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  1. Ach, beaten to it.
  2. Oh-oh, sounds like G-man is turning.
  3. Forgiveness

    No, you just make decisions based on flawed assumptions. What you think is correct is not necessarily so. It is true that 2 + 2 = 10. In your really narrow word it just doesn't compute. 2 apples + 2 apples are 10 apples in bases four. True but just one of the many things you don't consider.
  4. Forgiveness

    Count in base 4. A different perspective.
  5. Forgiveness

    Of course 2+2=4 is only true from one perspective. 2+2=10 from another.
  6. In reality the split is between Urban and Rural areas. Sacking a person in a party from a leadership role because they do not agree with the rest of the leadership is normal practise. It derives from collective responsibility. What do the SNP do?
  7. Er, nobody can sack an MP (except the electorate). He can be removed from a position in government but that is it, Their rules, delegates not representatives. London is not a Tory dominated area. Most people, who expressed a preference through the ballot box, decided to remain in the UK. After that people voted for what they believed was best for the UK.
  8. The List

    You don't get listening at all never mind harder.
  9. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

  10. no question that the pubs have been detrimental to pubs.
  11. Board changes and upgrades

    You know he is still here?
  12. Board changes and upgrades

    Is that posh talk for on the game?