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  1. I like harry Enfield but....
  2. You think so hahaha
  3. Ok if you want to play dirty 😂
  4. A couple of classics there lairdy, I'm sensing some mod leanings?
  5. The picture in the BBC report where the rescue services are gathered is only a couple of hundred meters away from Baumwall the place he was last sighted.
  6. A couple of my mates went to this, they agreed with you.
  7. I seen them round about then as well at the magnum in Irvine. The support act was Winston reedy, his joint was on the stage about a minute before he appeared it was huge.
  8. Think I've said this before on here but new order in tiffanys maybe about 83. Their tape machines kept breaking down they must have tried to start blue Monday umpteen times.
  9. Anything involving that Cowell wank.