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  1. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Totally agree. How could someone not have spotted that, if I was Serbian I'd be fuming. Clearest penalty you'll ever see. If it had happened against England we'd never hear the last of it.
  2. I'd add to that that yesterday's Lewisham by election result is hardly a resounding victory for Labour. Vile Tory Govt, Brexit chaos, only a third of people bother turn out to vote and Labour majority slashed to the non entities who are the Liberal Democrats.
  3. So true, went to Turkey. Daughter was about eight, did Ephesus, Hieropolis, think we'd gone to Miletus to see more ancient sites and she cries out, "Oh no! Not more stones!" Felt slightly bad, wasn't connecting with her inner Indian Jones.
  4. Hertsscot

    Cricket balls

    That was a pathetic decision by the ICC, particularly when they then gave Ireland test status. In my lifetime I now seen a Scot win Wimbledon and Scotland beat England at cricket...football world cup next?
  5. Hertsscot

    Cricket balls

    My heart rate still hasn't gone down, that was some game. Fantastic result!
  6. Hertsscot

    Scottish player transfers

    Would be a good move. Hodgson's a decent manager and Palace did very well after he took over.
  7. Any Buddies on the forum? Thoughts? Bit underwhelming when Kluivert and Guiti were being mentioned earlier on in the week.
  8. Hertsscot

    Arise Sir Kenny

    So the big question is, would it be King Kenny or President Kenny as Head of State when Scotland gets independence?
  9. Hertsscot

    Arise Sir Kenny

    I thought it was always ' King' Kenny. Why the demotion?
  10. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    Speaking of Derek Ferguson...It's early days but how good is his son, Lewis? I remember watching Derek in a schoolboy international against England and he was outstanding.
  11. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    That is precisely my worry!
  12. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    Yes, although in a knock out competition your chances should be higher than a league set up. If player pool is weak then we need to step up our game in some respect, innovative tactics, technical ability, quality of coaching, winning mentality etc.
  13. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    Certainly with our nearest neighbour that is only going to get worse. Pop of Scotland in 1901 was 4,500,000: England 30,000,000 Pop of Scotland in 1961 was 5,100,000: England 41,200,000 pop of Scotland 2016 is 5,400,000: England 55,300,000 Over next ten years the population of England is expected to grow at twice the rate of Scotland. Iceland can beat England so size isn't everything but a bigger player pool must help all other factors being equal.
  14. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    Disappointing we could do with a decent young right back.
  15. Hertsscot

    Toulon Tournament

    Interesting to look at the line ups from the 6-0 humiliation five years ago: England: Butland, Stones, Robinson, Chalobah (Barkley, 44), Wisdom (c) (Thorpe, 73), Keane, Sterling (Ameobi, 66), Hughes (Dier, 73) Wickham (Kane, 58) Shelvey (Carroll, 58), Redmond (Lingard, 66) Unused subs: Kane, Johnstone, Garbutt, Long, Bond, Berahino Scotland: Archer, Jack (Duffie, 46), McKay, Robertson, McHattie, Fyvie, McGeouch, Bannigan (Macleod, 79), Feruz (May, 62) Armstrong (Smith, 62), Watt (Holt, 73) Have we ever had a worse result at that level?