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  1. European Nations League

    Looking forward to this draw and the tournament. A fresh and exciting new thing for us, and playing sides around our level.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Agreed. Who knows if they have, but you'd doubt it - but the SFA should be on the phone to the likes of Prandelli, Bilic, Bielsa etc. The chances are that the offer would be rejected, but they certainly should be doing this.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Haha, good ol' Scotland. Regan has to GO! Not just for this, but everything. I'd keep Malky in place ahead of McLeish.
  4. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Heard some pundits moaning about this - ''it's too far away'', ''what about Celtic/Aberdeen/Rangers European campaigns?'' ''it'll be hot'' We really a nation of diddies. And the likes of Willie Miller, Chic Young get away with spouting utter nonsense on radio every week. These are the most exciting friendlies we've played in years. Four teams we have not played in donkeys, and finally some ambition from the SFA - makes you wonder if O'Neill has agreed to take the gig? He took Northern Ireland to Chile and Uruguay a few years ago!
  5. European Nations League

    There are some decent sides in D - Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus plus the Faroes so it's highly unlikely that there will be proper minnows eg. Gibraltar, San Marino etc at the Euros.
  6. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    It's Northern Ireland. The winner gets O'Neill.
  7. European Nations League

    I like it and its a good incentive for teams like us to take it seriously - do the SFA know this? Wouldn't mind get Norway to visit a couple of pals although expensive. Albania would be magnificent too! No doubt we'll get Lithuania again though I'm probably in a minority here, but the thought of having a minnow at Euro 2020 is excellent too. Although you'd imagine it would be one of the stronger sides like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus etc - what will UEFA do if they are the Playoff sides? Hmmm. The Faroes are a very decent side these days and would love to see them at the Euros.
  8. Stuart Cosgrove

    Maybe got a bit carried away with the Packie Bonner inclusion. Agree, he's a gentleman though.
  9. Stuart Cosgrove

    Cosgrove is an excellent broadcaster, very knowledgeable, funny, and sound. English is our best sports journalist by a country mile. Thompson, Stewart and Bonner are all not bad too. Even just writing the names of Willie Miller, Keith Jackson, Chick Young, Kris Boyd looks ridiculous in attempting to compare them to the rest as pundits/journalists.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

    You've got a point - he seems to shite the big games. I'm going by the SFA standards. I am all for a foreign coach, but need to be realistic with the SFA in charge. It'll be McLeish's again by March.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Have they even had a meeting with O'Neill? Informal or formal? If O'Neill turns it down and if they try to tempt McInnes and he does too - just give it to McKay for a year and see how he does.
  12. When is it changed?
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Out of the realistic SFA options - lots of Scottish duds ; O'Neill or McInnes. And if that report is correct that O'Neill will stay with Northern Ireland then we should look at McInnes but given his loyalty to Aberdeen he might well end up rejecting us too. If it's between the likes of McLeish, Davies etc , I'd keep McKay in the post until the next competitive games. Thought we did well in the Dutch friendly and he refreshingly talks up our game, players unlike some others. Yes, a very chequered past, but surely he's gone through a contemplation/redemption period. The SFA are utterly honking though. Even if some of us did their hard work and sent them a list of available international managers who are without a club/nation; they still wouldn't interview or know what to do e.g take Levein over Lagerback.
  14. Hogmanay

    Does anyone still have street parties? I mind growing up and it felt like from the 26th to 3rd of Jan was a different party to go to. First-footing, going to a close pal/family house for a sing song/blether/grub is a good way to celebrate New Year but I don't seem to see people doing it any more which is a shame. I never go to your local pub on Hogmanay anymore, getting old and the thought of the Happy New Year midnight roll is enough to keep me home - shaking hands with folk you don't know in a pub and they'll never speak to you for the rest of the year. Although, I do quite like a gig/ceilidh at new year where there is music. It must be quite shite living in Edinburgh around this time and then you've got that luvy festival throughout the whole of August and having to put up with 95%crappy middle-class, second-rate English comedians decamping there for 6 weeks (in among some genuine good comics and shows) Although HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Another tournament missed for the national team, and no proper games in 2018, WOOHOO, well done the SFA.
  15. Rab Douglas

    Met Super Rab a few times. An absolute gentleman and as noted, a great servant for his clubs and country.