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  1. Shock! Home team wanting home supporters in home stadium. The worlds gone mad I tell ya! https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-87/ J
  2. Bristolhibby


    Another Sabbath thing that made me smile is the fact that they can’t interact with technology (certainly the religious Jews). I was in Haifa last year and our hotel had a Sabbath function on the lift. It basically went up and down, stopping on every floor so you didn’t have to press any bottons. I checked out early on the Friday, so didn’t get to see it in action. J
  3. Bristolhibby


    Cheers. Brilliant
  4. Bristolhibby


    What’s yer hing is one of the funniest sketches I’ve seen. Cant find a link. J
  5. Bristolhibby

    Points Ladder

    Mine haven’t been. EDIT - Just checked. My Costa Rica have gone but my Georgia away game has been removed. (D’oh! Just realised that Hungary has knocked Georgia off). Ignore me being thick. J
  6. Bristolhibby


    Sorry, out Wednesday, back Friday. J
  7. Bristolhibby


    Out Luton to Trl Aviv with Easyjet on the Wednesday. Back same route on the Thursday. Staying in Tel Aviv, getting the Davy bus to the game. J
  8. Bristolhibby

    russia poisioning

    Fair play to the coppers, standing there without any protective gear. So close to that door handle too. You’d have thought they would all be dressed like spacemen. J
  9. Bristolhibby


    Friday is their Saturday. They don’t work Fridays. So the big night out is Thursday night. J
  10. Bristolhibby

    Points Ladder

    Mine still says 9 points. Nothing about the Costa Rica game. Anyone else missing Costa Rica? J
  11. Bristolhibby

    New jerseys?

    Correct, was going to get the awaynone from JD, just needed to know if the cut was the same as the home one? Sounds like it is so I’ll get a Large. J
  12. Bristolhibby

    Match points change con

    It’s a good point (no pun) how are points removed? Is it last 10 games (home and away) with the last one regardless falling off? Or is it away games stay until an away replaces it, etc? So to share the OPs confusion. If the last game in the 10 is an away one, then those two points drop off. If the last game in the 10 (or is it now 20) is a home one that drops off. Im a bit confuses as well now. J
  13. I’m not sure if it will be more satisfying if they beat Italy when they go crashing out of the groups? The normal narrative for England pre tournament is they are unplayable in friendlies, then woeful at the tournament. Na, mon the Tallies! J
  14. Oh ma sides! Still unsure why they don’t show it on the big screens. Fans must be going radge at that. correct call BTW. J
  15. Bristolhibby

    New jerseys?

    Anyone know what the fit is like on the new yellow number? Is it the same as the current home shirt? Cheers J