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  1. Björk in what looked like jammies about 10 years ago in Reykjavík. Doesn't seem too surreal - it was Björk, and she was just a few years ahead of the trend as you'll see a lot of folk out in their jammies going to the shop today. Went to New Zealand,7 years ago and got speaking to a group of carnies at the campsite and had a beer with them. And one of them spotted Sonny Bill Williams at the Pack and Save (like Aldi, maybe or a more accessible Costco/cash and carry) and they were astounded ''SONNY BILL WILLIAMS SHOPS AT PACK AND SAVE!!'' Gordon McQueen in the bar at Edinburgh airport - a nice guy, and talked up Scotland.
  2. world cup of losers

    World Cup of Losers? Surely we should be the first name on the list.
  3. Scottish Labour

    Leonard elected Slab leader. Another election, seat, leadership contest lost for Anas.
  4. Approach for O'Neill made

    Strachan for Wales?
  5. Scottish Labour

    Honestly think Kezia will leave Labour/politics at the next election and probably be a Yes if there's another referendum in the near future. Her tone, articles, Twitter and appearance on QT have been quite refreshing if he being honest and not as much SNPbad , but more fuck the Tories.
  6. italy

    Never seen the odds, but thought maybe over/under 5 might have been? Looks like there was 7 cards in the game. 3-1 Australia. Probably the best result as Honduras are honking and would offer nothing. Australia were fairly impressive at the Confederations Cup last year even if they lost their games, they tried to play football and a team full of very average players.
  7. Michael O Neill

    I'd take him. It could well be a good choice by him with likely retirements from NI and a smaller pool to work with, and we could possibly qualify - no doubt that'll bite me back on the arse when the inevitable happens and we don't make it to Euro 2020 - Journos are mentioning that he fancies club football, but with the 24 team Euros he could well sign a 4 year contract with the SFA, do 2 years and get us to the Euros where we do OK, his CV would then look very good - Euros, playoffs, Euros ; and a EPL or further abroad club side would come in for him.
  8. Under 21’s

    Very disappointing. Watched tonight's game and the Holland match. We were very good against the Dutch and I was genuinely optimistic bout the campaign. I had Ireland on the TV and this game on the laptop and it looked almost identical. The home teams very poor, hit and hope tactics, being opened up with ease and the away teams looked in total control, skillful, cleverer, and one step ahead of the Scots and the Irish. Our U19s lost 1-0 to Czech Republic, but we went through to the elite round - as Armenia drew with Luxembourg so the group ended up : CZE 9 ; SCO 4 ; ARM 2 ; LUX 1.
  9. italy

    Denmark have not lost a game in a year (if not more?) including a 4-0 win over Poland in the summer. A good outside bet for the next WC? Although I said that about Austria at the Euros . Hard lines for the Irish lads on here and a disappointing loss ; but I think the Euros are probably our best bet (the Celtic nations) of making a finals. Even then with Scotland, we fudged that last one up. Two more WC places left. Tomorrow - Australia v Honduras - not bothered about either, but get your money on a over 2/3 yellows - Honduras are horribly aggressive. Peru - NZ - nothing against NZ, and a great place to visit ; but it's been far too long since Peru have qualified. Hope they do it tomorrow.
  10. Michael O Neill

    Anyone who wears sunglasses inside or as much as Hunter does is for the watching.
  11. Michael O Neill

    I'd certainly hope the SFA at least make an approach, although I think he's contracted to the IFA until 2020. He has unearthed a few Anglo-Northern Irish players so I don't know if he would actually play SPL/Scottish players over the granny rule, but certainly has had a tune out of NI in the past four years - to get to the Euros (won their group, they'd have qualified no matter the extended tournament 'letting in the diddies' shite ; and a dodgy ref decision away from taking the Swiss to extra time). He lives in Edinburgh too. No doubt the SFA will offer McLeish a 6 year deal and a £1 million a year contract in six months time.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    If it's a choice between McLeish or Lambert, I'd keep Malky in the role. Those two would probably pick the same old players and favour Championship dross over the SPL ones. McKay has a chequered past with those tweets; and whilst it was pretty much a B side on Thursday, we played actually pretty decent stuff for most of the game. McKay's post match interview was refreshingly different too for a change, and he has a point to prove. Let's see what happens tonight with NI and if they don't qualify, and go for Michael O'Neill. We should be scanning the globe for available and interested, decent managers before the likes of Eck are even considered. Look abroad as well, but if we are left with McKay, McLeish and Lambert - I'd take Malky out of those three.
  13. Has Paul Dickov been approached?

    Good ol' Bonny. I'd take Malky over Dickov.
  14. Netherlands match thread

    TBH, I was very impressed with that performance. Phillips is honking and should be hooked at half-time, if not earlier. Christie, Tierney, Robertson, McGinn, McGregor, Fraser - feck nearly the whole team had a very good game. Lots to be positive about.