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  1. From Wiki, but we can't send an Olympic team because we are not a proper country.
  2. McInnes and the Dons shiting it when it matters again.
  3. Let's hope this ends up to be all bluster.
  4. weekevie04

    The Weemin

    Watched a bit of the game and we looked fortunate to win. An impressive 3-0 on paper, but Poland caused a lot of trouble and winning there will be quite difficult if that performance is repeated.
  5. Brexit, IMO is going to turn out to be a big waste of time. The UK will end up being in the customs union and single market in all but name, like a shitier/cheaper version of EFTA - taking up most EU law without being at the table, but the Tories will be able to show blue passports to the Leave voters and say there you go, Leave voters, we have left. You'll maybe get some tub-thumping soundbites from the likes of Johnson or Davis (the latest being that Fine Gael are influenced by Sinn Fein ) but when the big talks come with Barnier, they kowdown. A bit like the liquored up bigman who's full of it when he's steaming, but ends up sending the ┬┤sorry┬┤ texts the day after. If NI remains in the cu/sm and the rest of GB leaves, then I expect the SNP will announce a referendum; if the whole of the UK ends up in the cu/sm then I think they might well put it on the back burner. Either decision is a difficult one. They don't have a referendum, they will probably lose voters and members. They could well end up the biggest party in 2021 but with nowhere near enough support for a minority govt or coalition with the Greens and we end up with the Col. as First Minister. They announce it - the polls haven't changed much, and instead of the what currency etc, from 2014 it'll be the unionists saying we cannot leave two unions at this time, we don't know what Brexit will be like, etc. Suppose we'll find out in the autumn. If there is a referendum, I'll fold envelopes or whatever is needed done to try and win it though, and hopefully some others who are yes voters will do the same.
  6. weekevie04

    Steve Clarke

    Well deserved. Is that 2 defeats since November? The last being in January? (I'm not counting a pen lose to Aberdeen). Hope you get in to Europe, might go further than the usual mob have done in recent years too with Clarke at the helm.
  7. weekevie04

    Message from Hungarian Ambassador

    I watched the first 10 seconds without the sound and thought this was the Hungarian ambassador to the UK.
  8. weekevie04


    Maybe we should worry about qualifying first.
  9. weekevie04

    Under 17s

  10. weekevie04

    Under 17s

    3-2 Scotland! Any links?
  11. The SNP -whilst nowhere near perfect- have made Scotland a more confident place.
  12. weekevie04

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    There were some decent moments, but our final ball was terrible again and we are seriously struggling to find a good striker (outwith Griffiths - and who knows if he'll be as good when he is back). We concede too many goals as well, often from defending errors - not clearing lines etc, although their goal was well deserved on Friday. A draw probably would have been a fair result. And there was an improvement in the second half. Hungary look to have dipped a lot since Euro 2016 so we might well see a decent performance on Sunday. There is no embarrassment about the result and Costa Rica are a better team than us. The likes of Hungary, Israel, Albania are about our level , IMO- and we'll find out throughout the year if we are any better than them. I'm not overly excited about McLeish being back, but lets see how things go in Budapest. I'd never want to see friendlies are a waste of time, but they seem to be when it involves us. Before the Euros when we played Italy and France were absolutely desperate ; but we did go on a great run after that which seen us missing out on the playoffs by a point.
  13. weekevie04

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    The game is on Bet365 as well for anyone with an account there.
  14. weekevie04

    Under 21 squad

    Scotland were terrible. A shame too as the group started so well.
  15. weekevie04

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    Excellent goal from Costa Rica.