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  1. Rugby Autumn Tests

    So near yet so far. Too often Scotland were camped in their 10 metre box yet couldn't get that try and they paid for it later on. Still much to be pleased about and proud of.
  2. Scottish Labour

    Well I see dark days ahead for Scottish Labour. They now have an English leader who openly opposes independence. Seems that Ken Livingstone's advice has fallen on deaf ears. I recall him speaking as disastrous results for Labour came in at the last but one general election. With Labour close to being wiped out in Scotland he suggested that Scottish Labour distanced itself from the Westminster Labour party and looked more to appeal to Scottish voters. No chance of that now then.
  3. Scottish Labour

    And Anas Anwar is not going to appeal to independence seekers either as he has been quoted as saying he is looking to “strengthen Scotland’s place in the UK, not weaken it”.
  4. Scottish Labour

    Well since Richard Leonard has already openly come out and attacked moves for independence then he won't be hoovering up anymore votes from SNP voters.
  5. Scottish Labour

    If I were a Labour man (I am not) and about to take over Scottish Labour I would be looking to areas I could pick up votes in. I'd be more open on independence and look to appeal to SNP voters who actively seek independence. To me as an observer it is a no-brainer taking that stance. I could only see it gaining more seats in Scotland.
  6. Approach for O'Neill made

    Given the fact that O'Neill is now talking to the SFA I'd say some contact had to have been made prior to the announcement that they wanted to talk to him. Even the SFA would not have declared their interest in him unless they had got clues that O'Neill was interested and wanted to talk.
  7. Approach for O'Neill made

    Well even more so Abramovich is reportedly on the brink of sacking Conte. I would say that at least a third of Premier League club managers cannot feel comfortable at the moment.
  8. Scottish Labour

    Well in the one poll since the general election it puts the Tories down 6% with Labour and SNP up 3%. Remember that the fisherman who voted Tory believing the Tories would better protect their fishing rights will also be in for a big disappointment. It will be a bit like Better Together campaign wherein promises are made to win votes but never kept.
  9. Scottish Labour

    The disdain for the Tories at present is Labour's gain. Those two parties in Scotland are the yoon voters goto parties and at present the Tories are in disarray. I can see Labour's stock rising in Scotland in the next election and the Tories falling with perhaps slight gains as well for the SNP.
  10. Kieran Tierney at CB?

    This. Mulgrew and Berra have done well in the last year but they are now well into their 30s. They maybe have one more campaign more in them (at most) as Berra is almost 33 now and Mulgrew will be 32 by the time our next match comes around. We have to be looking to the next generation now and looking at giving match time to Lindsay, Cooper, McKenna, McRorie and Souttar. Tierney at centre-back is still a possible but by no means certain so we need to decide on what are our best options going forward.
  11. Approach for O'Neill made

    Well we shall see in any case. Just like to point out that whoever gets in they will get my full support whilst in the job even if they wouldn't have been my choice. The SFA are handling this all in an awful way though. And they do have big form. Did they not even have the common courtesy to inform those unsuccessful candidates last time around they hadn't got the job? I can recall someone revealing they found out they hadn't got the job when Strachan's appointment was announced in the media.
  12. Approach for O'Neill made

    Can you read? I said depending on availability.
  13. Hampden - stay or go?

    Maybe not but most certainly Hampden is NOT a shitehole. Funding for refurbishment will never be granted given that it is already a Grade A Stadium.
  14. Exactly. Sensible drinkers are not going to be affected neither are those that drink in pubs or like a wee dram as prices of whisky and pub drinks are already higher priced.
  15. No its not a stupid tax. If you have a group of youngsters who are on the road to alcoholism due to cheap strong beer or lager then this may turn them from consuming three bottles in one session to just one as that will be all they can afford. Makes sense to me. The more people drink that cheap alcohol the more they want. Alcohol is a drug but if you can nip that in the bud by cutting down their consumption then it certainly helps their liver in the long run.