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  1. You’ve waited 5 & 1/2 years to write that, haven’t you?
  2. Aberdeen are missing their 2 best players, we don’t have anyone to replace them. The game is as good as over already.
  3. Not sure, I just skimmed something on Twitter when this came out. Sounds right though.
  4. Can’t sign him now, something to do with his Belgian contract.
  5. Kingsford Stadium

    We certainly do, I’m currently discussing on one of the Facebook pages about how 1 guy thinks Hampden is a joke because he can’t get a train home in time for a pint at night and it’s the sfa’s fault that they don’t lay on anymore for him. Until we discuss again, I bid you farewell
  6. Kingsford Stadium

    So because he said the economical benefit hasn’t come through, you’re using that as an example of everyone in Aberdeen? You’re stating that I have nothing but my word to back up what I’m saying, yet post words from someone that hasn’t looked into the figures of the golf clubs I’ve mentioned? That just seems silly to me. Im out
  7. Kingsford Stadium

    Probably because people don’t want to stay in the shire when the city is 20 minutes away.
  8. Kingsford Stadium

    Right underneath the part you have in bold, is the part where I said I don’t care if he’s losing money. It clearly isn’t making profit, that’s never been the debate, it was is trump good for Aberdeen, with the answer being yes, it is, even if he’s losing money, other people aren’t, they’re making money, I have absolutely no idea what part of that you don’t understand.
  9. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Thank fuck for that
  10. Kingsford Stadium

    I would suggest that because when people travel from all over the world to play it, they also play other courses up and down the Aberdeenshire coast. Murcar, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay to name but a few. All highly respected courses in Scotland, money goes to them, they have to stay somewhere, money goes to hotels, they have to eat, money goes to local restaurants and coffee houses etc etc etc. I’ve seen and spoken to yanks, japs, the lot at my course which is about 20 minutes away from trump. It’s a municipal course, they simply turn up, pay their £15 and off they go for a game of golf. I can see why people don’t want to see this as it’s against the agenda, but it’s simply factual, people that don’t play golf won’t understand it, but others know exactly what having a course like that is doing for the city. I honestly don’t know if the place is haemerroging money, I don’t really care, it’s his money after all, I can’t see where anyone has said it’s profitable for him to be here, but for many parts of the city and shire, it is.
  11. The Split

    But how do they know that all other teams then playing 3 games away from home without knowing who will be in the draw? If one or the other has to go there 3 times, surely that’s just tough shit? Or are the scared of the repercussions of doing that? As it stands, we’ll be due Rangers,Hearts and Hibs at home, Killie and Celtic away, let’s see how that works out.
  12. The Split

    I wouldn’t say conspiracy, but since rangers and celtic CAN’T go to each other’s stadium 3 times, it does make a mockery of the whole thing. As was mentioned earlier, the last match last season was advertised on sky before the top 6 had been fully decided, how can that possibly be fair on everyone else?
  13. SSC Renewals

    My drawstring bag is residing in a primary 6 cloakroom with gym kit in it. All his pals love his gym bag Theyve all got their stuff in standard school bags and he’s rocking up with an ssc bag from possibly before he was even born
  14. The Split

    Having 3 out of 4 Home games is the most ridiculous idea ever that the generals have come up with and that takes some doing.