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  1. Scotland team news aggregator

    We do that one Faddy If there is an article on the Scottish national side in one of the big publications, we will publish it on the magazine so that all the news is in a single place for the TA! Updated twice a day (before and after work!) happy reading
  2. Scotland's most decorated player

    'Show us their medals' is the classic challenge between fans when debating the credentials of their favourite players. In this supportyouevermore blog we look at the Scotland players who won the most medals in their club careers which can be a helpful guide when considering the thorny and subjective issue of what constitutes a Scotland 'legend'. Would you be surprised to know that Shaun Maloney is in the top ten? Full list here
  3. Costa Who?? - a blog about Italia 90

    PS the youtube video is worth a watch. Its 3 minute BBC footage of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma to clips from the tournament (including Leighton booting the post in frustration and a Scotland player - Durie I think - with his head in his hands after the Costa Rica mess).
  4. Supportyouevermore.com has posted a new blog today. Costa who?? sets out the childhood memories of guest blogger Tartan Davie who was 13 at the time of Italia 90. Feedback would be most welcome and if you fancy writing a blog about the Scotland team, do please get in touch via the website contact page here Mon the Scotland!
  5. SSC Renewals

    One of our blogs considers this issue. Its not about the money (SSC) looks at how much fans of England, Wales and Northern Ireland pay for their equivalent schemes. The headline is that it is considerably less than the SFA charge Scotland fans. I'll still be renewing though! Cheers Tartan Rab
  6. 7 players that made Hampden roar!

    I appreciate the feedback folks, now you say it - those list style headlines have become a bit of a cliche.
  7. 7 players that made Hampden roar!

    A new blog on the supportyouevermore website. 7 players that made Hampden roar. Would love feedback especially if my patter is honking! Cheers Tartan Rab
  8. New website for Scotland fans

    Great stuff, cheers Ormond
  9. New website for Scotland fans

    Thanks Gaz - its all about the dark blue pal!
  10. New website for Scotland fans

    Hi All Me and a couple of pals have started a new website that we hope may be of interest. https://www.supportyouevermore.com is designed to provide a resource for fans of the Scottish national team by bringing together various interesting facts and statistics and where possible analysing the data to help make some sense of our own unique brand of tartan madness. At the moment it includes: - bios of legendary players and recent managers; - upcoming fixtures with more background on our opponents; - some stats that we haven’t been able to find elsewhere e.g. most decorated Scotland player, most major tournament appearances etc; - a Scottish football magazine aggregating news articles related to the team; - youtube videos of classic tartan army songs; - a fan’s view of all World Cup and European Championship qualifying campaigns since 1974 (and each major tournament we have attended); - a features page looking at questions such as whether is it getting mathematically more difficult to qualify, how far away we are from qualifying etc; - links to other related sites; and - a blog with our view of recent events including Alex Mcleish’s return, Scott Brown’s retirement and the renewal of SSC membership. We are still developing the site and really interested in feedback at this stage as to whether Scotland fans would visit and what we could add to make it more useful. It's done as a hobby so we’re not looking to make wonga from it but we would be grateful if you could help us spread the word and get some traffic on to the site. You can post feedback directly through the site or email me at rab@supportyouevermore.com Mon the Scotland. All the best Tartan Rab