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  1. G-Man


    Monday to Monday, Glasgow to Tel Aviv stop off at Heathrow. It’s also a BA flight that gets in near midnight.
  2. The programme with John Henshaw? Away to check now and I may sing Glee songs to you there.
  3. Young Offenders is great, I love the boys but the headmaster on the edge is brilliant. The wrestling in the back garden or the swearing. 😆😆 Then wee moments like this.
  4. Aren’t Women Daft is brilliant. 😆😆
  5. Employment lawyer on radio today said employers do not have to pay you, may make you take it as a holiday. Many workers are covered such as teachers or lecturers but it’s not blanket coverage.
  6. G-Man


    The shuttle bus to Tel Aviv is about £15, not sure about prices to Jerusalem or Haifa but if you’re staying in either of those places get a shared taxi, called a sherut . Sheruts are common in Israel, usually a minibus but you can always find some dodgy big cars in Tel Aviv operating as sheruts.
  7. G-Man

    ITV 100 greatest walks

    Didn’t see the programme but visited Bamburgh a while ago and can’t believe Northumberland isn’t as well visited or known as the Lakes or Cornwall. Beautiful place with a stunning beach and what looks like a fairy tale castle. This is a nice walk. http://www.theaa.com/walks/bamburghs-coast-and-castle-420337
  8. Brant is the big bad man they should be threatened with! Away with all this modern day bringing up weans sheite and instead take a leaf out of the book of those pillars of society, The Turpin's. Tell the truth, you’re the dad in the story and you’re just fishing for good parenting compliments? 7 girls and a boy, jings if you’re as fertile as that just now think what you’ll be like with another 3 inches!
  9. A good firm slap then put in the car and told the big bad man is coming to take them to a wee island where they only get bread and butter to eat and battered awake every morning is what they need. If parents no longer do that then just feck off until your wean is old enough to drink cider and fall asleep under the table. I’d never criticise parents giving children tablets, rohypnol would be my advice.
  10. For me it’s children in pubs,/cafes,/restaurants, especially ones still in nappies. Why people think it’s okay to take things that literally shit and pee themselves whenever they feel like it out where food and drink is served is disgusting. Don’t mind those microwave food pub places with play park outside as you know what you’re getting if daft enough to go when childless but shouldn’t be allowed otherwise. Maybe a couple of hours early morning or after lunch for training of children until they’re 18 and allowed in properly .
  11. Aye, turning round looking for you! We miss you over there, we need a more manly presence than men with bunnies and puppy dogs and 2 quilts. Tidy’s more manly than that bunch! 😘 Fisking? Is that fishing when you’re pished? If so, how very dare you sir I’m a vegetarian. (Why don’t you come up with Hoddit and Doddit and while they’re listening to someone caterwauling we can have a sing song in the Clutha? And to make it more appealing, Mark would much prefer to be with us but knows Julie would batter him if he came. 😁)
  12. I suppose it depends on the circumstances.
  13. Dont worry I’m never happier than when living in my own wee world.
  14. He moved to Cabot Cove, Maine and is a neighbour of a fellow author, Jessica Fletcher. He has the build of Russell in his Gladiator days but the looks and smile of Tom Cruise.