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  1. I feel sorry for him. (He must be terrified of his handlers.) Jesus can set anyone free.
  2. Completely out of context. (Do you delight in obfuscation?) Mario asked. I answered HIM (yet you rebutt as if you I were answering you). I don't have a 'version', I have Jesus... THE TRUTH. Correct. The majority is always right. (Gotta love those McDonald's hamburgers.) An admission (hidden in plain sight). You are like the vampire that got invited into a person's home. ...Scotty and Jude haven't been either. ...that, and your satanic alarm clock went off telling you to get to work. One would think that they raise fundamental questions about truth. ...but when you do, you never call out the perps. Nobody said you were worth your salt.
  3. (Changes made due to unbearably tedious Luciferian knit-picking... )
  4. Another TAMBer posted that 8 inches x miles squared only works on a circle but not a sphere, so still waiting to hear from the globe-heads for what the calculation would be for a sphere.
  5. The problem is that the EXACT images that I am looking for aren't available. It's not like NASA are going to release the actual ones now, are they? Now, despite this, you knowingly move the goalposts and find fault with either another part of the image (that I didn't even endorse) or a 3 letter word in a post that wasn't even for your consumption. (Let me untangle the ball of yarn that you are creating. I'll go back... ) You are. The result is exactly the same, regardless. You show up like clockwork to water down truth (not to debate me) but to reaffirm the lies to those that might just wake up (and you can't have that). You don't even admit the obvious JFK, or 9/11 conspiracies. You are just an English birdwatcher in Anglo who stumbled upon the TAMB for the Creation/evolution debates. Nothing more. You enjoyed typing that. That's pretty much all I do. Because I don't trust you.
  6. Pretend it's a perfect sphere. (Scientism tells us that it's 24,900 miles around the 'equator' and it's 24,812 miles around the poles... so that's pretty darn close.) So... any problem with 8 inches x miles squared?
  7. They seem like a type of 'light'.
  8. Each illumination is as bright as the next.
  9. i don't know exactly what the moon is, but I believe that it emits it's own light and that it's not something that we can land on.
  10. Too funny. (Like a pancake?) Don't give me that. It's not a PERFECT sphere so you can't do it? Here... Use this pathetic phony NASA CGI image and tell me the formula for the curvature. C'mon... a 24,900 mile circumference... get cracking. Nope, nothing like that as you well know. I found an image that showed a 'circular' earth inside a square to give you an idea of what I meant and how 4 physical corners could be possible. You purposely took it as if I was showing you EXACTLY what the flat earth looks like because you are a gatekeeper and that's what gatekeepers do. There was no top view, and North, South, East and West are understood.
  11. I've already answered that. It could be making reference to the 4 points of the compass, or it could be a physical 4 corners beyond the circle of the earth. By 'CD' I mean that I can't tell how 'thick' it is. Seeing it as 'round' from our vantage point doesn't necessarily make it a sphere.
  12. I haven't been getting answers either Mr. Gatekeeper. What is the formula for determining the curvature of the earth since we 'know' that it's circumference is 24,900 miles? (And why can we see objects at long distances that are supposed to be well below that curvature?) They are asking... Based on what you believe (that graphic), "How come... "