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  1. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    More chance of Morocco in March I would say than the USA..... Regan was recently in Morocco and gave a interview where he talked about a SFA-FRMF partnership where the two could work together. Morocco have a African Cup of Nations Qualifier in March, but could still use the other free date. As I said previously though, I doubt we will go further than Europe, and I do not expect any news until the new year.
  2. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Would take the NYC "rumours" with a pinch of salt, as I would imagine the SFA have not even thought that far ahead yet....... seems to be someone has noticed the international break is the week before the Tartan Week Festival in NYC starts. Imagine we will start hearing something round about December time (stories of the Poland and Czech friendlies started to leak through roundabout the holiday times) and I think there is more chance of a home and away (in Europe) game than the team going to the States.
  3. New jerseys?

    There is a rather amusing "leak" going around of a kit people are saying is the new Scotland kit..... its a Adidas top and its using the early 90's Arsenal "bruised banana" design.... but its two very contrasting shades of blue (imagine something Coventry City would have worn in the 90's!). Most likely a mock up which will be toned down for the final design or the guy who did the fakes on Alibaba last time has got the colors even more wrong this time.
  4. Friendly Next Month

    On top of next month, I would expect a home and away game in March, and at least 1 Nigeria at Fulham style game at the end of the season. With the World Cup in Russia, plenty of teams from South America and Africa will come to Europe for training camps, and no doubt the SFA will tart themselves as a good opponent for any teams who want to play a "British style" team if they draw England (and potentially Northern and/or Republic of Ireland).
  5. Wurzburg?

    The German boy who goes to Scotland games with us is from Wurzburg. For flights he uses mainly Frankfurt, as he can get a train/bus/pick up staright the airport and be home in no time.
  6. New jerseys?

    Russia, Argentina and Germany kits from Adidas have been leaked. Russia one is VERY reminiscent of Adidas classic 1990 template that Cameron, Romania and Columbia wore (and Marseille at club level).... while Germany one is using the same basic template, but with their Iconic Euro 1988 kit design across the chest. Would imagine ours will be similar to the Russia one, but in dark blue.
  7. European Nations League

    1) Basically anyone in a 3 group team would see 1 team with a free date to use as they wish (given almost everyone in UEFA will be involved in the Nations League, this means will have to look outside UEFA or pick 1 of the 3 other free teams) 2) Will only impact the next Euros, as that is if this format goes beyond this Euro campaign. 3) Final 4 has no issue with us as its only with the Division A teams to give a over all "winner".... as you said, side show/gloss over the whole format.
  8. European Nations League

    Nope, winners of the 4 leagues in Division A v each other, Division B v each other, Division C v each other and Division D v Each other. So you have 1 team from each division qualifying. Andorra would be tad extreme, as you still have likes of Georgia, Belarus, Latvia (hardly big teams, but still a few levels up from the Canon Fodder teams)
  9. European Nations League

    Its possible to go up a play off division. if a number of teams qualify. Play off's are pretty straight forward on their own, but can get complex when you start adding in factors like the traditional Euro route. Main thing though, top seed means for play off's we have home advantage for the first game, but will have no clue where we will be 3/4 days later with the other semi final taking place)
  10. European Nations League

    hahaha did not see any point in putting teams we can not get (out of interest, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary are the other top seeds) Will be either a group of 4 or 3 we are in.
  11. European Nations League

    Yep, chances are strong we will get a few new places/places not been in a long time..... Lithuania we just seem to not be able to lose Given the outstanding fixtures, doubt there will be much change (Finland play Turkey while Cyprus play Belgium, so unlikely we will see those two swap.... good chance Serbia (playing Georgia) and Greece (playing Gibraltar) might swap pots.... slim chance Albania might go up a pot (if they can beat Italy) but as Hungary (next team up) are playing the Faroes, very unlikely.
  12. European Nations League

    Division C (which we are in) is as good as tied now (unless Belarus can beat France, which will mean they leapfrog Lithuania, there will be no major shakes) and we are a Top seed Pot 1- Scotland Pot 2 – Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Greece Pot 3 – Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pit 4 – Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania
  13. After his stroke I believe he is now hell raising in a care home down Ayr way these days.
  14. Does it not translate as "Christ/God, what an amazing goal?" or along those lines.....recall James Richardson explaining it years ago in a interview.
  15. Yeah, did they not stick Ron Atkinson on it or something after he was sacked by ITV? As you said, took a good format and just ruined it as it was more studio based than on location which Channel 4 did. When we played Italy in Milan years ago just could not fight the urge to grab a outside table at a cafe on the Duomo Square, order a espresso and just sit back flicking through a copy of gazzetta dello sport