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  1. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    I bought the blue shirt same size as I would buy in the shop fitted me okay.
  2. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    Sorry I do not know how to put a link , but glad that someone else was able to.
  3. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    yep its up now about same price as the home top was.
  4. jamkam

    Scott Brown retires..... again.

    Everyone has there own thoughts, I`ll just say cheers.
  5. jamkam

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    can only agree.
  6. jamkam

    SSC Renewals

    Age over 65
  7. jamkam

    Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    money sent. thanks
  8. Can I have 3 seats please, thanks in advance.
  9. jamkam


  10. jamkam

    SSC Renewals

    Taken a bit of thinking about but I will renew.
  11. jamkam

    Friendly Next Month

    He is already Scottish FA performance director !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jamkam

    Friendly Next Month

    confirmed on bbc sport page
  13. jamkam

    Email from SFA - DO NOT OPEN!

    yep received 3 e-mails
  14. jamkam

    Ticket Collections

    Aims " To represent the interests and views of both the member organiztions and the wider community of supporters of the scotland national football team with any interested parties and organizations" "There will be no individual or personal membership of atac"
  15. jamkam

    Ticket Collections

    it says on there website -- to act on behalf of the fans of the Scotland national team, both home and away."