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  1. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    McGinn has to start, but am a bit worried that Peter Grant is pushing the case for the two Fulham players, they were abi let down on Friday .
  2. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Couple of guys predicting Phillips to start up front , surely not ! We've all seen what he can do , not much . Any of the new young players McBurnie, Cummings, McGregor have to be better than what I have seen of Phillips. Also how can Armstrong start when he has only played a few minutes for Celtic recently , even when he was fit he looked like his confidence was shot after the blunder against England ?
  3. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)


    Only in Phillips case, from what Ive seen, he doesn't play well for his club either !
  4. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)


    Why has Phillips survived the regime change.? He was total crap for 95% of the matches he played for us and seemed to have an attitude problem. No doubt someone will try to justify his selection by saying that there is nobody else, but he always looks a peripheral figure at West Brom and has only scored one goal this season. Surely someone like Boyle at Hibs would be a better back up to Fraser and Forrest than a disinterested Philips ?
  5. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Neil Doncaster

    Doncaster is a total and utter waste of space. Definately in the mould of McRae and Pettrie .
  6. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Bids to replace Hampden

    So you're saying the SFA spent the same money on ONE stand as it cost to rebuild the whole of Murrayfield, that's totally nuts !
  7. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I wouldn't have confidence in any scheme where McRae and Pettrie are involved. I can think back to 1996 where a sub-committee of equally talentless SFA Blazers managed to spend £63million concreting over the terraces and building ONE new stand , to give us the flawed Hampden we have today , While the Welsh managed to build a brilliant new Millenium stadium for £68 million . If we didn't have the money to get Michael O'Neill where are we going to get the tens of millions it will take to buy and modernise Hampden? I would like us to stay at Hampden but not if it is being fronted by McRae and Pettrie !
  8. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Journalist in the Mail says that Rod Pettrie was the driving force behind McLeish getting the job . He promised to support a club friendly Chief Executive in return . What a way to appoint a manager ! I listened to the press conference , the guy MacRae sounded half senile ,a total embarrassment.
  9. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Rod Pettries record picking managers at Hibs is off the scale. Been told he is a pal of Jackie McNamarra Senior ,so don't be surprised to see Junior arrive as chief exec. In a few months time when Rod takes over we could be led by McLeish , McNamarra and Pettrie. That's a combination to make the pulse race and bring belief back into Scottish football is it not ?
  10. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sorry Squirellthumper, but think you will agree Clark is the standout candidate left. Big Eck has had his day , wasn't very good even at his peak , now he can't even get a job in Qatar or Mexico .
  11. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    After tonight's result it has to be Steve Clark .
  12. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Rod Pettrie seems to be the driving force behind appointing the new manager . Does anyone else fear that this is an accident waiting to happen ? Think Pat Fenlon, Colin Calderwood , Terry Butcher as examples of Rod's inspired thinking .
  13. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    SSC Renewals

    I see what you mean , £2 . 50 a year for under 16s. Glad to see they are trying to encourage kids back not price them out . We need to get the kids back supporting Scotland . It's pretty worrying when at away games 80% of the support look over 40 years old , and it's not much better at home games .
  14. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    SSC Renewals

    Looks like they are cutting ticket prices by a fiver , doubt if they will be able to charge much more than £20 for the matches against Albania and Israel. The changes are pretty much what was flagged up in the survey but pretty surprised nonetheless that they have listened to the wishes of the supporters.
  15. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    SSC Renewals

    Very sensible idea , so the SFA will never adopt it !