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  1. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Kind hoping norway get a a winner to knock Germany out..... WTF looks like they just have
  2. bookerman

    Under 17s

    its over now 3 - 1 germany
  3. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Screw that we going out germany has just scored
  4. bookerman

    Under 17s

    4-2 WTF is going on! , come on holland !
  5. bookerman

    Under 17s

    the scotland game not getting streamed just the Germany Holland game http://livestream.sx/live/netherlands-u-19-vs-germany-u-19-live-stream.php
  6. bookerman

    Under 17s

    3-2 now could we actully do this !
  7. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Big turn around holland Germany 1-1 but more important to us we scored 2 early goals in the second half 2-2 so game on !
  8. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Germany are 1-0 up at half time, but it dose not matter cause we going out anyway with norway winning 2-0
  9. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Think im right in saying if we beat Norway and Germany fail to beat Holland we go threw, cause we beat Holland on head to head if they win ?
  10. bookerman

    Under 17s

    what a weird group this may turn out to be. Holland beat Norway 6-1 Germany beat Scotland 3 - 0 Norway beat Germany 5 - 2 Scotland beat Holland 2 - 0 Could maybe actually see us winning the group if we beat Norway
  11. bookerman

    Under 19s Elite Round

    The under 19 elite round round is always difficult to Qualify from with only one going threw. just found a link but germany just has scored! http://www.stream2watch.org/stream/76250
  12. bookerman

    Under 17s Elite Round

    Nope had a look cant find a stream for it. just on the uefa website http://www.uefa.com/under17/season=2018/matches/round=2000836/match=2023620/index.html#/ Hmm Greece just scored to go 1-0 up,
  13. bookerman

    First job for mcleish....

    This has got me wondering, Which player has the less senior club aperances and played for Scotland ? How many games had Darren Fletcher played for Man United before his debut ?
  14. bookerman

    U17s beat Spain and Poland

    http://youthhawk.co.uk/wiki/England_Under-16s That is the English under 16 sqaud, dose not seem to be on it. unless he with a younger age group. Think there under 15 playing games too.
  15. bookerman

    U17s beat Spain and Poland

    Think he with the English under 16. we soon find out if he plays against Scotland.