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  1. European football is now much like domestic football. The teams with the big bucks dominate whilst the rest feed off crumbs. This is something Celtic have tasted for a long time now. Celtic need to get quality central defenders in to shore up the back line. Build from the back.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    As commentators correctly alluded to the big problem is Celtic's central defence. It is pitiful at Champions League level. As we know as Scotland fans that area of the pitch is key. Shore up that area and you become tougher to beat and competitive. As for the Scots on show I would say Gordon was possibly at fault for the first goal and maybe the 3rd (or was it fourth) when he was a tad slow coming off his line. Brown never got a foothold in midfield. McGregor didn't do too badly all things considered. Forrest was good in some areas less so in others and Tierney couldn't be blamed too much.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    It is undeniable really that players at lesser clubs are far less likely to be included than those playing for more fashionable clubs. The new manager (hopefully), whoever he is, will be capable of thinking out of the box and not be afraid of capping players who are in form but at less fashionable clubs.
  4. Scottish Labour

    That post wasn't my best. I explain my point better later on. Purely, on political views/stance Leonard will NOT take Scottish Labour forward and neither would Sarwar.
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Perhaps purely as he is at a somewhat unfashionable club and has slipped under the radar. Players of his ilk are the sort we ought to be looking at now.
  6. Scottish Labour

    Neither are the men to take Scottish Labour forward for similar reasons - both are so out of touch with Scottish voters.
  7. Scottish Labour

    No I am making the point that he is taking over at Scottish Labour and is evidently clear (for reasons other than who he supports) that he is not going to change that party's fortune because of his political stance on various things. Scottish Labour's best chances of returning to power is eroding away the SNP vote but that will not happen because Leonard's views (politically) will put off SNP voters.
  8. Scottish Labour

    Exactly. Someone that sees my point.
  9. Scottish Labour

    No not weird. Put it this way Donny. However, politicians or political analysts or political specialists want to look at the political picture in Scotland it is apparent that the landscape has changed immensely in the last couple of decades. Whereas it was Scottish Labour and before that Tories who held the balance of power ad nauseum whatever happened it is far different now. The SNP have been in power at Holyrood for a decade and are the most popular party in Scotland. Now Labour have to ask themselves how they win back some of those SNP voters that they lost. Leonard becoming leader of Scottish Labour is not going to do that and neither is their close-minded opinion on certain matters. It is a case of if they want to rediscover past glories in this new political landscape they need to change but there is absolutely no sign of that whatsoever. I don't think the SNP will be losing any sleep just now.
  10. Scottish Labour

    I have said it twice and will say it for a third time it has FA to do with him saying he supports England. He is English and I'd expect nothing else. The point is Scotland runs a different political and social and financial path to England. Bills are passed in Westminster often detrimental to Scotland so how likely is he to stand up to his fellow countrymen and fight for what is best for Scotland? He may be a tube but Ken Livingstone was absolutely spot on during the last but one's election night coverage. Scottish Labour were almost wiped out in Scotland and he suggested that they needed to fully cut all ties with the Westminster party and concentrate fully on Scottish matters and make themselves more appealing to the Scottish public. Well the election of Leonard as a leader is not going to coax voters away from the SNP to vote Labour.
  11. Scottish Labour

    Like I said fair enough he supports England. Not a problem. The problem here is he has become leader of SCOTTISH Labour where he will be expected to put aside his love of England and look after Scotland's interests. Will he be willing to stand against Westminster Labour if and when they try pushing through bills that are not wanted in Scotland?? Doubtful...very doubtful.
  12. Scottish Labour

    She is yesterdays news. The fact Scottish Labour has an Englishman now leading the party speaks volumes for the direction it wants to head in. For sporting matters he freely admits England comes first (fair enough) but this bias is not what Scottish Labour should have. It should be someone purely looking after Scotland's interests.
  13. Rugby Autumn Tests

    So near yet so far. Too often Scotland were camped in their 10 metre box yet couldn't get that try and they paid for it later on. Still much to be pleased about and proud of.
  14. Scottish Labour

    Well I see dark days ahead for Scottish Labour. They now have an English leader who openly opposes independence. Seems that Ken Livingstone's advice has fallen on deaf ears. I recall him speaking as disastrous results for Labour came in at the last but one general election. With Labour close to being wiped out in Scotland he suggested that Scottish Labour distanced itself from the Westminster Labour party and looked more to appeal to Scottish voters. No chance of that now then.
  15. Scottish Labour

    And Anas Anwar is not going to appeal to independence seekers either as he has been quoted as saying he is looking to “strengthen Scotland’s place in the UK, not weaken it”.