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  1. The Billy Davies to Rangers rumour appears to be gathering momentum.....
  2. Surprised by that. He's the poorest player in the Celtic team and has been for a while. Looked very much like he didn't fancy it against Neymar last night and "limped" off. Total coward. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts on Sunday.
  3. I think you're wasting your time. Valiant effort though.
  4. The D***y R****d? How very dare you...... (I think i saw it on SSN.)
  5. UEFA and more particularly the CL, are the cancer of football. Designed purely for the rich to get richer. No argument from me that the CL situation isn't Celtic's fault. Really, what I'm driving at is the state of our domestic game which i still believe to be a materially contributory factor in the Celtic performances in the CL. Some responsibility for that lies with Celtic themselves. Again, who'd blame Celtic for not wanting to change this, however, it could be considered short sighted. You had a situation a few weeks ago where Celtic play arguably their closest domestic rival and have Aberdeen's best player from the season before sitting on their bench. Furthermore, Aberdeen's best player from this season can't play because he's still a Celtic player. This is despite Aberdeen bidding on two separate occasions for Christie where the valuation was met and Rodgers agreed both times only for Peter Lawwell to reject. Guessing he rejected because he can but the cynic in me would say it's because he wants to strangle any hint of opposition. Again, is this Celtic's fault? Probably not. However, it's making a total mockery of our domestic game. I've read that Celtic are considering a bit for Moult in January. Could be nonsense and just more white noise from our very embarrassing sports media - but the circle continues. ETA - for the avoidance of doubt, I'd like to see Celtic competitive in Europe and I'd love a competitive domestic league.
  6. From what I saw, it would have been a few more than 7 if Gordon hadn't been so decent. Celtic appear to be in a weird place. Domestically they are untouchable and have x10 the wealth of anyone. In Europe, they are a laughing stock, albeit only have x7 of the wealth of some of the big teams. It's true (and a major disadvantage to Celtic) that there's no competition at home. Our league is a foregone conclusion, it's dull as feck and as a result we can't attract any sponsors, advertising, top players, management or interest. Until we have a competitive 16/18 team league, none of the foregoing is changing. That all said, I can't help think Celtic (and more particularly people like Peter Lawwell ) are largely the architects and custodians of the current situation.
  7. Precisely the type of player the Dons need. Will watch with interest as he runs over the top of Mclean with ease on Sunday.
  8. BBC Sport making reference to reports that Giovanni Van Bronckhurst has ruled out a move to Rangers. Presumably, he's being interviewed right now?!
  9. Yes! I see McInnes is favourite to be the next President of Zimbabwe now!!
  10. FFS - surely you could have read between the lines before putting your size 10's in there????
  11. You've got to think that WBA will be considering Brendan Rodgers.
  12. I don't know which is more surprising - Rangers got Fraserburgh in the draw, or the fact Rangers are away from home?? Interesting stat on Hearts (was on Instagram so possibly sh1te), Hearts have drawn Hibs or Celtic in the Scottish Cup 5 out of the last 7 times. Exceptions being Aberdeen and Raith (they beat both). Tough gig that.
  13. Terrible draw for Formartine and Cove.