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  1. How can you be outraged by the Greggs nativity when you realise that 'Lord Jesus' written backwards reads as 'Susejd Rol'?
  2. She does look good but come on, a longer top maybe? Those seams don’t help. If you ask me, she needs Gok.
  3. I know I shouldn’t but...
  4. Call me mad but I quite like Debbie McGee (not in a do... oh never mind). Saw her on a programme after Paul Daniels had died and she seemed totally lost on her own so it's good that this Strictly show has given her a bit of a confidence boost. This though? Good look or not a good look?
  5. Booing your own players

    I’d say that sums it up quite nicely.
  6. Booing your own players

    CTA? Childish Tartan Army?
  7. The List

    Oh no. What have you done?!
  8. Black Flags

    With the latest iOS update on Apple devices, there’s some new emoticons, including some new flags. If you don’t have an Apple device or haven’t updated it then you won’t see them.
  9. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    Mustn’t snigger. 🙂
  10. Black Flags

  11. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    What’s happened to that poster though? He’s not posted anything since.
  12. Board changes and upgrades

    The ads you see on here are based on your Google search history
  13. New TAMB Logo

    Couple of Hill’s Angels.
  14. New TAMB Logo

    Don't worry, there's plenty more shite where that came from.
  15. The one at the back in the hat?