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  1. Agreed. I only meant more legitimate concern in that if McInnes was offered it, he's definitely going to take it. I think the cost of relegation is too big a risk for WBA though (with the sums of money involved) and they'll want a big, "tried and tested", name.
  2. I think this is a legitimate concern for Aberdeen. However, on the plus side, means we lose Mcinnes to a non rival, he's unlikely to take any players (Lewis and Shinnie would have been a concern if he'd gone elsewhere) and we'll get paid! May even get the odd loan player from him!
  3. Judging by yesterday's team selection Mcinnes has already gone to Rangers.
  4. Good post. I'm assuming the game couldn't go ahead but just with new stand remaining unopened?
  5. So are you!!! All good though.
  6. Not sure what you heard then. Player keen, agent keen, both managers keen but turns out Killie do some weird financing on certain young players which was going to make it all too complicated for the time being.
  7. Mark McGhee

    He's got some standards you know........
  8. Mark McGhee

    Wonder what the Barnet Director's thought process was that led to his selection? Sacked from Motherwell job - tick Sacked from Aberdeen job (and took them back 5 years) - tick Sacked from Scotland job (after seeing them fail to qualify again) - tick Embarrassed himself on TV/social media - tick Extremely narrow minded - tick "Perfect - he's definitely the man for us."
  9. italy

    Against a poor Italy side, Sweden seriously rode their luck and offered next to nothing going forward. Why Chiellini was left trying to play the defence splitting pass every time was a mystery. I honestly think Scotland would give either of those two teams a real run for their money - and we're poor. Ireland will be brutal to watch tonight.
  10. Oh well, looks like Rangers will get their man. He's performed a wonder job with that group of players. Has the phrase "more than the sum of the parts" ever lended itself more to a team....?
  11. Is that Lustig playing right back for Switzerland?! Embarrassing. Good to see the Killie lad Jones on. Dons bid 75k for him in summer but it was turned down.
  12. If NI don't qualify. Michael O'Neill will be Ranger's manager.......
  13. Booing your own players

    It was Derek McInnes who told "Malky" to play Jack at right back.
  14. Booing your own players

    Good grief!! 😂😂😂 A new level.