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  1. Scott Brown retires..... again.

    Everyone has there own thoughts, I`ll just say cheers.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    can only agree.
  3. SSC Renewals

    Age over 65
  4. Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    money sent. thanks
  5. Can I have 3 seats please, thanks in advance.
  6. Hungary

  7. SSC Renewals

    Taken a bit of thinking about but I will renew.
  8. Friendly Next Month

    He is already Scottish FA performance director !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Friendly Next Month

    confirmed on bbc sport page
  10. Via Paris

    Air France [HOP] flights were all okay. Transfer between air terminals was ok, more fuss going out than back. Edinburgh border control was even good this time. Met a few old friends and met some new friends, so all went well [almost all].
  11. Via Paris

    Checked in for flight tomorrow and meant to arrive at CDG terminal 2E and transfer to 2G, hopefully all will go well !!!!
  12. Via Paris

    I think 2 of us on same flight thursday.
  13. Via Paris

    What terminal and gate no. did you arrive at and was it an edi to cdg flight ?.
  14. Ljubljana for Slovakia match

    2 of us arrive thursday afternoon. likewise looking for a pub for the slovakia game.
  15. Where are you staying (Ljubjana)

    2 of us in M Hotel friday to tuesday.