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  1. Approach for O'Neill made

    Hope I am wrong. I fear things could go pear shaped.
  2. Approach for O'Neill made

    I think in time we will be looking back and will be saying what a success he was to where we will be then.
  3. Put yer money on 0 0 draw tomorrow. Four in a row now and it is anti football kings Ireland playing. Safe Bet.
  4. Michael O Neill

    Now that N Ireland are out does that make O Neill the favourite for the job ? Will the SFA make an approach ?
  5. Are the play offs on tv?

    Ireland and Denmark make us look like Brazil. Who watched this dross tonight ? Ireland anti football and Denmark no imagination.
  6. Play Off Dates

    See Ireland and N Ireland non seeds for tomorrows draw. Guaranteed Ireland will get Denmark though giveing them a wee chance. However realisticly i Think its TATTIES for them both.
  7. Strachan's gone

    I take it the Boycott is now over then. We're going to be world beaters now oh err untill a couple o bad results and it will be get the manager oot again.
  8. Brown and Armstrong out?

    What is the hold up with calling up Mcgregor? Its a no brainer.
  9. Slovakia Tickets

    Looks like its going to be a sell out now.
  10. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Yes . That is the last section. Only SS Upper left after they have gone.
  11. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Only 1 section in East Stand left to open which means that the South Upper must open soon.Going to be a packed Hampden even if its not a full house.
  12. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Once squad announced brings attention to game. A bit of advertising would help.
  13. Don't think you will have much problem selling the North Stand ticket.
  14. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    South upper may open soon.
  15. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    It is obvious this game will either sell out or damn close to it so it makes sense to open up the remaining sections.Shame folk who want good seats will have to wait till SS upper opens rather than be forced into West or East..