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  1. Michael O Neill

    If that happens you'd be getting the wrong O'Neil.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Rodgers will manage NI after Tommy Wright has?.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Just checked wiki. Was Assistant to moyes in Spain and then managed in Norway before being sacked last year.
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Billy McKinley involved in some capacity? Highly though of as a coach and was MON's assistant at Northern Ireland before he left for the ill fated Watford job. No idea what he's doing now though.
  5. To stay or go?

    A defensive unit made of cluggers? Have you watched any of our games? Evans, brunt and Davis, ferguson, mcginn can hardly be described as that! Just out out of curiosity what type of players mentality would MON need to work with?
  6. I have a question

    This. I keep referring back to NI but we have a limited squad of players who all know what they are doing. MON has got a reasonably settled team/squad and if there are suspensions or injuries the replacements slip seamlessly into the side. For far too long our players treated NI games as a 3 day piss up with their mates and MON seems to have instilled a bit of discipline into them. If I'm being brutally honest I just don't see that in a Strachan side. Inconsistency in selection and a team based on what league they play in would be my main worry for you fans. If Burke, Frazer, Gauld, McGinn, Cummings etc were from NI they'd be in our squad and most probably starting. All your midfielders seem very similar. Is there much difference in Morrison, Snodgrass, Brown, Fletcher, Dorrans, McAurthur and Bannon? To me nobody drives the team forward and all seem one paced. Chris Martin is as slow as me ffs. There are some talented players playing in Scotland and outside the English top flight but until the manager changes his selection policy or the manager changes your going to have the same problems for euro 2020.
  7. To stay or go?

    If you look at our (NI) squad we have two fantastic players in Davis and Evans who would walk into most premier league sides. McAuley and Brunt know what it's about and we've also got Cathcart out injured at the minute. Big Kyle seems to have lost a bit of pace in his legs and hasn't been playing that well for us hence why he was dropped last night for Washington. What MON has is a settled team and a settled system that everyone buys into. I don't rate Josh Magennis but he turns up works his socks off for the team and scores the odd goal. we had 3 millwall players in the team that finished the game yesterday!!! I watched your game yesterday and not sure the players have the same desire or work ethic. It all seemed very slow and pedestrian. The worrying thing for me would be that Strachan doesn't seem to know his best team or system after 5 years in charge.
  8. Is it £29 for away fans of every club for Hearts games at Murrayfield? Totally agree that it's a joke price to watch a game in the SPL.
  9. Wee Harry next out the door when he finds a club in a city with decent boozers and discos.
  10. Maybe Gillespie giving a talk on restraining orders to Lennon?
  11. We did manage to con Ipswich out of £1m for Garner though!
  12. Away fans usually get North Stand. North Stand holds approx 7k but Celtic would probably only be allocated the top tier due to segregation issues. Maybe changed now since the redevelopment but was always the easiest to keep supporters apart.
  13. If they were worried about 4500 tickets why not take a reduced allocation and bus the fans in from the areas of the city I said earlier. The media blow all this crap up out of all proportion when in reality the amount of bother would be minimal and easily contained.
  14. If the Celtic fans enter the stadium from the West and North of the city and enter via Boucher Road ( like the way the police bring in Cliftonville and Glentoran fans) then the only time they should see each other is inside the stadium. Celtic would have the North Stand to themselves and although I've no idea how many tickets Celtic would be allocated the decision not to take any seems a bit over the top.