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  1. In NZ I could get beer on a Sunday morning after night shift. Glorious.
  2. How many would need to be involved?
  3. I’d be very skeptical about what information the CIA and their ilk allow to be released publicly. Criminals don’t tend to make public their criminality. The Castro assignation attempts got a lot of mainstream coverage from what I remember, unlike the more successful operations across Latin America.
  4. How do you know what Oswald was or wasn’t?
  5. https://youtu.be/oJFzhbNd1EI
  6. They can never allow people to know what really happened, their faith in government would disappear or be severely affected. Thats one thing Trump, Obama, Bush etc all have in common.
  7. Who Should Be The Next Manager

  8. I’m reconsidering my position
  9. Tend to agree with this. One thread on other TA football is enough.
  10. haha that is more likely. Might have something to do with the last time likes and dislikes were used.
  11. I’m offended, I’ve grew my excellent reputation over many years and quality posts.