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    Football = Supporting Scotland - Rangers, Neilston Juniors, Sittingbourne FC - Ryman League South. Scotland Rugby team & Glasgow Warriors. Rock music particularly 70's style - Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Status Quo, Jethro Tull but also Traditional music, Dougie McLean,Runrig & Coast.

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  1. Doh-a-deer the Ginger Remix

    Awfy complicated. Considering half the guys at the game are too 'tired' and can't recognise half the team anyway it would be a nightmare
  2. Alan Hutton

    Callum Patterson and Andy Robertson should be the full backs. I know that leaves Tierney out but Robertson marginally better plus Tierney more versatile and can double up as central defence or even midfield if we have to go defensive.
  3. Mcleishs management team

    I would be happy with Peter Grant, born winner and a bad loser. That is what we need, someone the players would not want to face after a bad result
  4. Mcleishs management team

    Look how bad he made Rangers defence when he was assistant manager - He was a top player but coaching I don't think is his forte. . . . . unless we lay all the blame on Warburton
  5. SSC Renewals

    What is going to be the 'cap' on points then, I am assuming it will no longer be 10 points?
  6. SSC Renewals

    They accepted my disgusting mug - you must be really bad to get rejected!
  7. SSC Renewals

    For no sensible reason I can think of I have just renewed my membership for the 19th time 😱 since 1980. Do I need therapy or sympathy . . . or both ? 🤔
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I still don’t understand why Slaven Bilic is not being mentioned. Ex international and EPL manager with lots of experience who is available and I think would jump at the chance to manage Scotland
  9. Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    Davy, payment for 1 seat sent this morning (bus 5) Great job organising the buses 👍 J b Lyons
  10. Flights

    I assume Wizzair? Wednesday to Saturday for me £252.oo but still reasonable. Transfer costs from airport not too cheap though
  11. Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Great choice for departure, literally 5 minutes from my hotel. Just gets better and better
  12. Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Davy, Please put me down for 1 place on your bus. I knew someone would get organising, well done pal
  13. Israel v Scotland (Haifa?)

    'As it says on the tin'. It would appear most TA are basing themselves in Tel Aviv but the most likely venue for the game will be Haifa which is 100 kilometres away and with it being an evening kick off I would assume little or no public transport available back to Tel Aviv post match. I am hoping some brave soul will put their heads 'over the parapet' and organise the usual convoy of supporters coaches - if and when can you please keep me in mind
  14. Just for old times sake

    David Dickson did write a book about it called 'We'll Always Have Paris' - I have a chapter in it . Weirdly enough I had initially bought 'French end' tickets but when they increased the official allocation from 4,000 to almost 8,000 both me and my son in law got one. I put them up for sale on the TAMB and it was David Dickson who bought them and then later on he wrote the book. He only printed about 3 or 400 copies but if you can get one it is brilliant and comprises of numerous supporters writing their stories of those 2-3 days which David then put together
  15. Just for old times sake

    I'm in the video - Sittingbourne TA (all 2 of us) with the Cheeseman & Sporran Legion members. Haven't seen this for years, brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for posting