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  1. It worked for my 7 daughters. I don’t think we should reserve this just for restaurants. I’m sat on a train with a screaming wean behind me. To be fair though, it doesn’t take much to quieten down a bored or tired child without whacking them. Sat once on a train with a young father and his toddler son. Father talked non stop to the wee man all the way, pointing stuff out, getting his interest, teaching him stuff. Pleasure sitting near them.
  2. Why are Rangers signing anybody at the moment? They’re not going to win the league and as inconsistent as they are should be good enough for top 3. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when they don’t have a manager in place and won’t have until the end of the season. Are they shipping some out?
  3. Hogmanay

    And the very best to you. It has all gone too far though so can understand where folk are coming from. Pals of mine have been involved in creating the Edinburgh Hogmanay ‘brand’. Hogmanay’s not something that should be branded! That seems crazy to me and I won’t get involved in any of that. Been to a nice pub this afternoon, spent a few hours drinking, eating and chatting. Home now for a quiet night. I’ll reflect on the year past and look forward to the one to come. Tomorrow, I too will walk the dog in the countryside and know now that the people I meet will be wearing smiles.
  4. Just said I was surprised to see it. Somehow thought they were much further behind than that. Not trying to argue with anybody.
  5. Just seen the table and I was surprised to see if Rangers had won those two games (games they were expected to win) they’d be just 1 point behind Celtic.
  6. New TAMB Logo

    I appreciate the work that's been done by TAMB1 and think he/she was brave to put their work out to be judged. Tough audience on here. I think it's been tightly kerned on purpose to try to make it more unique. It's a bit of a style thing that purists and old folk won't like. I remember my uncle going crazy because he'd received an annual report and not only were the figures too small they were printed on a grey background so the contrast wasn't great. He rambled on about how designers should know their audience and that a lot of readers of annual reports would be older with poor eyesight. I bit like the audience on here I'd guess. The logo has definitely been carefully considered. Look at how the words 'Message Board' line up perfectly under the word 'Tartan'. That's not an accident. That said, if I'm truthful, I think that the words 'Message Board' should be bigger so they end up wider than the word 'Tartan'. As it is, the word 'Army' looks cut off from the rest and is floating. I also agree that it would benefit from the kerning being looked at, though just kerning the 'r' and 'm' won't work in isolation. Not so easy with everything else being so tightly kerned and the font being bold. Good luck TAMB1. You did ask!
  7. Beards

    I remember going to the circus ten years ago and seeing a fat, bearded woman covered in tattoos. Now I walk down Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday afternoon and they’re everywhere.
  8. How can you be outraged by the Greggs nativity when you realise that 'Lord Jesus' written backwards reads as 'Susejd Rol'?
  9. She does look good but come on, a longer top maybe? Those seams don’t help. If you ask me, she needs Gok.
  10. I know I shouldn’t but...
  11. Call me mad but I quite like Debbie McGee (not in a do... oh never mind). Saw her on a programme after Paul Daniels had died and she seemed totally lost on her own so it's good that this Strictly show has given her a bit of a confidence boost. This though? Good look or not a good look?