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  1. Jersey Jim

    Iceland is a Nice Land

    Did she leave you for Fred?
  2. Jersey Jim

    Series Worth Watching

    Cheers, I’ll give it a go 👍
  3. For someone who almost pleaded poverty earlier on the thread, you don’t half get about. I shall arrange a liquid lunch or night out whilst your here x
  4. What about Jersey? Especially for liquid lunches 😎
  5. Jersey Jim

    World Cup Betting

    Got 17.5/1 a few weeks ago on Timo Werner top goal scorer, not bad value.
  6. Jersey Jim

    Alan Stubbs

    Underwhelmed indeed , replacing JR was always going to a difficult task, Ross got the whole town buzzing, hadn’t seen the same enthusiasm and excitement for the team since the late 70’s under Fergie. That aside, the decisions been made, so he can now plan and prepare for the season ahead, hopefully he can use his Everton connections and we can get some decent young talent on loan. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  7. Oops that never worked
  8. Can only comment on him as a youngster, but when I started secondary school in Paisley ( John Neilson High ) McLeish was a prefect and he was a total and utter knob, as well as a being bit of a bully with the younger kids. Another Aberdeen legend ( and St Mirren ) Peter Weir was also there at the same time but he was a top lad.
  9. Spot on, said at the time it was deliberate, don’t do social media but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Scousers have started some sort of petition against him. It’s what they do.
  10. I’ll have a go at answering that if I may, I go over and see Arsenal several times a season, been to loads of Liverpool games at the Emirates, they are without the worst fans who visit, I’ve witnessed them snatching tickets out of the hand from their own supporters approaching the turnstiles then disappear into the crowd. My shared season ticket is right next the away fans, at the game this season (3-3 draw) Liverpool were cruising 2-0 up, Arsenal hit back with 3 quick goals, a plastic pint glass flew over in our direction hitting this young 19 year girl who I always chat to, unfortunately for her the glass wasn’t full of beer but piss, the poor girl was covered, all their fans close to us thought it was hilarious, I could tell many more tales of the English media darlings, they are utter scum in my opinion.
  11. Jersey Jim

    Series Worth Watching

    Just watched Evil Genius on Netflix, only 4 episodes, similar documentary format to making a murderer. Great viewing
  12. Jersey Jim


    Mmmmmm, I heard the hornets in Ayrshire are right wee shites, just remember and take a bucket of water, a long plank of wood and several jars of jam and you’ll be fine.
  13. Doesn’t count DTS, obviously all those trophy wins were tainted.
  14. Jersey Jim


    Mrs D, some sound advice there, I think you should go to Ayr for your treatment. Hope you don’t need emergency treatment when you’re over here shortly, Mandy just paid £295 for 2 fillings. As your brother will tell you dentistry in Jersey is a license to print money.
  15. This thread is utterly fucking mental 😀 Oh and by the way the legend that is Tony Fitzpatrick said that St Mirren will be champions of Scotland before the end of the decade, so that’s Celtic Fecked for their ten in a row. Who are we doubt the man that said Ricky Gilles would be too good for AC Milan. #TonyFitzknows Well I did say the thread was mental 😎