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  1. Brewery is really nice and does good food, with markets and events on at weekends, so it does have a habit of getting packed out. Not done the brewery tour, but you are free to walk around the restaurant bar area where you can see everything getting done behind glass walls. Its effectively Tennants lager releasing beer under a more Hipster style name.
  2. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Only going because my mate from AFC Wimbledon games is of Lebanese origins (his sister runs a hotel over in Beirut and got me the King Suite in her hotel for buttons) and he has been selling the place to me for years, so thought this was the best chance to get a visit in. Since booking I have discovered that I am not giving it nearly enough time and fully expect I will give it another chance one day 👍
  3. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    There is a full list of places that it would be a issue, and most of them are well off the tourist trek (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon etc... and as I am doing Lebanon on way out, that is not a issue), which are places I do not expect to visit in my current passports life-span, and most the Arab nations have no issue with visiting Israel.
  4. wanderer

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Do Edinburgh Rugby not open up a pitch side standing section along the length of the pitch for home games some times?
  5. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Read that, but someone was telling me that the border guards do not find it hard to put 1 and 1 together when they see certain exit stamps from Jordan in my passport (especially the King Hussein Bridge/Allenby Bridge, as is one of the major crossing points into Israel by land, and its not hard to guess where I was traveling to with that stamp on my passport)
  6. Actually surprised that FIFA have came out in last hour saying they have not actually sat down to discuss if all three should qualify automatically yet when considering the bids. Statement saying they will clear this up in coming weeks.
  7. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Turkish Airways flight via Istanbul to Edinburgh.
  8. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    That is why I am going via Amman/Jordan, as I can not go direct from Lebanon to Israel, and having spoke to a tour agent who has arranged transfer from Amman to Tel Aviv, plus asked a few travel bloggers, all have said I will have no bother (just means I will need a clean passport free of any Israeli stamps for future trips to Lebanon)
  9. You would think, but a lot of talk the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is the early favorite to hold the final.
  10. Last time most the venues were grouped together in the North-East of the States, but did one group not have something silly with one group having Pontiac and LA as venues? Imagine will be 2 venues in Mexico, 2 in Canada and States 8 or so
  11. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Looked to cover everything I want to see, and as my flight home is not until mid night on the Friday, kills time during the day before being back in Tel Aviv and still got enough time to get some dinner before heading to the airport.
  12. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Personally, given I have very limited time in Israel after a few days in Lebanon and Jordan, this tour ticked the right boxes as it covered exactly what I was wanting to see and do in Jerusalem.
  13. wanderer

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    I am doing a tour with “Green Olive Tours” that sets off from Tel Aviv early morning (on Friday) which has you in Jerusalem, then get a tour of Jerusalem (major sites) then after lunch time they take us across into the West Bank and show us around all the murals, before transferring us back to Tel Aviv for 7pm (its run by a Arab, so Sabbath is not a issue).
  14. wanderer

    Potential squad for Belgium

    While I agree that Cairney has fallen well short of what he has shown he can do at club level, in his two games so far v Canada nobody was really bursting a gut in that match (but he did have a so-so game) and v Costa Rica we were chasing shadows all night as they were just so fast. Far to early to write him off, but I do think he does need a run of games to settle himself into the team.
  15. I quite liked Puerto del Carmen, me and the Mrs had our honeymoon there in the Sol Lanzarote, and while we did not have high exceptions, we loved it (when you go in August the permanent breeze blowing off the Atlantic was very welcome (one day the wind died right down and we never bothered to leave our air conditioned room as felt like lungs just filled with sand second you stepped outside). Given Lanzarote is the most quiet of the Canary Islands, sounds like you set the bar far to high. Do not bother with the Western Caribbean, for the Mrs 30th we did a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale... 7 different islands, and one worse than the other (with Barbados the most disappointing) but really enjoyed Antigua and would love to give it another chance one day. Worst holiday ever had and as a result wife banned from picking our holidays 😂 Next year we are thinking Cyprus, but toying with further afield and looking at Mexico or Cuba.