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  1. ceudmilefailte

    Centre Backs.

    And you think we're going down? Should be ok if our midfield stop giving the ball away.
  2. ceudmilefailte

    Centre Backs.

    How often have you seen Lindsay play? Or are you basing this on a quick glance at the championship table.
  3. ceudmilefailte

    SSC Renewals

    What was it last time?
  4. ceudmilefailte

    Points Ladder

    Pretty sure you did
  5. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Agreed the Millwall defence appears to be something special, hadn't read the stats for yesterday's game but no saves is quite common for a goalie. Can't find season keeper stats any were.
  6. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Saves you the bother of checking it and it is a combination of opta stats and influence on out come of game with ratings that have no personal bias. Most if not all of us see what we want to see so our opinions are more often than not predetermined. I still think Lee Willkie was potentially the greatest Scottish player of all time
  7. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Top players yesterday on the stats site I use, were Fraser, Mcburnie and Hanley. Lyndsay error for a Sheff Utd goal and another clean sheet for Archer. Said last year that if Millwall didn't get promoted Archer would be in championship any way getting to the point might say the same about him and EPL soon
  8. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Seems to be getting a fair bit of game time. Was he on our high expectancy list before he moved out? I know it's only Serie B but bound to be learning
  9. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Another good performance by Barry Douglas last night. Playing left midfield rather than wing back, confuses thinks even more.
  10. ceudmilefailte

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I always used to go up to Newton Mearns and down to Shawlands when I lived in Whitecraigs. I was thinking of the nice bit of Cathcart on the way to Clarkston for about the Govanhill end
  11. ceudmilefailte

    Who would you have back in the squad

    David Healy should be left out of football discussions
  12. ceudmilefailte

    Who would you have back in the squad

    Not saying playing in the EPL makes you an international player, just pointing out that if no one wants you outside the SPL or at the old firm you are not that good. If McGinn is as good as some on here think he will not be at Hibs next season. If you just pick inform players Ritchie would have 50 caps, Phillips 45 Adams 50 etc etc adapting to international football isn't just about ability or being on form no matter what league you are in. Hope McGinn turns out great but so far he has doe he has done nothing. Has he even played a competitive international yet? Point is- historically you have to be play at a higher level than mid table spl and no matter what sort form you appear to be in
  13. ceudmilefailte

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Funny I would say up to Cathcart and down to Queens Park, I must be posher than you. On second thought maybe not were is Cathcart again?
  14. ceudmilefailte

    Who would you have back in the squad

    How many caps did McFadden have before he moved south or get after he came back? If any one is bored enough to check out the stats I doubt it there has been one player playing in the SPL with a dozen caps out side of the old firm in over 20 years like it or not if you are any good you don't play for Hibs, Aberdeen or Montrose. You really are clutching at straws if you think a player any were near international class will still be playing here by the time they hit 25 unless they are prepared to give up on £100,000 to live near their mother. Should bring back testimonials to keep decent players at little clubs
  15. ceudmilefailte

    Who would you have back in the squad

    You do have to draw the line some were with age, football is a team game and I would want players that have the potential to be around for two campaigns McGinn is a worry in as much that his boss only values him at £3 million balea him