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  1. saintydave

    Toulon Tournament

    Apparently a 1-0 win for Togo is good enough too. Would be level on everything but Scotland with better discipline. If we do go out we deserve what we get, seemed to settle for 2-0 very early. So frustrating. Shocking positioning fae the keeper for their goal.
  2. Just seen a Twitter poll asking if Rangers fans should boycott away games. The Rangers fans opinions seemed mixed but it was fairly unanimous from supporters of other clubs.. ..
  3. saintydave

    Peru - Match Thread

    I watched them in their playoff v New Zealand and was less than impressed. Obviously did well to qualify, no idea how on my viewing.
  4. saintydave

    World Cup Tickets

    If the last world cup is anything to go by, FIFA released more tickets at midnight each night before games , be it returns or whatever. Got tickets for Spain v Chile at Maracana this way.
  5. saintydave

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I always try to make an all Scots fantasy league team (2nd team, I'm no an idiot!) And a couple of years ago it was easy, now, basically impossible.
  6. saintydave


    Never underestimate how quickly fitba can change. One bad managerial appointment, a few dodgy signings and the opposite for another team can quickly swing it round. Granted, it will take a lot for anyone to stop Celtic in the next couple of years but after that, who knows. Hopefully them and their evil twins can beat it tae some euro league and give us a genuinely competitive league
  7. 21/20 was buying money!
  8. saintydave


    If it didnt work out im sure Celtic would take him back In a heartbeat
  9. saintydave


    Why do so many people find it difficult to spell Atletico?! It's up there with Tennants for me. Would be an awesome move for Tierney though.
  10. Champions league and Europa league finals to be available to all on by sport digital platforms plus YouTube
  11. Definitely not by finishing over 20 points worse off than the season before.
  12. saintydave

    Summer holiday's.

    Was gonna say the same thing, forget LA and head for San Diego
  13. Me too. Plenty Perth boys were over in Budapest. Otherwise might of hit the heady hits of 2100
  14. saintydave

    Match points change con

    It was all just hypothetical to see what the situation was..... Everyone was level on home points before (on zero) so no. I guess it will not matter for many people but it could be an issue for some at some stage. Not that anyone would ever know I suppose.
  15. saintydave

    Match points change con

    Surely awbodys old points should have been retrospectively doubled in line with the new system? Would be the fairest way?