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  1. That's about it in a nutshell.If the managers no good which Murray obviously isn't admit it,punt him and bring someone else in
  2. We don,t get to Christmas before capitulating,End of November
  3. The Aftermath

    I gave you a number of things that was wrong,virtually whole first half performance,poorly defending at both goals,chances created and only scoring from oneLooking at our second half performance would suggest there was a whole lot wrong with our first half Throwing in stats doesn't,t enhance your argument We ain,t going to agree
  4. I thought the calibre of applicants was supposed to high
  5. The Aftermath

    Why didn,t you quote him then instead of me,would have saved me the trouble in replying Please,because you dont agree with others opinions doesn,t make theres nonsense. Think everyones is aware of both those points but dont see the relevance your second point has regards our performance Which wasnt apparent for a large part of the second half As an aside I`m sure theres a difference in quality in the Portugese side compared to the Albanians Where some of our better performances have come See a previous poster [qupte]We lost 2-1 despite those pertinent facts so I struggle to see how there was so much wrong with us. The only things that disappointed me was Whittaker's performance, the softness of the goals we conceded and the ref and end result. So all things considered I cannot see how on Earth there was so much wrong with us. You dont see much wrong but highlight two.Poor defensively at both goals,didn,t think the first half performance was very good and we showed in the second half or most of it with a bit belief what we were capable of against the WC holders.I dont know about you but I left the ground a tad disappointed we didnt take something from the game much like Strachan and the players especially on the second half performance.
  6. Yet the judge said Rangers are still legally obliged to have the cash set aside He also urged Rangers to come to a deal with Mr Ahmad over security for the sum while the sides wait for the case to return to court.
  7. Will Ibrox Sell Out ?

    Theres should be no SPFL games on at all
  8. The Aftermath

    So you disagree with me?
  9. The Aftermath

    This Game could have been virtually over by half time but fair doos we showed a bit of belief in the 2nd half and played much better and created a few good chances