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  1. First Scotland games

    My first game was v Italy in November 2007. If that atmosphere wasn't going to get me hooked, nothing would. First away was two years later, a wet and miserable 3-0 defeat in Cardiff, but I managed to make it from 1 to 10 points with the away games which came after that one. Can't remember what the first one I saw on TV was, probably v Netherlands Euro 96
  2. I work for a company on the University of York estate but not part of the Uni at all. Been crossing a picket line to get in for about a week and a half now, as have the rest of the people who work here, I've been asked while passing if I work for the Uni, when saying no they didn't really do much but tried handing me one of their flyers.
  3. Bids to replace Hampden

    Would Queens Park then be paying the SFA rent if the latter bought it or would they play elsewhere?
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    It's almost a surprise nobody's mentioned George Burley yet the way things are going!
  5. European Nations League

    Was that the Kirin Cup?
  6. world cup of losers

    Chance for the new manager to get a few games under his belt though.
  7. New jerseys?

    Yes, there's also a code to use online: SSC0611
  8. New jerseys?

    Not really much difference in price to any of the current replica shirts out there, not saying it isn't expensive but it is the norm. Sure the Liechtenstein one was for sale at €100 when we played in Vaduz EDIT: The current one is 99CHF which works out about £75: http://shop.lfv.li/en/trikot-222.html
  9. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    I think it's more the public-facing nature of it, and the fact the matches are broadcast to a wide audience. Much like you'd expect every newsreader on mainstream television to wear a poppy or every keynote speaker at a large conference to wear a poppy. It seems much of it is just about being told from higher up to look like you support the cause regardless of whether or not you actually do because "the World is watching". The opposition from FIFA or whoever last time just seemed to muddy the waters further.
  10. Friendly Next Month

    I thought watching the Wales v RoI game that the loser in that match would be an ideal opponent for a friendly. We don't do too well against Wales though.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Just go a total wildcard option and hire Aitor Karanka :-) you never know, he might do a decent job
  12. Slovakia heading oot

    Didn't Broadfoot score that campaign as well?
  13. Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    If someone could put lyrics to the Tetris tune that would be a great Russian themed option
  14. Match thread

    I guess it could happen if we draw and Slovakia win we'd be level on points with them. I think their 3-0 win over us would swing it