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  1. Hong Kong

    Went here in 2002 when over with the Tartan Army...
  2. Almost all the points in Aberdeen's barra this weekend.
  3. St Johnstone v Hibs

    1. Yes 2. So? (Your second sentence has no bearing on your first sentence.) Again... so? (Apples and oranges. One has nothing to do with the other.) Let me ask... Did Morelos have the 'opportunity' to score? And... Were any rules broken? Not in this case. The keeper handled well outside the box when an opposing player attempted to chip him. Goal scoring opportunity denied because of blatant rule breaking. Red Card. Keeper should have just stayed in goals and let his defenders deal with it. (Freeze at 33 seconds to see 7 of 8 Saintees appeal for the obvious.)
  4. Sevco vs Celtic

    Where did you see the game?
  5. Sevco vs Celtic

    Absolutely! As a Dandy who needed Sevco to lose today... that was a red. The bids were dreamed up. They're not interested. (Never were.)
  6. Agree with Parky and Drew. Best to have him in and around the Scotland squad now (to at least acclimatise) based on potential alone. Has already captained the Scotland under 19's and under 21's and has that "I'll eat you alive" look to him.
  7. Some welcome news for the Dandies... Wee Scotty McKenna (21) extends again for another 2 years taking him to 2023 with The Famous.
  8. Sevco vs Celtic

    Hi Ramy, Newmarket is an hour North of Toronto. Aurora is just 15 minutes South of Newmarket. See if you can find out if the Aurora Celtic Supporters Club is still on the go. Best Wishes. Scotty
  9. He should have gone on intent alone. Instead of saving him for the Celtic fixture (where he was out of his depth in experience regarding the occasion) Cosgrove perhaps should have been introduced against Motherwell as that tie would have probably suited him better.
  10. Most would have had Ball instead of O'Connor, but the formation will be the key.
  11. 'Burger King' are the owners now.
  12. 'Celebrate' 30 years next week!