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  1. Yes, that has already been established. Nope. All that I am suggesting is to work it out slowly and logically to arrive at the only possible correct answer (regardless of what the right divisionists are filling your head with). OK, good. So, we agree that Israel are the lost sheep. When does the penny drop for them? When they realise that they have been double-crossed by the antichrist and that Jesus was the Christ all along. So when does this happen? It happens during the tribulation. Are people saved during the tribulation? Through God's grace and mercy, yes. So, Jesus divides those that were saved during the tribulation from those that weren't saved during the tribulation. That's the sheep and goat division. So, when? This is after the rapture, and after 'The Judgement Seat of Christ', and after 'The Marriage Supper of the Lamb', at the end of the tribulation, at the 'Second Coming', just before the Millennial Reign, and before the final 'White Throne Judgement'. The sheep are the saved, regardless of being Jew or gentile, and the goats are the unsaved, regardless of being Jew or gentile. In my imperfection, I still have to try and show God's grace and patience.
  2. You never answered who the 'goats' are (or who the sheep are for that matter). Why does Jesus separate the 'sheep' from the 'goats'? What's the point if they are all bound for The Lake of Fire? OK... The 'lost sheep' are Israel. Now, who are the 'sheep' (that aren't lost) and who are the 'goats'? How about... The sheep are the saved; The Shepherd brings Israel into the body (now saved); and the goats are the unsaved? A person is either saved or unsaved. Heaven bound or hell bound. 'Israel' is 'to be saved'. I once was lost but now am found... Riddle me this... What do you call a lost sheep when it becomes found? Do you still call it a lost sheep? No, of course not. Is it still a sheep? Of course. So, what's different now? The previously 'lost' sheep now recognise The Shepherd for Who He is. Something that we have already done. Israel are 'His' sheep (only currently lost). We are His sheep (so... saved). The sheep go to 'The Judgement Seat of Christ' and the goats go to 'The Great White Throne Judgement'. That's why Jesus separates them.
  3. I don't recommend that. "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1 The faithful are rewarded at the Judgement Seat Of Christ. Those bound for the Lake of Fire will be at The Great White Throne Judgement.
  4. You know we don't get 'judged', right? We give an account of our lives. It's more to do with rewarding the faithful.
  5. Fortunately, you haven't been judged yet. In my case, my eternity was sealed when I accepted The Gospel.
  6. I did in Matthew. (That's why we are having this discussion.) No. You only quoted that the 'lost sheep' were Israel. Then, who are the 'goats'.
  7. I already have. (That's what you've objected to.) You have only quoted 'lost sheep' for Israel. (So, the only kind of sheep are lost sheep?) So... The Lord isn't my Shepherd?
  8. It doesn't. It says 'sheep'.
  9. I thought that you said that Israel are the lost sheep. (I'm not lost. Why can't I still be a sheep?)
  10. But are you a lost sheep? The answer may surprise you. A careful study of the many sheep and shepherd passages will reveal that the sheep metaphor in scripture refers to God’s nation of Israel. When God led Israel out of Egypt by Moses, they became his sheep that he led to find water and food in the wilderness. It was the shepherd’s responsibility to physically provide and protect the sheep until he led them into their promised land. If the sheep of Israel separated themselves from God or the land he gave them, they were considered lost. The Egyptians were not the lost sheep. They were enemies to God’s flock. Jesus came when Israel had spiritually departed from the Lord, and many were scattered throughout the ancient world. Jesus came as Israel’s good shepherd when he said: Israel was lost, but they had always been God’s sheep. Jesus came to gather them together and bring in greener pastures (the kingdom). When Jesus came he knew there would be wolves among the sheep. False teachers and unbelieving rulers were not lost sheep, they were “ravening wolves” (Matt 7:15). It was the believing remnant of Israel that Jesus gave the name “little flock” in Luke 12:32. We know that Jesus was not sent to minister to Gentiles from his statements in Matthew: Gentiles are not lost sheep. Only Israel could be lost sheep. They were found if they heard the voice of the shepherd King: Christ Jesus. Gentiles were never promised a land of green pastures. Gentiles were never promised physical protection and blessing. Gentiles are at home all over the world, and do not need to be gathered into one place like sheep. We are Body Members not Sheep Likewise, Paul never calls the new creature, the church, which is the Body of Christ, sheep, nor does he refer to Christ as our Shepherd. Today, in this dispensation of grace, where Israel is fallen, there is not a single lost person in the Body of Christ. The only way to be lost today is if you do not know the gospel that saves. If you are not saved, you are not a member of the one Body of Christ. If you are saved you are not lost. If you are a member of the Body of Christ, you are not a sheep. The lost sheep were a specific people in the Bible: Israel. Israel’s shepherd was their Messiah. We in the church are called soldiers, ambassadors, athletes, warriors, and builders. All of these are sent out to build, win, fight, and represent according to God’s already provided instructions. The lost sheep of Israel waits for their shepherd to return for them to receive their promises. We do not need a shepherd, nor our Head to be present for us to be who God made us. Israel will never be who God made them until they are led into their kingdom by their Shepherd. We are already members of Christ’s Body. Our Head is in heaven, but we are in His Body already. When the church sees itself as sheep, then it is perceived as the helpless victims of persecution and affliction waiting for a Shepherd. When the church takes its rightful identity as members of Christ’s body, then we become more than conquerors now in all things through Christ (Rom 8:34-39). http://graceambassadors.com/midacts/are-you-a-lost-sheep I'm not following you. Why are the only sheep you are talking about 'lost sheep'? Why can't I be a saved sheep?
  11. Because a person can still do works without believing that it will add anything to their salvation.