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  1. Friendly Next Month

    I think £20 is still too much to watch two teams that haven’t qualified for the World Cup. But then I’m tight.
  2. Team for Slovenia

    Are there any injury concerns? Andy Robertson took a blow to his wrist and obviously Darren Fletcher thought his ear was hanging off. Would be interesting to know how often we’ve won a home then away double header - with Slovenia being forced to make at least two changes then I’d be tempted to freshen up our side too.
  3. Toulon Tournament

    Burke should get called up if Strachan isn't going to use him
  4. The SFA said they would be offering to assist all clubs to ensure adequate transport provision for both matches.
  5. 5 left backs! 0 Right backs

    Totally agree was very unimpressed with Hamilton at Pittodrie last week, Hearts fans - is he better this season than Neil Alexander was last season? I've been impressed with Zander Clark this season, Alan Mannus was one of the better keepers in the league so he is doing well to keep him out of the Saints team.
  6. Team for Slovenia

    Anya at right back gives me the boke.
  7. Folk who annoy you at work

    Desss down days. We have one next Friday. It'll be the 9th one since the start of June. We donate money to charity for the 'privellege'. Load of bollocks which I don't participate in.
  8. Slovenia tickets

    Are you using an apple device? I had same issue until I accessed site on a Windows laptop.
  9. SSC Email Update

    Another week and no email. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
  10. SSC Email Update

    Has this stopped or have I stopped receiving it?
  11. Teirney oot

    Phil Bardsley could be one that could fill in at full back much like Steven Whitaker seems to have made a career out of doing it.
  12. Teirney oot

    Strachan will likely play Anya at left back
  13. Steve Paterson

    Nonsense to say Paterson has turned his life round.
  14. What can we do better?

    Charlie Adam playing well for Stoke again yesterday yet doesn't make the squad these days.
  15. Team for Saturday

    Would think McArthur would come back in on Tuesday night the sort of game that would suit him I feel.