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  1. Bobster

    Songs you hate.

    I see we’ve moved on a bit since Paul McCartney. Take this...
  2. Bobster

    Songs you hate.

    Paul McCartney. Ebony and Ivory.
  3. You can have a view on club football and also be respectful of your fellow Scotland supporters. Can’t you?
  4. You know better than me Flure but I’m not sure it has. I remember there being club debates but I don’t remember terms like ‘hun cunts’ being thrown about pretty much every post. Maybe as you suggest, people had a better grasp of diction so were able to get their points across without resorting to that sort of stuff. I see Parklife mentioned again but I think he gets picked on for the wrong things a lot of the time. He’s not one that constantly insults fellow posters. Whether people like the way he puts his point across or not, it’s usually made well, is pretty accurate, fair and difficult to disagree with.
  5. 30 years ago today. CUD’s John Peel session.
  6. Bobster

    SSC Renewals

    It’s for most of the TA. And Uncle Waltersaurus.
  7. Bobster

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    It is but enough of him. Let’s talk about Steve, Neil, Mark, Cesare and Michael instead.
  8. Bobster

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    You guess wrong then Kevin. I didn’t mention this thread but a quick look back a couple of pages also throws up Wally Smith, Walter and Walterosaurus
  9. Bobster

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Funny that most of the people saying a definite no to Smith refer to him as ‘Wattie’, ‘Uncle Walter’, ‘Uncle Cardigan’ or make reference to huns. You lose a bit of credibility by doing that. Personally, I think he’s now possibly too old for the job but he showed by getting a really poor Rangers team to a European final that he’s capable of getting success by organising and setting up a team. I’d be more than happy with him working alongside a younger manager. Perhaps Clarke could work alongside him in a part-time role?
  10. It worked for my 7 daughters. I don’t think we should reserve this just for restaurants. I’m sat on a train with a screaming wean behind me. To be fair though, it doesn’t take much to quieten down a bored or tired child without whacking them. Sat once on a train with a young father and his toddler son. Father talked non stop to the wee man all the way, pointing stuff out, getting his interest, teaching him stuff. Pleasure sitting near them.
  11. Why are Rangers signing anybody at the moment? They’re not going to win the league and as inconsistent as they are should be good enough for top 3. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when they don’t have a manager in place and won’t have until the end of the season. Are they shipping some out?
  12. Bobster


    And the very best to you. It has all gone too far though so can understand where folk are coming from. Pals of mine have been involved in creating the Edinburgh Hogmanay ‘brand’. Hogmanay’s not something that should be branded! That seems crazy to me and I won’t get involved in any of that. Been to a nice pub this afternoon, spent a few hours drinking, eating and chatting. Home now for a quiet night. I’ll reflect on the year past and look forward to the one to come. Tomorrow, I too will walk the dog in the countryside and know now that the people I meet will be wearing smiles.