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  1. weekevie04

    Russia 2018

  2. Would it though? Their sales are sinking every quarter. It's probably left with only hardcore Unionists who read it.
  3. weekevie04

    Russia 2018

    Cheers. Hopefully Podi was quiet last night. When I went to Albania from Montenegro, lots of 'civilised' Montenegrins were telling me not to go there "it's a backward place, you'll get mugged or maybe worse''. Loved it, and the people too, so I've kinda always wanted to see them do well since then. Met a couple of Bosnians who didn't seem to be as vitriolic (if stereotyping) against them, are they a bit fairer minded and as many are the same religion/disliking of Serbs etc too? P.S Is Kosovo-Albania just a big love in? I seen they played a friendly before the World Cup and Kosovo won 3-0! I thought UEFA were going to fine the Kosovar FA if they waved Albanian colours/flags to not stir up the Serbs? And, also is there any differences between an Albanian from Albania, and one from Kosovo? As in general behaviour, customs, accents even? I know about the idea of Greater Albania and they see themselves as one/the same, but are they any differences you've picked up between Kosovars and ones from the motherland? P.P.S Apologies for the questions, and bringing this thread a little off topic!
  4. weekevie04

    Russia 2018

    Barney, I dinnae ken if you're still in Albania or ex-Yugo ; but what did you make of the Eagle celebrations by Xhaka and Shaqiri! Hopefully nothing too stupid is going on in the border towns of Montenegro, Kosovo etc.
  5. weekevie04

    Russia 2018

    What a game! Two Swiss-Kosovars scoring and doing the Albanian eagle celebration. Mental! Like a home game for Serbia too with their supporters plus Russians backing them.
  6. That pic is from our qualifier before Indyref.
  7. Fingers crossed. What are folk moaning about the traveling between three countries? Budget airlines, car hire/driving across North America would be amazing too - time permitting between a Seattle match and a Mexico City one, 7 days later.
  8. An extra-ordinary couple of days. I've gone from feeling a bit pessimistic about winning a future Indyref to it looks very, very winnable - all down to the SNP walking out in protest with Ian Blackford? 5k and counting more members, and know of an ex-Lab/No voter (who has been toiling about his support for the union ever since the Brexit vote: but did vote Lab in the 2017 General Election) but their abstention and their general behaviour in key votes has turned him in to a Yes voter and an SNP member. This guy is bascially Murray Foote, so if I know of one Murray Foote type, there must be a lot more out there! And the Police Commisioner for North Wales has joined the SNP too! Indy Ref 2 surely will be on the table in September/October when the First Minister returns to debate Brexit.
  9. We might/probably won't. I believe only 3 more places from Europe.
  10. See you then, Phil we'll keep a Scottish passport for you.
  11. And to top of a mental day! The ex-Editor and creater of 'The Vow' Murray Foote now backs independence. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/60fc7e14-6f25-11e8-bea3-bf1a5a054f3a
  12. Well done (after slating them a bit for a meek response) that's what folk want to see!
  13. The SNP's response was 'sign a petition' , FFS. The nicey nice interview then get bulldozed talked over doesn't do anything either. And more than likely over half the population probably support/don't give a shit/too confused, or don't know about last night's amendments and the relevance of it. 'People are angry' etc, not enough I doubt, and some that may be swaying they'll be fine in a few weeks/months, and it'll be 'get on the with the day job' shite. Labour are particularly pathetic. 'We abstained cos we didnae get tae speak' Aye, good ein! Never amazed and how servile Scotland is. Every single council area/county voted against Brexit, yet we are willing to just go along with it, cos we are not programmed to make decisions that smaller more successful places make or cos Rangers are ma team/we won the war types.
  14. weekevie04

    The Weemin

    Brilliant! Seen the first thirty minutes and thought we looked pretty good. Off to work and seen it was 2-0 and thought that was it! What a fecking comeback! Well done the lassies, and surely in with a shout of at least a Playoff!
  15. weekevie04

    Cricket balls

    Know the basic rules of cricket, and don't follow it ; but that was FANTASTIC viewing. What a win!