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  1. Strangest Celebrity Sightings

    I once met Colin Calderwood (think he was manager at Nottingham Forest at the time ? ) at Stansted airport ( I was on my way to meet my girlfriend who lived in Suffolk ) and asked him for a pic . He tried to make a sharp exit , when in my haste I pulled a bottle of strawberry massage oil out of my bag instead of my camera ! He did pose eventually though and seemed a decent bloke .
  2. Tambs for the memories

    My wife became more and more obsessed with the main character from the Planet of the Apes film ,until eventually she ran away to A Serkiss .
  3. Manchester

    Think it`s about 12.15 ? Something like 75 minutes after the Ryanair flight is due to land so fingers crossed .
  4. Manchester

    Don`t know Iain Steele , Iain Pool (aka Big Pooly) is with us
  5. Manchester

    At least 4 from the Solway tartan army on this flight , staying in an airport premier on the wednesday night and flying into Riga then onto Vilnius
  6. 3 weeks in Australia

    Planning a 3 week trip to Australia next year to celebrate me & the wifes` 50th birthdays and look for idea of the best way to plan an itinerary and how to book multiple flights etc and any ideas of do`s and dont`s and any hidden gems . Rough plan is to fly to either Melbourne/Sydney first spend a couple of days taking it easy .If we start in Melbourne then take a leisurely drive along the Great Ocean Road as far as Warrnambool and then head back to Melbourne and fly to Uluru . After a couple of days` there we want to fly to Cairns and travel down to Port Douglas area and spend a week or so around the GBR . I`d also like to go to Hamilton Island and do a Reefsleep but i`m not sure if this will be practical , unless someone recommends it ! . From there we want to go to Sydney for a couple of days and may be looking at a lay over either on the way there or way back . Can anyone say if this sounds like a feasible plan ? Cheers
  7. Folk who annoy you at work

    The Dunning Kruger effect sums up a lot of people mentioned on this thread , and a lot of people I work with/for . Add to that the ones` who are counting down to retirement and only get off their chairs to either eat or piss .
  8. Dual destination flights

    First time we went to Skopje we flew with austrian airlines via Vienna and we dropped off and picked passengers at Ohrid en route , don`t think we`d have been down for more than half an hour .
  9. Anyone booked yet?

    Anyone that`s flying into Riga , you can fly from Riga to Vilnius , it`s 45 minutes and coming at 29 euros on the 31st August /1st September with Air Baltic . Better than 4 hours on a bus and probably not much more expensive .
  10. Anyone booked yet?

    Same flights but with Air Baltic flight Riga to Vilnius for 30 euro
  11. Ninja hailstorm yesterday morning in our village , with hail pellets the size of gobstoppers, caused an estimated £3000 of damage to my sister-in-laws` car , with several more people on FB reporting various degrees of damage and a lot of phone calls to insurance companies .
  12. Euros Betting

    £3 @ 25/1 on Iceland 2-1 netted £78 and I`ve still got my £5 e/w on Italy to win the tournament . Off to Krakow tomorrow so hoping for a 2-1 Poland victory on Thursday to keep the profits up
  13. EU Referendum

    Read in the Brexit supporting Sun today (English version ) that our holidays` will get more expensive , but that cheap deals are available to places such Sharm El Sheikh (which you can only fly to via another European country ) or with no trace of irony , Turkey .
  14. Euros Betting

    Me too ; ) Although there are actually 51 games in total , so your outlay is more but your potential profit will be higher .
  15. Hi,

    The booking is with a small firm who only have the 1 vehicle. Hence why it is a good deal.

    See below additional companies who offered a similar rate...

    info@glasgowcoachdrivers.com, robert@gibsondirectltd.co.uk, dalgleishandrew51@gmail.com, adam@smccoachhire.com, lrexecutive@yahoo.co.uk

    try bouncing them off one another and see what you can get the rate down too.





    1. popkean1314foreva


      Cheers for that Clarky , didn`t ask you on MB but is that one way only or  return  ??

    2. clarky1606


      That's just one way mate. We fly back into ABZ.