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  1. Are you allowed to change allocations mid-season?
  2. Body found http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-43864765 Poor laddie. Makes you think of some of the states you've been in over the years in strange places.
  3. Mitre


    Dee Dee is definitely his best work
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunters_in_the_Snow Pieter Bruegel The Elder - The Hunters In The Snow [1565]
  5. Mitre

    David Bates

    solid enough no frills defender but his distribution is atrocious. good luck to him but i doubt he is good enough for hamburg.
  6. Mitre

    Who do you think will win world cup?

    Czechoslovakia or USSR for me
  7. Mitre

    Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    Phillips ffs I just dont see it with him at all
  8. Mitre

    Somewhere to watch game in Budapest

    16 years since I was there. Loved the place.
  9. Mitre

    Somewhere to watch game in Budapest

    Is Captain Cooks still there? That was my local when I lived there. Across from Becketts old location on Bacsjy Zyllinksky (sp) Great wee boozer
  10. Mitre

    Sevco vs Celtic

    Just saw the highlights as was flying Vancouver to HK. Rangers are getting closer and probably shouldn’t have lost the game. Strength in depth is a concern though and maybe a wee bit of tactical naivety in Murty not closing the game down after the (stonewall) red card. Holt, Miller, Herrera et al not really inspiring from the bench. Onwards and upwards though. Got a good few players to come back in. Hopefully the semi is as good a game and contest.
  11. Mitre

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Some amount of roasters on this thread ffs