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  1. Approach for O'Neill made

    Never thought I'd say this , but spot on Parklife !
  2. Approach for O'Neill made

    I hope you are fishing otherwise this is an utterly bizarre statement.
  3. Why Has Phillips played every minute of the last 4 games ?

    Not sure if we are agreeing or not , you seem to be contradicting yourself? You say "Phillips has all the attributes you'd want ". But Id struggle to give you one thing he did well over the 4 games. A very average player on the bench for a poor EPL team .
  4. Why Has Phillips played every minute of the last 4 games ?

    That's pretty insulting to most of the people on this thread ! As far as I am concerned he is Scottish if he plays for the National team . The problem is , having watched him live over the 4 games he has played he is just not very good . I was never a great fan of James Forrest ,but I would play him any day (or Ryan Fraser) before Phillips .
  5. Michael O Neill

    The SFA better be quick 5Live have got him lined up for Everton or Burnley. Would be a coup if we got him , thought NI were excellent tonight .
  6. Hampden - stay or go?

    GO !!!
  7. Booing your own players

    Aberdeen fans can boo him as much as they want when Rangers arrive on 3 December but there are no excuses for booing him last night.
  8. Why Has Phillips played every minute of the last 4 games ?

    Mystifying . The guy has been total mince in three and a half of the last four games ,yet he never gets taken off . I don't know why he even gets in the squad never mind on the park, totally one footed , can't tackle or head a ball .We can see that he is hopeless , so why can't the last two managers ?
  9. 15K

    Well done the supporters from the North East , almost a full house for a meaningless friendly on a Thursday night . Amazing ! Makes a case for moving the games round the country.
  10. Alex Salmond taking over Scotsman

    The Scotsman ,or "Britisher" been a disgrace since The Barclay Brothers and Andrew Neil took it over . They lost readers like snow off a dyke as they slagged off anything remotely Scottish. John "Bulldog" Beattie was one of the worst offenders slagging us off when we were on strike . I still buy it but judging by the editorials and letters page it is still targeting the English settler and Scottish Tory readership. Change has to come soon , or the paper will go bust !
  11. Malky's Squad

    It looks like a number of regular English-based squad members have been rested, rather than dragged up to Aberdeen to maybe play 45 minutes or not get a game at all. Least Mackay is watching Scottish club football which Strachan never did.
  12. Ryan Jack?

    Picked the minute he signs for Rangers , doesn't make sense. Not even been playing well and sent off 3 times in 13 games. Thank goodness MacKay isn't getting the job full time !
  13. Who Should Be The Next Manager

    Who made the poll up ? Why no Michael O'Neill, and what's Roy Keane doing there, a total erse ? Never heard of a couple of the names .
  14. Friendly Next Month

  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Still worth asking Michael O'Neill to see if he is interested .