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  1. He was challenged when he played for Scotland Maybe likes being the big fish
  2. Alex Neil would be a great shout So they probably won't go for him
  3. Best hatrick of all time
  4. Bino's


    149 caps, 81 goals If he didn't care he would have long retired from international duty to extend his club career Like our players do
  5. He was some player
  6. Was off his shin that one
  7. Last minute third goal of a hatrick to win them the game and qualifying them for chumps league on last day of season Or something like that
  8. The bloke who convinced Souness he was George weahs cousin When he was just some punter bullshitting and they hadn't tried him just stuck him on in a top level game at Southampton Subbed on, subbed off again after 10 mins
  9. Bino's

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    We were a man light in midfield Very strange formation
  10. Bino's

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    A 5-2-2-1?
  11. Bino's

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    That's one of the most defensive line ups I've ever seen
  12. Bino's

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Agree, he's looked lively when come on for us and should be given a chance over your Phillips, Ritchie's, Forrest s
  13. Bino's

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Put 12 on for second half