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  1. Makes a further mockery of our game. Ffs, just change it to a 16 team league and play each other home and away. Bin the split. Feck Sky, they’re doing nothing for us anyway.
  2. Aberdeen tickets

    Fair enough. Did you get sorted?
  3. Aberdeen tickets

    I think the truth is that no Aberdeen fan wanted to end up sitting next to two Celtic fans!!
  4. There are a number of golf operators working up and down the East Coast. A couple now based in Aberdeen. We use one regularly and he claims that Trump Int brings many more visitors than was previously the case. He gives a lot of business to local hotels, guest houses and restaurants. I know other local golf clubs are also benefiting from additional visitor fees etc. Trump Int would have planned on benefitting from from a significant amount of corporate entertainment including memberships and packages. Given the last few years Trump Int won’t be the only local business to suffer.
  5. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Watched first half in pub and recorded second half to watch after the Dons game. After seeing our performance in first half wasn't expecting much so just looked a final score before getting home. Was pleasantly surprised by the result but noticed it was all penalties. Despite that, watched second half at home and was again pleasantly surprised by some of the rugby Scotland played. Unlucky not to score a try or two in second half. We appear to be quite a fit team and France couldn't cope with it hence the penalties. Agree with some of the comment above about Russell, however, starting Price and Laidlaw against England is an absolute no go! Russell can at least tackle. Same team for me.....
  6. I don't trust him and have no reason to believe him. Whether he actually intended to build the super hotel and houses - nobody will ever know. Perhaps he didn't and used certain issues as an excuse. Perhaps he did and is his plans fell through for reasons beyond his control. However, what we do know is that what he has built is world class and has positively impacted tourism in the area. Like him or loath him (and his techniques) he has helped the local economy.
  7. That’s the very video I was referring to. I hope it’s made up!
  8. "Terrifying" indeed. Has anyone seen the video of tiny wee drone's that use facial recognition to take out individuals? No collateral damage - just a bolt through the head of the intended target. They can fly in swarms and take out multiple targets. Also pretty terrifying.
  9. I dislike Trump as much as the next person. There's no getting away from the fact his approach to Trump Int was all wrong from the start. However. the super hotel and housing was always conditional upon certain parameters that he was unable to secure (not just avoiding an offshore windfarm). As for the course, clubhouse, hotel that were built - they are responsible for a significant increase in local tourism and additional income. The course itself is also world class and it's reputation continues to grow as do the levels of interest in it. As for Kingsford, not my preferred option but the arguments against it have been laughably bad.
  10. Shite draw. Wanted Celtic at home.
  11. I think wholesale reconstructive surgery is a bit extreme?
  12. I've skied all my life and still love it. I'm in my 40's now so beginning to notice that I'm not as care free (kamikaze) on the slopes as I used to be. However, 54 is no age at all to start skiing. I would actually suggest that the indoor/artificial type places are more likely to put you off rather than encourage you. They tend to be more difficult than skiing on the real thing and without the promise of fantastically fattening food and copious amounts of booze at the end of the day. You can book a pretty cheap deal from Glasgow or Edinburgh to Geneva. That way, you can be on nursery slopes in an hour and get expert tuition all while getting a suntan and having a great time in the evening. If you don't like it - you're still having a holiday!
  13. There have been calls for resignations from furious Kingswells residents who are pro-Kingsford. To be fair, there has been a total breach of confidence, probably compliance and an abuse of position for self interest.
  14. Who's a big club

    There clearly has to be a carve out from the above for any team that has failed to beat a peer team in 17 attempts......
  15. Don't be so daft. Morelos is Chinese.