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  1. Brant is the big bad man they should be threatened with! Away with all this modern day bringing up weans sheite and instead take a leaf out of the book of those pillars of society, The Turpin's. Tell the truth, you’re the dad in the story and you’re just fishing for good parenting compliments? 7 girls and a boy, jings if you’re as fertile as that just now think what you’ll be like with another 3 inches!
  2. A good firm slap then put in the car and told the big bad man is coming to take them to a wee island where they only get bread and butter to eat and battered awake every morning is what they need. If parents no longer do that then just feck off until your wean is old enough to drink cider and fall asleep under the table. I’d never criticise parents giving children tablets, rohypnol would be my advice.
  3. For me it’s children in pubs,/cafes,/restaurants, especially ones still in nappies. Why people think it’s okay to take things that literally shit and pee themselves whenever they feel like it out where food and drink is served is disgusting. Don’t mind those microwave food pub places with play park outside as you know what you’re getting if daft enough to go when childless but shouldn’t be allowed otherwise. Maybe a couple of hours early morning or after lunch for training of children until they’re 18 and allowed in properly .
  4. Aye, turning round looking for you! We miss you over there, we need a more manly presence than men with bunnies and puppy dogs and 2 quilts. Tidy’s more manly than that bunch! 😘 Fisking? Is that fishing when you’re pished? If so, how very dare you sir I’m a vegetarian. (Why don’t you come up with Hoddit and Doddit and while they’re listening to someone caterwauling we can have a sing song in the Clutha? And to make it more appealing, Mark would much prefer to be with us but knows Julie would batter him if he came. 😁)
  5. I suppose it depends on the circumstances.
  6. Dont worry I’m never happier than when living in my own wee world.
  7. He moved to Cabot Cove, Maine and is a neighbour of a fellow author, Jessica Fletcher. He has the build of Russell in his Gladiator days but the looks and smile of Tom Cruise.
  8. No Pete is who I liked, the **author who lived in loft apartment in Manhattan. JPM is someone else who is not the super rich, incredibly handsome yet into wee fat birds Pete. I think Pete and JPM had very strong aversions to religious schools. ** some of the above may only be true in my imagination but in the spirit of the thread I should be forgiven for ne’erday dreams. Ive been drinking too.
  9. As someone who had a tamb crush on Pete I refute that claim. You’re not a dick, you’re just a very naughty boy. As chairman of Sex Addict Anonymous 1983-1991, lapsed 1992-99, chairman 1 month, lapsed 1999-2010, chairman 3months, lapsed 2010-present, if you don’t know about ‘born agains’ then no one does. From me too.
  10. Hogmanay

    Oh sorry forgot we were going for the cup of tea story instead of the truth that you followed Big Spender by acting out Patricia the Stripper through the medium of dance. I thought I was cold yesterday but I think my heart actually stopped for a minute or 2 on way in this morning. 2 rolls, 2 potato scones and 2 fried eggs with a big mug of tea solves all hangover ills. Happy 2018.
  11. Hogmanay

    If I’m left with an odd sock I’ll eventually end up with another and just make them a pair. Luckily I’ve never been tempted by the socks and open toe sandal ensemble so no one notices. Enjoy the night at your local, if I get bored I may head over and pull faces against the window and watch you deny me to your new posh educated pals! 😝😝😘 If he’s half as bad as his sister I’ll say a prayer for you Jim. Went out for a wee lunch date last week and she ended up on a table giving her Christmas rendition of Hey Big Spender. 💃💃 Happy new year helping the poor auld souls on Jersey. 🥛🥛 Well the branding worked for the Irish with St Patrick’s Day and Edinburgh needs all the help it can get. Don’t tell Tidy the pubs name or that’ll be the last time you’ll be able to call it ‘nice’. If you’re very very lucky the people you meet tomorrow will be like me and wearing rubber to go with the smile. 🙀 😘😘
  12. Hogmanay

    Miserable bastards. I love hogmany and the 1st, no parties, just a couple of drinks at home then up early to a lovey quiet ne’erday, Big walk and swim and I wish everyone I meet a happy new year and thank God you lot must still be abed as I’m wished it back with smiles. So to all, Happy New Year when it reaches you.
  13. Going vegan.

    Great wee place, delicious falafel and guy who owns it is a lovely man.
  14. I don’t have a licence and get the letters. I’m looking forward to my Christmas letter where they tell me they won’t send anyone for a few weeks over the festive period but they'll be battering down the door from 3rd of January onward. I bought Columbo box set and due to work I watch lots of tv when I’m at my clients homes. I do watch tv at home and I may be proved wrong but I’m fairly sure I don’t watch anything on bbc channels. If David Attenborough’s new series is out on dvd someone will buy it for me at Christmas and I’ll catch up on ones I’ve missed that way. I really wish they’d find a way to block bbc so I could openly watch tv but not pay the bbc fee or just allow adverts. I listen to lots of radio and download plays from radio4, not sure how this goes licence fee wise.