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  1. 2 thirds? You are saying that around 47 million Christians have died for their faith in the last century? Do you have any proof of this?
  2. iainmac1

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Stopped reading at the words BBC. Fu*k helping them in anyway.
  3. Nothing to do with independence though.
  4. I'm pretty sure you didn't come out asking the Celtic score
  5. What did he actually do for the ban to be extended to a season? To be fair he seems like he probably has some sort of mental condition, surely.
  6. iainmac1

    Lewis Morgan

    Can't see him getting a game and he will be back out on loan again next season. Look at Christie who was playing in the premier league when Celtic signed him. Morgan is playing in the second tier so not tested against stronger opposition. From what I have seen of them both Christie is a far, far better player but he didn't get much of a look in at Celtic and is out on loan again this year. The same fate awaits Morgan.
  7. iainmac1

    10 in a row.

    Don't you mean swam??
  8. I remember Morton bought a stand from Love Street when it closed down, or was it just a roof from one of the stands? I think they were going to put it up in the away end at Cappilow. This was a number of years ago they bought it now. What ever happened to that?
  9. We need less sections not more! How often would a section on strips or stadiums be used or even visited! You would run out of things to say pretty quickly! That is why the politics section isn't really needed. It splits anything goes into two and people are less likely to visit multiple sections which will reduce the amount of posts. I will look at anything goes but not bother visiting the politics section even tho I'm interested I it, I can't really be bothered looking at too many diff sections. A quick scan of anything goes, non ta football and ta specific is what I normally do. It isn't like the anything goes room is so busy that posts are disappearing onto page 2 in a day. Looking at anything goes 5 of the first 10 posts are politics related anyway! That's why I'd be in favour of home games and ta clubs merging with ta specific. It would create a busier forum. There are only ever a few active threads in those other rooms anyway.
  10. I don't like the idea of a seperate politics section and think it's a bad idea. The anything goes section isn't busy enough to split it. It will just lead to less posts. That goes for the gambling one too. You will find that people will visit a couple of sections on a messageboard but won't go and vist multiple rooms. The old Caley Thistle board was good as it had a Caley section and an anything goes section. They then added a non Caley football section which was ok. Then for some reason it split into about 15 sections. Caley Thistle on the park. Off the park. Other UK football. World football. Politics. Gambling. Old Inverness etc etc and the board died a death. People aren't going to go trawling through that many sections. It needs condensed here and not expanded. Especially as it isn't as bust as old. I would like to see a TA section. (Why have a seperate home games section, what's the difference??) This would merge home games and ta clubs sections with ta specific. Away games section is fine and possibly keep general travel. Non ta football. Having a world cup, euros section and for some bizarre reason a Scottish cup section was a waste of time as they were mainly talked about in non ta football anyway. Then simply an anything goes section. Splitting it will see the number of posts fall.
  11. Really? I was under the impression that it was largely 50/50 with the movement in recent years being towards Yes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_independence_referendum,_2017 I can't seem to post my screen shot here but looking at the polls there it seems very split. Ignore the ones regarding the referendum as they were skewed towards Yes due to many unionists boycotting it. Looking at polls on the independence issue and they seem to alternate towards who is in the lead. The last 8 having Yes leading 4 times and No leading 4 times. They range from an 8.3% lead for No and an 8.6% lead for Yes at the top end and a 1.5% lead for No and a 0.4% lead for Yes at the lower end. There also seems to be about 8-10% undecided. Spain will never risk an official referendum on those figures.
  12. I smell a Nigerian prince...
  13. They could still post here under anonymous usernames if they are too scared to say who they are.
  14. It doesn't mention it at all there. It just says a group of Scotland fans. Who are they and will they post on here to talk about plans and maybe take suggestions. Merging some of the different rooms within sections is a must.