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  1. Barnett first then Holyrood http://www.holyrood.com/articles/news/keeping-barnett-formula-not-appropriate-after-brexit-warns-institute-fiscal-studies#
  2. The Labour Govt in Wales sells out on Brexit Meanwhile the Scottish Government doesnt and the Uncle Toms react with this Michael Russell‏Verified account @Feorlean Michael Russell Retweeted Paul Masterton MP I have never spoken to and never met this individual. I wouldn’t recognise him, as my old music teacher used to say, if I found him in my soup. So anything he claims to know about me, my intentions, my thoughts or my actions is based on prejudice not fact.
  3. This would put the gas of Indyref2 at a peep
  4. If we did the Police would sort it and instigators jailed - the same as if the Yes side reacted by rioting
  5. How many times does this magic beans scenario have to be waved before it stops ? Labour are a 100% establishment and Unionist party
  6. Ally Bongo

    BBC ban Indy Supporters

  7. Ally Bongo


    Dont take it personal "That Accent" is a Fife accent and not so much Edinburgh
  8. Ally Bongo


    The West Coast/Glasgow one
  9. Ally Bongo

    Avici dead

    I agree
  10. The point is once we are Independent we can decide whether to stay in the the likes of NATO and the EU The SNP's main focus should be to deliver Independence If you run a campaign with leaving NATO in your Manifesto for example you are basically giving the Unionist parties their mantra - the same was as they ran the last campaign on "No second referendum" Think about it
  11. It's all about getting the most votes as possible Public opinion on NATO is very different to yours