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  1. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Hope you cleaned yourself up okay.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    BBC are reporting that he's set for face to face talks next week, which sounds like more of a progression... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42671440
  3. Last time the Ugly Sisters had a 6 goal reverse in the Premier League over a weekend? I think this may actually be a first. Great weekend of football!
  4. Malky's Squad

    I really think we need to try a new formation to accommodate both Tierney and Robertson on the left side.. 3-2-4-1 seems right for this type of game... gordon cooper berra tierney paterson robertson brown mcginn shinnie armstrong griffiths
  5. My son's half Scottish, half Peruvian. Couldn't actually believe they made it. So used to him having the worst of both worlds. Peru and Scotland do have similarities.
  6. Actually it's worse than that... apparently Bolivia fielded an ineligible player when they drew with Chile. Chile pointed this out to FIFA and they gave them the extra 2 points... However this also gave 3 extra points to Peru who had lost 2-0... no complaint and Chile are in the playoffs.
  7. Have you seen Chile play? They're murder... kick good teams off the park while spending at least 50 minutes diving and rolling about the floor.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Moyes is the obvious choice, but he wouldn't be my pick. I'd try for Jurgen Klinsmann... I think he'd be brilliant in the role.
  9. Draw is enough

    Slovenia need Gibraltar to beat Greece, and Malta to not lose to Slovakia.... and need to beat us of course. At this point I think we can say they don't have too much to play for.... Gerrintaeummm!
  10. Play off table

    I don't mind that he's not backing the team to win... That's his business, and a pretty common Scottish trait that we've seen plenty of on this board in the last year or two. .... What I hate though is that he's getting paid a ton of money to wear a cheap suit and give "analysis" that can be proved wrong with even just a cursory glance at the league tables, the fixtures and a calculator. How do these guys get away with not actually doing any research? It's Scotland he's talking about. If he can't even give a meaningful opinion on that, what's he got for all the other countries he's no doubt got to talk about?
  11. Undefeated at home

    Aye... Your counting is better than mine. That last minute Hanley effort against Lithuania is rarely mentioned. It was a hair's breadth from a goal.
  12. Undefeated at home

    7 on my count
  13. Match thread

    If we qualify for the world cup there's every chance we go further than any scottish team in history. Not all the team's from every conference are all that outstanding.
  14. Match thread

    It was brilliant... Had me off my seat right from that pass.
  15. Match thread

    Your continual rambling about Strachan's failings makes no sense whatsoever... He brought on two players that virtually nobody else on this board would have opted for and they changed the game for us. How you can critcise him for it beggars belief. There's nothing to say that the guys you're lauding this time around would have made the same kind of difference.. Had we not won then fair enough, but he deserves every credit he gets tonight for those decisions.