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  1. in5omniac

    Toulon Tournament

    Worst Scotland game (at any level) I've been to, that one. Got thoroughly pissed afterwards leaving before the final whistle.
  2. in5omniac

    Toulon Tournament

    Mexico currently 1-0 up against Turkey in the first semi
  3. in5omniac

    The walking dead

    Big gunfight at the Hilltop, everyone goes to sleep except a kid with a rifle and Gregory. No need for anyone to be awake and watching out for anything I guess... What's going on with Maggie's pregnancy as well?
  4. in5omniac

    Under 17s

    A brilliant Scottish name
  5. in5omniac

    I dont watch friendlies

    Can you watch this without changing anything? You need to sign in now, don't think you previously had to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcone?area=scotland I usually watch it on the regional channels on Sky or Freeview (at the far end of the channel listings, near the naughty ones!)
  6. in5omniac

    I dont watch friendlies

    Probably don't need to go to that much bother, think the link to view it is usually available on the BBC Sport page on their website whenever there's a BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Alba or other region specific broadcast no matter where you access it from.
  7. in5omniac

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    I feel like we're setting Phillips up for Chris Martin-esque heroics here
  8. in5omniac

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Only 10?
  9. in5omniac

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    I was wondering the same! To be fair I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of a switcharound at half time, especially if we find ourselves in a comfortable position from the first half - of course peformance and potential are more important than the result, but would be nice to see confidence flowing from the off.
  10. in5omniac

    First Scotland games

    My first game was v Italy in November 2007. If that atmosphere wasn't going to get me hooked, nothing would. First away was two years later, a wet and miserable 3-0 defeat in Cardiff, but I managed to make it from 1 to 10 points with the away games which came after that one. Can't remember what the first one I saw on TV was, probably v Netherlands Euro 96
  11. I work for a company on the University of York estate but not part of the Uni at all. Been crossing a picket line to get in for about a week and a half now, as have the rest of the people who work here, I've been asked while passing if I work for the Uni, when saying no they didn't really do much but tried handing me one of their flyers.
  12. in5omniac

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Would Queens Park then be paying the SFA rent if the latter bought it or would they play elsewhere?
  13. in5omniac

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    It's almost a surprise nobody's mentioned George Burley yet the way things are going!
  14. in5omniac

    European Nations League

    Was that the Kirin Cup?