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  1. I'd also link this to my post about Tories refusing to disclose who paid £500,000 to DUP as part of Brexit campaign. All this stuff about interfering in other countries elections, there's a distinct lack of transparency in our own set up, particularly with allegations of how Tories were targeting voters by using Social Media to bypass candidates spending limits.
  2. Angus Gunn

    I would say that there are very few keepers in the EPL who command their areas either, seems to be a general problem with modern keepers. I'd be interested in anyone who sees Millwall regularly commenting on Jordan Archer because when I saw him regularly playing non league he wa san excellent shot stopper but that was an aspect of his game that needed work.
  3. Angus Gunn

    Same true of strikers?
  4. Angus Gunn

    Supporters of Killie and Aberdeen have probably seen more of him than me but I know that Freddie Woodman is highly rated as well and he must only be a year or so younger than Gunn. Gunn may prove to to be the best of Butland, Pickford, Pope, Woodman but there's certainly more competition in that early to mid twenties category for England than there is for Scotland, Jordan Archer then who?
  5. Angus Gunn

  6. Angus Gunn

    Add Pope to that list as well who has been very good this year and is only mid twenties.
  7. russia poisioning

    Its not wanting 'indisputable evidence', its more a case of wanting some evidence and there just seems to be a whole load of things that don't stack up before the rush to judgement that the Russians did it. I don't expect all that evidence to be in the public domain but we don't seem to have got any and have instead a series of contradictory statements. As well as evidence you look for motive, and yes the Russians might have sufficient motive (though that's debatable), what is really odd is if is was the Kremlin, why now when they'd had plenty of opportunity to do so in the past? And then you get Boris (good Russian name) wading in and saying the Russians have been stockpiling stuff for the last decade - if the Govt has got more solid evidence then they're doing a pretty rubbish job because they're failing to convince a lot of us.
  8. Players we have given up on

    Alex Davey. Was meant to be the new John Terry at Chelsea, last seen playing for Boreham Wood.
  9. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Compared to where we were pre-Vern we're made excellent progress and seem to have a bit more strength in depth. It wasn't pretty today and first half we were poor but showed character to grind out a win courtesy of Laidlaw' s boot. Hope no one believes the hype about being the Northern hemisphere All Blacks as there's no room for complacency if we want to take it to the next level.
  10. russia poisioning

    Are there actually any suspects yet, individuals rather than the Russian authorities, no one acting suspiciously, that need to help the police with their enquiries sort of thing?
  11. russia poisioning

    From what I recall the double agent was part of a prisoner exchange. My query would be if a secret agent got bumped off after being released doesn't that put such future exchanges in jeopardy, I'm not sure that's in anyones interests including Russia's (and obviously not any secret agent they release in any such exchange)
  12. Scottish Labour

    So embarrassing.
  13. Open democracy

    So Tories just voted on NI party donations but won't cover EU referendum and who DUP got £500000 to put a Leave wrap around the Metro. Is there anyway this doesn't stink?
  14. Mark McDonald

    The guys a first rate prick. Has resigned from SNP and should resign from being an MSP
  15. Champions League

    Quite glad Spurs are out. Pretty much everyone round where I live is Spurs or Arsenal, not sure which one I dislike most and Kirk is spot on about Deli Ali.