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  1. Completely agree. Totally deliberate and job done. Horrible cheat.
  2. Wonder where we’ve heard that before? Anyway, I read differently in terms of the debt, restructuring and finance available. It wasn’t as positive a picture as you paint. Not suggesting what I read is the correct version but you’ve got to wonder why they are going for a relatively untested, off the radar manager with a presumably low compensation payout if they’ve got all this money? Maybe this will be he best decision Jack ever makes. Time will tell. I wish him well
  3. It’s not really about football though is?!
  4. Doubt there will be a bumper pay off. Sunderland will require majority of their parachute payment to stay afloat.
  5. It’s x5. Which will be great for the 3 months or so he earns it!
  6. Can’t help think this is a bad move. League One and a basket case of a club that will likely have 3 managers this season alone. If Ross could have got St Mirren into top 6, even top 8 of Spfl then I think he’d have a chance of landing a Championship gig with a stable team.
  7. What and who the feck was that?!
  8. Dons going to make McGeoch our highest paid player??
  9. If the Dons has finished 4th, I’d be supporting Motherwell today irrespective.
  10. I know. I was just trying to be cheeky to lighten the mood.
  11. I was probably one of his biggest critics. Largely because he had obvious ability but had no heart, appeared to make little effort and was a complete and utter waste of a jersey for many games. He'd shown flashes of acceptability over his earlier tenure. However, since signing for Norwich, he's been outstanding and probably our best player. We'll really miss him next season on the form he's shown over the last 6 months and in flashes previously.
  12. We needed to score a second in the first half when we had them on the rack to have won that game. Not sure what happened to us in the second half. Draw probably a fair result in the end but we missed another oppontunity. Why GMS didn't go up against Halliday who had been booked and is absolutely shocking I will never know. Well, actually I suspect I do know, it's because McInnes was more worried about the threat of Tavernier going forward and wanted GMS to track back - again too defensive in his mind set. We are relying on a 19yo kid up front because our other forwards are completely ineffective. Fair play to Cosgrove, he's just about done more in two games than any other forward at the club has done all season. Mass clear out and rebuild coming for us in the summer - and I'm looking forward to it. We haven't played much football this season and in failing to beat both Hibs and Rangers at home, we don't really deserve second. McRorie is a decent player.
  13. Ormond - you're a good poster and the board needs your type. I know there have been a couple of trolls on here recently and you seem to have upped your "expressionism" as a result - but don't lower yourself to their level. There's a couple of decent Rangers fans on here that don't deserve it.