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  1. He did say that, the stance he has held for a long time. He also said a lot more than that, slating Rangers about how they run their business and how the whole affair had been dragged out, in a roundabout kind of way that, he was very clever with what he said. Probably doesn’t fit into your agenda though, does it?
  2. Dunno What did he say?
  3. I’ve had that opinion for about a year now.
  4. It was actually his Mum that noticed it, although my influence was to blame apparently.
  5. December I think, so plenty value left. Jack got scrubbed over with a black sharpie this year with the word “poop” beside his head
  6. I’m off down to pittodrie tonight with the bairn to get his calendar signed by a few players. Should be interesting.......
  7. What we meant to be looking at?
  8. He swung his leg towards the ball with his insole, he is clearly going to go further with his foot after winning it. It’s a mans game, if May got stuck in too, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.
  9. There was a link on “Scottish football of yesteryear” Facebook page with a drawing where hibs were planning for a 98,000 capacity stadium,unsure of the year, but I can’t seem to post the picture though.
  10. He was at least 2 yards closer to the ball than May was, should he just not want to win the ball? What would be your opinion of an aberdeen player that didn’t make a challenge that was minimum 60/40 in his favour? I know what mine would be.
  11. It’s called momentum, do you honestly expect him to win the ball and just stop his leg in mid air? He wasn’t lucky that it didn’t cost them the points, we were pathetic again, the sooner that people realise this and stop trying to paper up cracks, the better. We had a guy with a left foot on the right and a guy with a right foot on the left, both cutting in everytime tool any penetration out of attacking play. Mcinnes is to blame for these performances, no one else, we've shat it by the way we’ve played, again. It’s simply not good enough.
  12. Many a person has said aberdeen have been shite all season, of Aberdeen won all the games this season that should’ve, we would be at least 6 points ahead of Celtic, but that’s not how football works. Agreed, ball was there to be won, Jack won the ball with the side of his foot, his follow through has to go somewhere, he can’t simply stop what he’s doing.