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  1. Said before the draw that I'd take anything except Aberdeen away... So of course.
  2. The BBC has made 99 FOI requests to the Scottish government since 2015, far more than the above claims... I'm going to guess the rest of the claims aren't accurate either.
  3. I'm a grown man, with a Mrs and 3 kids. I shouldn't be sitting here at 9:30 pm thinking about another man, but here we are.
  4. I love that man so much it's actually embarrassing.
  5. I've only just learned that this Loving Cup is a thing... Good lord
  6. Cove Sheep is going to be so fucking triggered when he sees this
  7. Mines don't even bring their 3DS's with them anymore
  8. I'd never take my kids to see Killie against their will .
  9. Scunnered


    Is Ken Dodd the name of your space bar?
  10. Pretty similar to this for when I started. My first home game was 1989 and my first away game was to the end of the same season in 1990. Got my first season ticket in 1993 when we got promoted to the Premier league and held it until 2010 or thereabouts. Between 2010 and 2017 I could probably count the number of games I went to on the average Fife families fingers, 55 or thereabouts? Took up my season ticket again this season and take my eldest daughter along with me now, with my younger wanting to start coming next season.
  11. Good lord! If Morelos is worth £10m then Jordan Jones is worth £80m and Messi in a swap . What world do these folk inhabit?
  12. Scunnered

    RAH Ward 15 closure

    STOP!!! I can only get so hard!!!
  13. Scunnered

    RAH Ward 15 closure

    You appear to be pointing to the health board vote... I'm assuming you're still trying to display that it wasn't an SNP decision. The final decision lay with Robison, the health board also voted to move elderly services in Glasgow on the same day, Robison rejected their vote... Cos it was her final decision. Hope this helps Chick!
  14. Scunnered

    RAH Ward 15 closure

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make Ally?