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  1. Caledonian Craig

    Ruth Davidson

    How well-documented in the mainstream media is her sexuality? I am just asking as that kind of elevates the story given that she is announced pregnant though her partner is a woman. It does make it a tad newsworthy I'd say.
  2. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    It is not about demonising Westminster but more of making a point that is Scotland being governed by itself really such a horrifying prospect when we have luved with Westminster mis-rule (largely) for 300+ years.
  3. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    As I see it, the Tories and Labour are puppets of Westminster. They are the sort of MP's that will tow the Westminster partyline come what may (the Tories displayed that in backing the Brexit Bill days after they said they were against it to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood).That is not the sort of MP's that will take Scotland forward. They are in place to pander to what their Westminster brethren ordain. I get that independence is not everyone's cup of tea for varying reasons. The most popular reason I'd say is that to them the union is something they have been born into and lived their long lives with and see it as a huge safety net. I am more adventurous and ambitious than that and over the last decade or two have become disenchanted with living under Westminster rule and the way Scotland has been treated over Brexit demonstrates it superbly. The union is supposed to be a union of equals. Where is the equals in a union that cracks on with Brexit even though two countries in the union voted against Brexit? What's more it is not even allowing governments of those countries any say or any input into negotiations. As I pointed out on an earlier post lets not forget some of the stuff Westminster has been responsible for. Cash for Questions Scandal, Expenses Scandal, Blair taking the UK to war based on lies, May's bombing of Syria without discussing it with Westminster, May signing a deal with terrorist-linked party the DUP to hold onto power, Tories kicking legal immigrants out of the country through the Windrush scandal and The Grenfell Disaster caused by the inaction of Tory council. That is a heck of a lot of faux pas to go on. The SNP cannot hold a candle to that lot.
  4. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    Well he sounds unhappy at present. That is with Westminster rule. It is up to people like him to stand up and be counted instead of moaning and doing nothing else.
  5. Caledonian Craig

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Just enough to send a lot of posters here into depression - Matt Phillips was BBC's man of the match yesterday V Liverpool. According to them: It looked for much of the game as if Matt Phillips' efforts would not prevent a defeat for West Brom but his attacking runs caused Liverpool issues throughout and his set-piece delivery was always a threat
  6. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    That is true. However, as ToePoke said earlier it is our choice that will decide the ruling government - unlike the set-up we have at present.
  7. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    Yes it would be fairer. No doubt. We would be governed by our own for ourselves not by Westminster.
  8. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    I am not too aware on NATO stance. Personally, I crave independence as feel Scotland is self-sufficient and should be governed totally outwith the poisonous Westminster. In any case it is far too soon to think about NATO matters and what part Scotland would play in it - lets get independence first. And in any case an independent Scotland will be the dawn of a new political era. The Tory and Labour party would need to totally re-invent itself and would probably splinter apart into some form of new parties. We are not guaranteed a SNP government for evermore so who knows what party becomes prominent in an independent Scotland and what their policy will be on NATO?
  9. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    Indeed. And that sort of support for a cause does not go away. Do a graph or check one out and the trend for support for independence stood at the early 20% in the early 1980s, then Thatcher got her teeth into Scotland and since then support for independence has grown steady to around the 40 - to 45% it stands at now. The younger generation are statistically shown to be far greater inclined to support independence and they are the future of polls and referendums. The support for independence is such that it is not a question that is going to go away.
  10. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    Point remains how tough things were in the first four decades at least. The difference between then and now is like night and day.
  11. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    It is a very delicate matter though. The Tories and Labour won a lot of votes at the last election harping on about SNP constantly going on about independence and the brainwashing worked. If you look at the campaigning during that election the SNP kept talk of independence and referendums to a minimum but the brainwashed were irretrievable. Look at polls as well and they have an underlying trend - people have had enough of referendums for now. The SNP have to take that on board - it is a message. For us that want independence yesterday it is not what we want to hear but the SNP have to play the long game. They have come a mighty long way in politics. Remember that for decades through the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and into the 80s it was a triumph if the SNP were represented by more than 1 MP at Westminster. Now look at where we are. The SNP have been the largest party in Scotland and in power in Holyrood for over a decade now. We are halfway up Everest but we need to maintain healthy support in the SNP and at present that is taking a different approach to do that.
  12. Caledonian Craig

    Indy Ref 2

    For those who say they'll never vote SNP for whatever the reason I would tell them these pertinent facts:- A vote for Tories and Labour in Scotland is a vote wasted as they are mere puppets to their big brother Westminster parties. We already got renewed evidence (if it was needed) with the Brexit Bill. In Holyrood all MPs stated they were against the Brexit Bill in its current guise (even the Tories) but when it came down to the vote in Westminster they voted the bill through. Says it all. Those that moan about higher alcohol prices, tax rises and other SNP policies they do not agree with well take a gander at the Tories at Westminster. Bombing Syria without any Westminster consultation and without proof, squaring up to Russia before proof was there over the poisoning, the Windrush scandal where thousands of Jamaicans were told to leave the country even though they were here for 50 years or so legally. And lets not forget how willing they were to jump into bed with the DUP in order to stay in power even though that party has terrorism links. Look also at how they fed the fishermen BS to get their votes and also their cack-handed and arrogant way they are going about Brexit negotiations and coming up short. Vote Tory? Never in a million years.
  13. Caledonian Craig

    The walking dead

    Jesus is as peaceful as a pussycat though - or was. He never had the balls to stand up to kill attackers or prisoners and on at least one occasion it cost the group so how, all of a sudden, has he become sort of a revolutionary? That was very odd. Even Maggie's inclusion was a little odd given that she was always portrayed as content with Rick as leader up until him not killing Neegan. Daryl is the only one who has been portrayed as becoming disenchanted with Rick in the current series getting into fights with him and taking it upon himself to do his own thing.
  14. Caledonian Craig

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Fair enough. I wouldn't read too much into him being out of the team for a couple of games though. I mean Leigh Griffiths has been kept out of the Celtic team for longer spells this season when fit but is still more than good enough for the national team. McTominay, at present, is good enough for our squad but wouldn't start in our midfield at present.