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  1. Digs

    Does not get the greatest reviews on TripAdvisor, but suits my needs (apparently its just had a major overhaul to improve it), but its only somewhere to dump the bags the one night I need it for when in Tel Aviv
  2. Songs you hate.

    "Wake me up when September Ends" by Green Day is a song I went from loving to hating over the space of a summer, and have despised ever since. Working in Glasgow at the time, and American Idiot was a album I loved upon its release, so would listen to it every day from start to end, with WMUWSE my favorite song on the album, then Green Day released it as a single later in the year, and it was on EVERY radio station and the video was on EVERY music channel, and just grew to hate it. Even today when I hear it I just suddenly get the fear and just skip it!
  3. Digs

    Hotel Ness on Ness Tsiyona St 10. Was recommended to me by a local as being a great area full of bars and restaurants, and from looking around it does seem to be at the top end of a street that just seems to be bar after bar all the way along it. Also turns out its a stones throw from the bar where DavyP buses to the match are suppose to set off from
  4. Dylan live is pretty much depends how on a whim his mood is that day, and how he plays reflects on that. Mate been to see him loads of times and said the same.... could play a almost reggae style version of his whole back catalougue in Birmigham on the Friday night, then by the time he plays Glasgow on the Sunday, suddenly decides he wants to do a full on rock set, but then 5 minutes before going on stage will change his mind and go full acoustic, and basically his backing band do not know what to play.
  5. Wroclaw

    Got a day and night there in June on way home from Ukraine, everyone I have spoken to about the place who has been (few mates went there after the Poland game in Warsaw a few years ago, and mate had his Stag Doo there) all say its brilliant (a more pleasing on the eye Krakow, but with a fraction of the tourists), also seems to be Poland's unofficial beer capital
  6. Armenia

    Prime Minister just resigned.
  7. Regan Gone

    SFA have just appointed his successor, former Partick Thistle player and director, Ian Maxwell.
  8. Armenia

    This happens every couple of years over there, but never results in anything (the guide I used on route to Tbilisi years ago was posting videos and photos all weekend), there was a big one about 2 years ago which a lot of people were saying was going to be the next Ukraine, but blew over in a couple of days. Problem seems to be though Russia plays Armenia's hatred towards Azerbaijan and Turkey to their advantage, and the locals fully accept this (talking to my guide on this and while she is wary of Russia and their control in the region, she simply put "but at least they are not Turks!")
  9. Been rather lucky with all the bands I have seen, but the one that stood out was "Flood of Red" warming up for The Xcerts in Nice n' Sleazy's years ago. Playing a venue that you can hardly swing a cat in, and they thought they were playing the Cathouse or something with the way they were chucking their instruments across the stage (bass player was getting well stuck into it, and clearly thought/believed that he was Nicky Wire, and almost smashed his guitar into people's faces a number of times). Was so bad that I could not even be bothered with The Xcerts when they did come on. Edit: The Vines at QMU in 2002-ish is actually the worst now I think about it. They had just released Highly Evolved which was doing well in the charts and had been getting some good radio play, girlfriend at the time was mates with one of the DJ's on Real Radio, so got free tickets, 4 songs in we looked at each other and both said "this is sh*t!" and left.
  10. limmy

    His show a few weeks back (which was effectively a "greatest hits" of his Youtube/Social Media stuff from last 2/3 years) was a one off was it not? Sure he was saying on Twitter that BBC Scotland did not commission any more episodes. I can see why a lot of people do not like him, his first series I felt was far to much in your face, but grew to really like his stuff from the 2nd series he did.
  11. Stadium

    Kosovo have moved their games to the recently renovated stadium in Mitrovica.
  12. One more friendly for 2018?

    Just checked UEFA kick off times for Sunday’s, 2pm, 5pm and 7:45pm, from those 3 I would say 7:45pm is the most likely one, but suppose what TV companies offer in terms of a deal.
  13. One more friendly for 2018?

    Sfa just saying TBC, doubt it will be any/much earlier that 5pm, but never know.
  14. One more friendly for 2018?

    SFA confirm Portugal game for Sunday the 14th of October at Hampden
  15. Still Game

    Last nights was by far the best of the series. Took about 2/3's of the way through to click that was Craig Ferguson playing Callum.