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  1. Sutton referring rangers to the people's front of judea.... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1787644734642054&id=387986324607909
  2. All that will happen is a penalty to celtic
  3. think Buck Rodgers has taken Celtic as far as he can...
  4. Cannae afford 1st class stamp, 2nd class is shite this time of year .
  5. how aberdeen think their an SPFL side is interesting...shocking so far
  6. is this the biggest defeat over two legs in the history of Scottish clubs in Europe, i see the olde Rangers got pumped off Enitrach 12-4 but 12-1? is there a worse result? (i know it no technically two legs)
  7. its all false..... there's far too much meat in that sausage roll to be a gregg's jesus roll
  8. Mark McGhee

    Took brighton to play off success. .. not all bleak
  9. Netherlands match thread

    fixed it for you, not a single pass mark yet...
  10. Netherlands match thread

  11. Priti Patel

    Oh aye, name is apt...mouthy cow though i bet...
  12. That escalated quickly.... can we have a poll on which of these two is the biggest fanny? Or is that inappropriate these days?
  13. like most of parkhied 3 minutes after they equalised
  14. Next in league surely, how else have england got 5 representatives in chumps league