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  1. Rossy and I have eloped to our own private message board where anything really does go.
  2. Reevesy.mt just told me it's 50 euro for a gram in Malta.
  3. You're jealous as I can afford a shiteload of bevy and minge. Not only that, my mates are partial to a wee sniff. I have the best parties, know whit a mean?
  4. Just needed to quote this. Fuk sake, I'm getting a fondness for you ya big Killie bampot ye
  5. I've shouted to many a 'keeper "yer tea's oot" when we both gain and concede a penalty. 30 minutes from "I've"... and I don't know why. Never care.
  6. I need a wee lie down. That's credit. Thanks! Killie have been poor but they're better than a bad bunch. I'm fairly certain many Thistle fans would prefer Killie in the top 6 rather than St.Johnstone or Sevco. Better day oot down there.
  7. I'm mighty impressed with Thistle. This is probably the best Thistle team I've ever seen. Scared of no. We're going to Ibrox in a few weeks expecting to win. I've met Archie in clubs and pubs and know the guy. If he gives The Rangers credit it's because of his media training. He has the same outlook as every other Thistle fan. Pure desperation to pump them. And we'll do it.
  8. Oooft. Nae coming back from that. Unless Alex Totten gets a mention. He precedes Brown when it comes to winning by corners.
  9. You're joking. Where can I donate?
  10. Nah. Looked again. That's a penalty.
  11. Check the Celtic penalty v Thistle. If he had the ball, quite possibly. but the ball would have been won, however the ball was long gone and then the slight contact was made. Happy to be corrected by Cove Sheep, but for me, that's never a penalty. Was 90 seconds after Thistle equalised... kinda tells you what the status quo should be. We're not so cuddly any more and saved it.
  12. One more octogenarian death and neil_r is in bliss regardless. Stick the dosh in an anonymous note to TASA
  13. Shooty in, during the party surely? How many touches did he get?