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  1. Good lord! If Morelos is worth £10m then Jordan Jones is worth £80m and Messi in a swap . What world do these folk inhabit?
  2. RAH Ward 15 closure

    STOP!!! I can only get so hard!!!
  3. RAH Ward 15 closure

    You appear to be pointing to the health board vote... I'm assuming you're still trying to display that it wasn't an SNP decision. The final decision lay with Robison, the health board also voted to move elderly services in Glasgow on the same day, Robison rejected their vote... Cos it was her final decision. Hope this helps Chick!
  4. RAH Ward 15 closure

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make Ally?
  5. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Apologies for getting it so wrong...
  6. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Just an observation... Last night when Ally Bongo thought it wasn't an SNP decision, the jury was out on whether it was a good or bad decision. Since he realised the decision was Shona Robisons it's now a no brainer. He was more interested in establishing that there was no SNP blame than on whether it was the right decision or not. Funny that.
  7. S'alright sir! I don't know much about Mr Docherty, but from what I've seen on Twitter the last couple of days, it appears that he is the second coming of King Billy.
  8. I was quoting a tweet... All of the points I posted were quotes although not verbatim.
  9. The Greg Docherty transfer saga through the eyes of the more unreasonable Rangers support: 1. Hamilton are a reasonable club who value their players, unlike manly Killie. 2. Rangers are splashing the cash £600k for the best centre mid outside Celtic. 3. Docherty is out the Hamilton squad "injured" but we all ken. 4. Canning says Docherty is staying?! Fuck Hamilton! When does the scrutiny turn to their own board in that the chances they ever actually offered £600k up front are slim?
  10. It wasn't pretty at all, but a wins a win. My love for Steve Clarke continues to grow. The things I'd let that man do to me are absolutely despicable!!!
  11. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Actually, it was Shona Robisons decision. The health board made their recommendations and Shona Robison had the final decision. The health board also recommended that elderly services in Glasgow be closed and moved elsewhere but she rejected these proposals on the same day. It's one of those issues that is going to be a sore one for those in the local area, but from what I can see the government took advice from the local health board and acted on their advice.
  12. Iconic images

    It's been said in a tongue in cheek manner that he's our greatest ever goalkeeper conceding only 2 goals in his entire career... Did they both come against Hibs? 3-2 sticks in my head about that scoreline but I might be mistaken.
  13. He enjoys a wee wander: Sometimes when he's not wandering he gets rid of the ball as soon as he can:
  14. He's blonde and has the most beautiful blue eyes.