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  1. I know who ye are, who are ye? Sick animals, laughing at death at half past 3 in the pissing morning, Goodnight.
  2. Mox

    Champions League

    Turned it off, the sycophantic nonsense from here until June is going to be too much.
  3. Mox

    Champions League

    If these Scouse c unts win the big cup I think I'll chuck the football for good.
  4. Imagine by John Lennon, another song that I understand is considered a classic but it's just utter beige. Same goes for Don't Look Back In Anger, a song that genuinely angers me.
  5. The Buzzcocks - Ever fallen in love. My hatred of that song knows no bounds.
  6. Mox

    Summer holiday's.

    Four days in Ibiza in July for a stag do which I am dreading as my best swedger days are behind me. Then in September off to the WestCoast of America for two weeks, starting in Seattle, then Portland, San Francisco and finishing off in L.A.
  7. Napoli were the better team but I still thought they lacked a little belief in the final third, but to get the winner that late on was amazing. I really hope they do it, it would be an incredible achievement.
  8. Mox


    I've never understood the hatred for Wenger, it's bizzare. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a liar.
  9. Mox


    Yeah, I should specified that, he seems to have lost that ability, where as in the first part of his tenure he was probably the best in the world at that.
  10. Mox


    One of the greatest managers of all time who in the last 10 years has suffered as a result of petroleum dollars and oligarchs, although undoubtedly his stubbornness and an inability to identify good young players played a huge part in his downfall. When I stayed in North London, the people still loved him and this is the right thing to do for his legacy. They should go for Lucien Favre who has done great jobs at Nice and Monchengladbach.
  11. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't beat them by six or seven, but greed is a terrible thing.
  12. Staunch Celtic performance today, the Espanyolafacation of Glasgow continues at a frightening pace.
  13. Aberdeen are honking, how is McInnes still in a job there?