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  1. It could have been even worse if the planners had had the money...the whole centre of Glasgow was due to be flattened and rebuilt with sparkly new buildings. The only thing that stopped it was the cost. It was a cracking programme - I found it fascinating.
  2. I get the Press and Journal through work and this murder regularly appears there. Don't think the Professor from Birmingham is helping with all his theories and the information that's been given to him by some 'mysterious person'. It's certainly an odd one.
  3. Pulling birds....

    Yup - I'd gone in to speak to Tam before heading to another bar and some guy did it as I was walking back out. No idea who he was....other than being a Scotsman.
  4. Here's a tip...slapping a girl's arse and asking if she liked it may get her attention but not in a good way. The twat that tried that in the Cutty Sark after the game on Sunday is lucky he's not got a law suit coming his way.
  5. Medicals

    A well-known satirical journalist - editor of Private Eye and team captain on Have I Got News for You? Gordon Chree's got a long way to go to meet his level.....
  6. Gerry cinnamon

    I've just downloaded but not had a chance to listen to it yet. Heard a bit of him on TV as part of that festival at Glasgow Green during the summer.
  7. Slovenian Domestic League

    I'm arriving on the Friday so could be up for attending one of these games.
  8. The T-shirts that a number of folk were wearing at the Holland play off in Amsterdam in 2003. Lurked for a wee while and then joined around the time of the Wales game in early 2004. Met Andy North Croy and some other Tambers on matchday in Cardiff...that really should have warned me not to get involved! Never did manage to buy that Tshirt.
  9. See my post above...there isn't a man in the world that I would share a small pizza with! Even the dog only got a couple bits of meat off the pizza.
  10. You have ordered: 1x Small 9.5" Ranch BBQ + Classic Crust 1x Lotta-chocca Pizza Price: £17.98 (Including VAT) For full ingredients, nutritional and allergen information see here. Courtesy of Domino's - that'll be why I only order a takeaway once a year!
  11. Aye right - the whole takeaway cost me £17 for a pizza and a dessert. No way I'm adding £10 to the cost for a 3 minute drive from the takeaway.
  12. Ticket pick up

    I picked up in Lithuania but no email for me this time either.
  13. I very rarely get takeaways but when I do I order online, pay online and get them delivered. Back in the day when I would hand over cash to the bloke dropping the food off, I would add a little as a tip. Now I'm not handing over any cash, I don't - am I being tight? Nobody has made a fuss or stood there looking like they were expecting something but I was wondering what other folk do? Most companies add a delivery charge to the order anyway though I appreciate the person delivering it won't be able to pocket that.