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  1. The Foreigner is pretty good. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Preferred the book (The Chinaman by Stephen Leather) but it’s a decent enough adaption 7/10.
  2. 10 in a row.

    he bleeds scotland you know
  3. Loaf man has been punted by Notts Forest
  4. Miller has ruptured his hamstring so I imagine that’s him finished now. Paves the way for a Naismith deal I reckon.
  5. Forgot one as well from Hungary when I was there. I had a blether with a well oiled Jim Rosenthal at the bar in Becketts before the Grand Prix there. To be honest he looked like a jakey.
  6. Do you still get the wee urchins there offering to watch yer motor for a quid (or they will tan it)?
  7. https://www.balls.ie/amp/football/watch-scott-sinclair-dive-betfred-cup-final-378444 Its a blatant dive
  8. Must have been the year after then as it was 2003 i think
  9. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Some result