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  1. Ally Bongo

    Russia 2018

    The Swiss are nae mugs Seemingly the ITV boys werent aware of this (Cue final score 5-1)
  2. Ally Bongo

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

  3. US expected to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council: report http://thehill.com/policy/international/392418-us-expected-to-withdraw-from-un-human-rights-council-report?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Ally Bongo

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Ah - The Scotsman Bar - across the road from the Hotel Titanic (now Marina) which is now the centre of the mad mental bit of Benidorm And round the corner was The Tartan Arms Remember it fondly from 1985 No papers, no internet, no phones - all you had was shitty crackly intermittent World Service radio and you went to the hotel reception to phone home No sky sports never mind English speaking TV - but they did play videos of Only Fools & Horses. Fawlty Towers and recently released films all day You used to check the pubs blackboards to see what they were showing Believe it is now an Irish Bar called Scruffy Murphys
  5. Not as precious as thinking that the England fans would see you as something other than a clown Behind their smiles, deep down they would despise you more than Scotland fans
  6. The O2 ABC and Campus were put up for sale in April My conspiracy theory spider sense is working overtime It is unlikely that the fire started outwith the School of Art as you would think the fire services would have gave that indication ...but still
  7. Wonder which scumbag thought the original post was funny
  8. Reports of it's demise may be premature thankfully
  9. Think the O2 ABC is gone as well Was in it in February seeing Alvvays
  10. No coming back from this - looks like it's gone totally this time How the fuck can it go on fire again and get to that state only 4 years after the last one Surely not arson but that's what i'm thinking
  11. On fire ..again And it looks real bad
  12. Ally Bongo

    Russia 2018

    Wee boy was crying as he thought he'd missed seeing him before they left for Russia