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  1. RAH Ward 15 closure

  2. Indy Ref 2

    Same. Well not historically, in 2014 I didn’t really know much about currency or currency unions, it wasn’t important.
  3. Indy Ref 2

    I don’t read the National, that is a bit strange though but she was a great speaker during the referendum
  4. Indy Ref 2

    I wouldn’t say I’m a socialist and I couldn’t / wouldn’t vote in that referendum. Regardless I understand why someone like Cat Boyd voted or didn’t vote the way she did.
  5. Indy Ref 2

    No idea, I’ve not voted for a Labour candidate before. Isn’t politics more complicated that single issues?
  6. Indy Ref 2

    Why do you think I’m a socialist? Or that I voted for Brexit?
  7. Indy Ref 2

    Doesn’t really answer my point on policy. Ever just think the Indy debate is just another way to divide and conquer voters?
  8. Indy Ref 2

    I wasn’t trying to claim that, Boyd presumably voted Corybn / Labour because of policy, something you’re having a go at her for despite all she did for the independence movement. Interesting.
  9. Indy Ref 2

    Maybe you’d understand my post if you weren’t blinked by “independence”
  10. Indy Ref 2

    so no different to those who would do the same for the SNP and Sturgeon?
  11. Indy Ref 2

    Easy to think that when what he says goes against your beliefs. I felt similar when he banged on about currency before the vote. I’d say now that we was right.