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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    This is a real chance to get a complete clear out and overhaul of the SFA and the relationship they have with the clubs because lets not forget the SFA are put there by the clubs and are complicit in the deteriation of our game If we cant get real change now we never will
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Just wait to see who's next up (ps - it should be Bilic but there is not a cats chance)
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

  4. Astounding arrogance - did you ever consider that YOU are the poster that constantly fails on these topics ? Did you also ever consider that JFK and 9/11 are only as "dodgy as fvck* because the CIA and FBI tried to cover up their incompetence rather than covering up involvement ? The "magic bullet " for example was debunked years ago when it was revealed that the back seat of Kennedy's car was 3 inches higher than the front seat where Connally sat meaning that the line from Oswald's gunsight to Kennedy's upper back to Connally's ribcage and wrist appears absolutely straight
  5. RAH Ward 15 closure

    With policy of course they can All policies made by any Government are only as good as the test of time However any Scottish Government, regardless of whether it's the SNP or not, is trying to "run" the country with one arm tied behind it's back with continued cuts to our money that we get back from Westminster My "throwing the rattles out the pram" was not directed to anyone on here - more to do with the absolute shite i have witnessed on twitter trying to do some of my own research into the decision.
  6. RAH Ward 15 closure

    I'm at the stage where i really and truly believe that the SNP should fvcking chuck it The people of Scotland deserve to have fvck all and be ruled by somewhere else that never puts their interests first We deserve to have our resources sucked dry and given a pittence of it back with which to try and run our public services It's a thankless task They should have chucked it after the No vote because this was always going to happen They have another chance with Brexit - just call a referendum then resign then let the country rot when it's governed by Unionists
  7. RAH Ward 15 closure

    It wasnt just moving elderly services - it was closing a hospital
  8. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Unlike many i am surprisingly not trying to make a political point - nor am i questioning how much a child's life is worth to you or anyone And thats my last word on it
  9. RAH Ward 15 closure

  10. RAH Ward 15 closure

  11. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Get yersel tae fvck with that pish ! NHSGGC Board members voted 20 votes to 7 to deliver paediatric in patient care for children from the RHC instead of RAH RAH is an out dated 16 bed Unit RHC is a brand new 256 bed unit 17 minutes away from the RAH As far as i'm aware there will still be out patient facilities at RAH I still cant find anything proving that the RHC is constantly unable to cope with sick kids and is continually having to send them to the RAH or Edinburgh If that was true why would clinical experts (not the SNP) vote the way they did 20 to 7 ?
  12. RAH Ward 15 closure

    You do know any Scottish Government has to work with the budget it is given by Westminster and how those budgets have been cut ? #BetterTogether And ive searched the web for New Childrens Hospital not coping etc and cant find anything If this was recent and commonplace i'm sure Scottish Labour would be all over it
  13. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Can we see proof of this "regularity" ?
  14. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Probably wont happen but it would do Mhairi Black a great deal of good to be seen as playing a role in reversing the decision The Unionist media are doing everything to oust such a high profile SNP MP at the next election ...same as they did with Salmond, Robertson and Nicolson The Paisley Express, owned by the Trinity Mirror (Daily Record) have been attacking her weekly since she was elected
  15. RAH Ward 15 closure

    I was wrong - it's 6 miles and not 2 Jury on whether it's a good or bad decison is out but it wasnt a decision made by Shona Robison or the SNP - and Mhairi Black has criticised it https://wingsoverscotland.com/absolute-fanny-of-the-week/#more-101211