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  1. Doric

    Match Thread - Hungary

    Yes that was the case untill Wembley was awarded the extra group games so that will save us the embarrasment. If Wales qualify they could get Hampden if we are not there.
  2. Killie miss Dons win 3 2
  3. Reason why I cant watch them . Don't want that bollocks in my living room
  4. Were they up to their knees again ?
  5. Switched over to watch the game and first song I heard was about the sick Lisbon Lions 10 in a row . Total scum bags. Sounded like there was loads singing it as well. Was on to Mid Summer murders on CH 119 by 8pm. They havent changed then.
  6. Doric

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Yes absolutely. I am not happy with the appointment either but I will be 100% behind Eck and the team.