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  1. I would make the away section in the new ground less than 1000 capacity.
  2. That took a lot longer than I thought. Disappointed laddie
  3. Is he still alive? I would suggest he leaves the pyro to the pros
  4. dandydunn


    Documentary on ch5 just now about Wenger and Fergie rivalry. Should be decent.
  5. I much prefer this one, it has to be watched until the end
  6. The whole of history, with a quick wiki search says, Rangers 115 Celtic 103 Aberdeen 19 I feel I’ve started a whole new war here
  7. I agree 100%, but we’re not discussing Aberdeen here
  8. They’re still bitches to The Famous though.....
  9. dandydunn

    Summer holiday's.

    FFS, if you end up venturing up this way again, let me know.
  10. Don’t think so, Aberdeen won their big game today
  11. Agreed, according to the radio, McLean took a tumble whilst knocking in a 35 yarder
  12. 0-2 to The Famous Overtime cancelled in Glasgow next weekend No thanks required
  13. dandydunn

    Avici dead

    Brings back memories of the 2014 league cup final that does, apart from that, it’s pish. Never good to hear though.