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  1. How many times do you think it needs to be repeated that both Conservative and Labour are equally staunch Unionist and Establishment parties before people will stop daydreaming about them changing tack on Scottish Independence ? It's just as ludicrous thinking that the Labour party would want to never mind would deliver a socialist UK never mind get into power on that ticket The only benefit of Leonard winning, as espoused in his comments about Corbyn, is that the delusion of Scottish Labour not being a branch office is over
  2. First league win And this time the goals are televised
  3. Scottish Labour

    STV News‏Verified account @STVNews Breaking: New Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has told @STVNews his predecessor Kezia Dugdale may be suspended from the party in the next few days.
  4. The Herald's "Politician of the Year" People are dying because of Tory Policies and there has been a rise in religious hate crime against Catholics in Scotland Please don't ever suggest that the Herald's "sister" paper is Pro Independence It's just another colonial rag
  5. And then you have the Colonialist media in Scotland
  6. i really hope a lot of Eck's friends come out the woodwork & offer themselves up for interview when they see Yoons like Bercow falling into line
  7. I see that John Bercow has reneged The Yoons are all falling into line It's actually remarkable how one man can have them all scurrying about like the cvnts they are
  8. Approach for O'Neill made

    We will never know because he wont be asked because of how much it would cost He was on approximately $2.4 million a year ( £1,800,000) with the USA Was just adding to the debate really
  9. Approach for O'Neill made

    Everything is relative and it all depends what you term as "success" O'Neill has been massively helped by an English premiership experienced central defence Bilic steered Croatia to the top of their Euro 2008 qualifying group beating England home and away At Euro 2008 they won all 3 of their group games which included beating Germany Klinsmann's CV with the USA includes wins over Italy, Mexico, Germany (twice) and Holland Their recent results, added to their general record over the last 10 years, puts these results into perspective
  10. Michael O Neill

    Maybe ive been reading up on too many conspiracy theories but i am of the mind that the SFA have absolutely no intention of hiring Michael O'Neill and this is all a big ruse for them to be seen as pushing the boat out when they really arent Lets look at the evidence £1 million a year for 4 years ? Really ? The SFA paying that kind of money ? A week ago they were pleading poverty regarding the Hampden lease When have the SFA ever acted as quickly or so much out in the open (particularly about salaries) for a new manager ? What about the interviews they conducted with previous candidates before deciding ? I think its all bullshit and it will give whoever they hire a "i wasnt the first choice" mentality