud to have called him a friend. A true gentleman that I will miss immensely. RIP Rosscoe Scotland forever..