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  1. Brown has been proper rattled the day. Aberdeen fc should take a long hard look at themselves. And rangers to
  2. Wenger

    Used to like the old arsenal team back in the day; Adams, bould, Dixon, winterburn, 1-0 to the arsenal, adidas, JVC, magic man merson, 2/3 sometimes 4 day benders (probably). Identity, soul etc. Then that c**t wenger came and they became a team I love to hate.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Deemed not good enough by whom? Considering he's played 20 odd games this season I'd still imagine he's part of the managers plans. They fact he was not involved against a West brom defeat at home suggests others in his place could be deemed also not "good enough".
  4. Do you think the rangers players, and players from other teams for that matter are genuinely scared of Scott brown? Strolled through it completely unchallenged yet again. What's that about? ps and to add its scandalous brown never went down south to truly challenge himself, he's barley been challenged since 2012. Oh and Rogic proved yet again he's way to good for the spl.
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Barry Douglas - now epl player
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Since Fletcher id imagine. Queen's Park to champions league semi finals. Don't think the majority of the side played great tbh, especially first half. Done the job and got out of there.
  7. Aye it's funny I used be able to recite loads of jock brown commentaries in the early 90s when I was a bairn. Aye too young to remember him playing but didn't mind listening to ray Wilkins whenever he spoke on telly, came across as a great guy, sad loss.
  8. Callum Paterson

    So you think if Patterson doesn't cut it in the prem next season he'll be right back up the road to the spl?
  9. Callum Paterson

    Wait, ex hearts right back Patterson scores yet again for Cardiff? Some player this boy, scoring all these goals from right back - he needs to be our first choice right back going by this form I'd say.
  10. Who would you have back in the squad

    Stockdale and Dobie
  11. Match Thread - Hungary

    Mckenna outstanding definitely but I feel McGregors performance has been somewhat glossed over. He spoke a good game before it about wanting to win etc and I thought he was excellent. Not giving the ball away is imperative at this level he was almost perfection tonight in this regard. Great touch in tight areas as well, he promises much.We should build the team around this lad I feel.
  12. Match Thread - Hungary

    Glad McGregor is in there. Hardly gives the ball away. Should be certain starter going forward.
  13. Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    Utterly dispair at Phillips inclusion. Good to see McGinn, McGregor and Fraser in though.