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  1. Approach for O'Neill made

    Don't really disagree mate, but at the end of the day we can speculate all we want and give our opinion but we don't know anything. The SFA are definitely incompetent in most areas, but I don't remember them approaching someone for manager and being rejected.
  2. Approach for O'Neill made

    Took Bayern to a Champions League quarter final? Just about every manager they've had has done that, big deal. Michael O'Neill just took N Ireland to their first finals in 30 years, I'd say thats a bigger achievement.
  3. Approach for O'Neill made

    Not if the contact came from O'Neill's side. What I was saying was that maybe, O'Neill was interested in the job and had let it be known to the SFA. Obviously I'm just speculating but you don't know what happens behind the scenes.
  4. Approach for O'Neill made

    It wouldn't surprise me if they had made an arse of it, but as I said in an earlier post, maybe there's been previous contact with O'Neill and he's pretty much a sure thing, we don't know what goes on behind the scenes.
  5. Approach for O'Neill made

    In the football world everyone is available to anyone for the right price. Contracts are just a way of determining how much compensation is paid. The Chinese league is a prime example.
  6. Approach for O'Neill made

    I can't believe this actually has to be explained to people.
  7. Approach for O'Neill made

    Think he lives over in America now anyway so would probably be pointless even considering him. For me Guus Hiddink would be the ideal candidate. Whether he's be interested is another matter.
  8. Approach for O'Neill made

    Agree 100%, success is relative. Which is why I tend to look at the guys who have punched above their weight and not as much at what they've won, especially when discussing who could be our next manager. Its not like we're going to have the world's elite managers banging down our door. For me, Klinsmann and Bilic haven't punched above their weight. Yes they have had some decent results but mostly in friendlies. For the record I'm not saying I wouldn't take them as next manager if they were appointed, just saying I dont see them as the next big thing.
  9. Approach for O'Neill made

    Of course, but I dont really view what they had as success. They, imo, achieved what they should achieve with those countries. What the likes of O'Neill, Lagerback (with Iceland) and the current Iceland manager have done is got teams to punch above their weight, which is really what we need. You could argue that now that Bilic has had to manage with a lower calibre of player at West Ham he's struggled.
  10. Approach for O'Neill made

    Success with N Ireland outweighs success with USA and Croatia in my book. And besides, I'm not really sure they achieved anything out of the ordinary although I'm happy to be corrected.
  11. Michael O Neill

    Of course N Ireland is his country, but he's also lived here for plenty of years and must have some sort of affinity for Scotland. For all we know O'Neill or his representative have unoffically spoken to the SFA to let them know he would be interested in the job.
  12. Approach for O'Neill made

    So what by have Bilic and Klinsmann done to make them worthy? Bilic just got sacked with only a 38% win record. I'd say O'Neill getting N Ireland to the Euros and a whisker away from the World Cup is way better than what Bilic and Klinsmann have achieved.
  13. Approach for O'Neill made

    So, who are these managers? You seem quick to slate just about every manager as failed or doesn't have "the stats", so let's hear the names of these guys who match your high standards.
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I'm pretty sure I remember the same debates on this board after Levein was sacked and yet Strachan was employed only a few months after Levein was gone.
  15. Who Should Be The Next Manager

    Jacobs, Brehme, Bilic, Freeman, Nagelsmann? Some fecking mental names in there.